Keeping Airports Clear of Snow a Monumental Task

Sat, Feb 27, 2010 — David Evans


From testimony of Gregory Principato, President, Airports Council International – North America [extract] to House Aviation Subcommittee on 25 February:

“Snow removal operations at airports are time consuming and expensive. Although snow removal equipment purchases can be eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds, the majority of removal costs – including staff time, fuel, and vehicle maintenance – are paid directly by airport operators without federal assistance. To give some sense of the level of effort involved, during a typical snow storm one large northeastern airport uses a crew of 30 personnel, 11 multi function units costing $800,000 each, two large runway brooms, five 27 foot pusher plows, four rollover plows, ten 4,500 tons per hour snow blowers and various front end loaders and miscellaneous equipment to clear 4,600,000 square feet of runway and 5,700,000 square feet of non-tenant apron.”

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