Accidents & Incidents 3.08.09 – 3.14.09

Wed, Mar 25, 2009 — David Evans

Accidents & Incidents

Airline, Corporate, & AeroMedevac

Date/Location Aircraft/Reg. Narrative Casualties Comments
9 MarchLake Victoria


Aerolift-operatedIlyushin 76T

Reg: S9-SAB

Airplane crashed into Lake Victoria shortly after takeoff. 11 Fatal The IL-76 cargo plane was chartered by Dynacorp to transport tents and water purification equipment for the African Mission to Somalia (AMSOM).
9 MarchJakarta,


Lion Airlines-operated McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30Reg: PK-LIL Airplane skidded off the runway, going into a 180-degree spin before eventually stopping tail first in an open field. 166 Uninjured The landing gear was damaged and there were some cracks on the left wing, media reported. (Jakarta Globe)
13 MarchHouston, TX American Eagle-operated Embraer ERJ-145 Airplane’s one engine was on fire shortly after departure from the gate. 22 Uninjured The engine’s fire extinguishers were activated and the passengers were taken off the airplane. When emergency services arrived, they saw billowing smoke from theengine. However, there was no longer a fire. The flight was cancelled.
13 MarchChicago, IL Air One-operatedAirbus A330-202


Airplane returned to O’Hare Airport after thick smoke entered the cockpit and cabin after takeoff. 250 Uninjured The crew performed a safe overweight landing some 15 minutes after departure. It was reported that the airplane had problems with its air conditioning system causing relatively thick smoke entering the cockpit and cabin as the airplane climbed through 3,000 feet.
13 MarchHouston, TX American Airlines-operated McDonnell Douglas MD-82Reg: N271AA Airplane was struck by lightning on approach to the airport. 140 Uninjured The crew reported a hole in the left side of the fuselage near the door, indicating that they didn’t know whether the structural integrity of the airplane had been compromised.
14 MarchShanghai, CHINA Japan Airlines -operatedBoeing 747-446

Reg: JA8086

Airplane shuddered and an engine indication became abnormal about 10 minutes after liftoff. 222 Uninjured The airplane landed safely about 30 minutes later. Engineers determined in a first visual inspection that the engine had ingested a bird.


General Aviation and Helicopter

Date/Location Aircraft/Reg. Narrative Casualties Comments
8 MarchCarrollton, GA Cessna 182Reg: N1913M Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances. 3 Fatal A Federal Aviation Administration official could not confirm the aircraft’s destination.
8 MarchMoundridge, KS Bell 206BReg: N863H Helicopter crashed under unknown circumstances. 1 Fatal There are no reported eyewitnesses to the accident.
9 MarchGolden, NM Grumman American AVN Corp.AA-1BReg: N9646L Airplane impacted terrain following inadvertent flight into instrument meteorological conditions. 2 Fatal Examination of the wreckage revealed the airplane mostly burned. Flight control cable continuity was verified from the cockpit controls to each aileron, elevator and rudder control surface. One propeller blade had multiple leading edge gouges, up to one half inch deep, and chord wise scratches
9 MarchDade City, FL MXR Technologies MX2Reg: N262MX Airplane was substantially damaged following an in-flight loss of control and impact with trees and terrain. 2 Fatal Witnesses reported that the pilot was performing aerobatic maneuvers at the time of the accident. They reported that the pilot frequently used the area for practicing aerobatics. The pilot was reportedly scheduled to perform at the Valiant Air Command Air show in Titusville, Florida, later in the week. During maneuvering, the witnesses observed the airplane at low altitude, followed by a stall and loss of control. The airplane was observed in a high angle of descent prior to impact with the ground.
13 MarchShelbyville, IN Piper PA-23-160Reg: N338WS Airplane sustained substantial damage during a forced landing. 1 Uninjured Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident.
14 MarchFort Morgan, CO Marlman StolCH 801

Reg: N130WM

Airplane was substantially damaged during impact with terrain, following a complete loss of engine power shortly after takeoff. 2 Minor According to the pilot, shortly after rotation and about 50-feet above the runway, the engine stopped producing power. The pilot pitched the airplane’s nose over, but was unable to arrest the descent before it impacted the runway. The airplane came to rest in a nose down position and both occupants were able to exit unassisted.


All entries are preliminary and subject to confirmation/correction by formal accident reports.

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