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17 March

Sanford, FL

F.I .T Aviation Llc-operated

Piper PA-28-161

Reg: N613FT

Aircraft’s engine caught fire


Aircraft’s engine got stalled on landing.

17 March

Orlando, FL

Southwest Airlines- operated Boeing 737-7Q8

Reg: N799SW

Aircraft on landing rollout struck a bird.


Damaged to aircraft reported as minor.


General Aviation and Helicopter






15 March

Gardner, KS

Piper PA28-151

Reg: N43181

After the plane was safely landed, airplane’s right wing struck a building’s porch posts.


The pilot reported that after he landed, he proceeded to taxi the airplane to the tie-down area. The pilot turned left, after the fuel pumps, and continued to taxi the airplane between a row of parked airplanes and the FBO building. The pilot stated that he thought one of the parked airplanes was further back in the row, so he moved to the right; the airplane’s right wing then impacted the building’s porch posts.

15 March

Gaithersburg, MD


Reg: N213CP

Aircraft was substantially damaged after it deployed its parachute shortly after takeoff.

1 Uninjured

The pilot reported that he noticed air leaking from the passenger side door immediately after takeoff. As the airplane entered clouds, the door "popped open" about 2 inches, which allowed water and cold air to enter the cockpit. The pilot said he became spatially disoriented and the airplane’s attitude varied; however, he was able to stabilize the airplane and intended to return to land at GAI. While maneuvering, with the airplane "in and out of clouds," the airplane "stalled and started to spin." The pilot was not able to recall the airplane’s airspeed or altitude. The pilot then elected to deploy the CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) and the airplane subsequently descended toward the ground.

15 March

Bellefontaine, OH

Beechcraft B24R

Reg: N9348S

Aircraft engine failed, landed short of the runway and struck a fence.


Had the engine held up for about a half minute more or less, the airplane would have successfully made it to the airport.

16 March

Taos, NM

Beech D35

Reg: N342R

Aircraft did a "short approach” during landing and the skin on the belly of the fuselage was ground down to the main keel.

1 Uninjured

The student pilot said he didn’t use his normal checklist procedure and that everything seemed to be going "too fast" when the airplane landed.

17 March

Casper WY

Learjet 55


Aircraft was substantially damaged during an aborted takeoff.

4 Uninjured

Examination of the airplane by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector revealed that the left main landing gear exhibited fire damage. A punctured hole within the right side of the fuselage was observed aft of the cockpit.

17 March

Townsend, MT

Cessna 180F

Reg: N2698Y

Airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain.

1 Fatal

A witness located about 2 miles northeast of the accident site reported he observed a high wing airplane similar to the accident airplane flying on a northerly heading. The witness stated that the tops of the wings were below the power lines and he estimated the airplane was 20 – 30 feet above the ground traveling at a high rate of speed. He added that the airplane was low enough, it spooked a heard of elk near the airplanes flight path. The witness continued watching the airplane as it pitched upwards and to the left, making a 180-degree turn.

18 March

Paulden, AZ

H RV-6

Reg: N6383W

Aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain

1 Fatal

A witness located near the accident reported observing the airplane flying overhead their location when the airplane suddenly descended rapidly into terrain.

19 March

Greenville, WI

EC-135 T2 operated by Eagle III

A medical helicopter was hit by a seagull and was diverted to Outagamie County Airport as a precaution.


Authorities said the Eagle III helicopter was transporting a patient from Green Bay to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital in Wauwatosa when the bird hit aircraft.

Bird hit the windshield. The helo landed about 5 minutes later. No injuries to the pilot, patient, and two nurses onboard.


19 March

El Dorado, KS

Cessna E162

Reg: N162CE

Aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain.

1 Uninjured

Examination of the airplane revealed the right wing bent upward, left and right ailerons damaged, and the horizontal stabilizer bent.

20 March

Corona, CA


Reg: N55962

Aircraft crashed soon after takeoff for unknown reasons.

2 Fatal

Heavy fog present at time of accident. Aircraft did not contact ATC and it took more than 12 hours for rescue efforts to locate the plane, which came to rest 1.5 miles NW of airport. Both occupants found dead.

21 March

Richmond, VA

Robinson R-22

Helicopter suffered engine problems while flying at 900 feet. As it attempted to make an emergency landing on a street, the aircraft hit power lines and then an oncoming car.

2 Minor

The helicopter suffered considerable damage and the rotors cut into the car’s engine block. All passengers in the helicopter and car are OK.








19 March


B200 Super King Air

Reg: AEE-101

The small military plane crashed into a 5 story residential building.

7 Fatal

5 onboard

2 on the ground

Airplane was on final approach during a military training flight. Heavy fog was present at the time of the accident.

21 March



Helicopter turned through 360 degrees on takeoff and then hit the ground in a field.

4 Minor

No information was issued by the Norwegian authorities concerning the cause of the accident which took place near the town of Narvik.


All entries are preliminary and subject to confirmation/correction by formal accident reports.

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