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Wed, May 14, 2008 — David Evans

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(15 April 2008 – 14 May 2008)

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Aircraft Type/ Reg




15 April

Pueblo, CO

Airbus A320-200; Reg: N497UA; United Airlines

Aircraft reportedly experienced severe turbulence approximately 50 nautical miles west of Pueblo, Colorado, during cruise at FL360, and returned to Denver International Airport (DEN), Denver, Colorado

7 Minor, 117 Uninjured

Flight was enroute from DEN to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Phoenix, Arizona.

15 April

Goma, Republic of Congo

MD DC-9-51

Reg: 9Q-CHN

Hewa Bora

Aircraft overran runway 18 and crashed into a residential area after aborting the takeoff. The aircraft was destroyed along with several residential buildings. Of the 86 passengers and 8 crewmembers onboard, 3 passengers received fatal injuries and 40 received minor or serious injuries. Initial reports indicate there were 37 persons on the ground that received fatal injuries and 71 that received minor or serious injuries.

40 Fatal; 111 Serious; 51 Uninjured

The investigation is being conducted by the Republic of Congo. The NTSB has assigned an Accredited Representative to assist the investigation.  The airplane was manufactured in 1977 and remained in the United States until it was exported on 9 June 2005. When the airplane was exported, the last owner listed was Boeing Capital Loan Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Airplane was showing up in Hewa Bora Airways (“HBA”) paint scheme as early as January 2006 with registration S9-DBH.

15 April

Fort Carson, CO

Air Tractor AT-602; Reg: N602AA

Aircraft, a single-engine air tanker airplane, was destroyed when it impacted terrain while maneuvering near Fort Carson, Colorado. The commercial pilot, who was the sole occupant, sustained fatal injuries. The airplane was operated by the Department of Defense, Fort Carson, Colorado, for public use firefighting missions, and registered to Aero-Applicators, Inc., Sterling, Colorado.

According to the registered owner, they were contacted by the Colorado State Forest Service Pueblo dispatch and requested to assist with aerial fire suppression efforts at the 9,800-acre Training Area 25 wildfire near Fort Carson, Colorado. Two airplanes departed a private airstrip near Sterling, Colorado, at 1700, with full fuel tanks and 500 gallons of water and Class A foam.

15 April

Chickaloon, AK

Eurocopter France AS350B2; Reg: N213EH

Helicopter sustained substantial damage during an in-flight collision with terrain, about 34 miles east of Chickaloon, Alaska. The helicopter was being operated by ERA Helicopters LLC, Anchorage, Alaska

4 Fatal, 1 Serious

18 April

Sonora, CA

Cessna 150J

Reg: N60760

Aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted rugged terrain in the Emigrant Wilderness Area, near Sonora, California. The airline transport pilot flight instructor and commercially certificated student were both fatally injured. Seaplane Ventures, Inc., was operating the airplane

2 Fatal

20 April

Dallas, TX

Boeing 767; American Airlines Flt. 48

An American Airlines plane lost an exterior access panel shortly after it took off April 20 from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on its way to Paris. The 3-foot by 6-foot panel, made of composite materials, apparently fell off the Boeing 767’s belly as the aircraft was climbing past 10,000 feet. The case is not under investigation by the NTSB.

No injuries

In an internal memo, American Airlines defended the pilot’s decision to continue the 9½-hour flight, saying there were no warning lights, system abnormalities, further noises or vibrations.  The memo was issued after the circulation of an angry email, apparently on behalf of the flight crew.  The FAA has apparently not issued directives to inspectors to check the particular panel that fell off the plane, suggesting there is no general history of problems with the part.

23 April

Mesa, AZ

Lancair IV-P; Reg: N25CL

Experimental amateur built airplane, experienced a loss of control during takeoff and subsequently impacted into an orange grove.  Boehle Aviation LLC, was operating the airplane

3 Fatal

Air traffic controllers reported that after takeoff, about the time the gear was being retracted, they observed smoke trailing from the airplane. The controller advised the pilot of the smoke. The controller did not receive any response from the airplane.

24 April

Minneapolis, MN

Bombardier CL600-2D24; Reg: N918XJ

Aircraft operated Mesaba Airlines as Flight 3427 was taxiing for takeoff at the Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport (MSP), near Minneapolis, Minnesota, when it lost power in both of its engines.

80 Uninjured

24 April

Sterling, CO

Cessna 421C

Reg: N513FS

Aircraft sustained substantial damage after it veered off the runway during landing roll-out.  The airplane was registered to and operated by Alpine Air LLC, Telluride, Colorado.

3 Uninjured

The aircraft weathervaned into the wind, at which time full left rudder was applied to compensate. The input was not effective. The pilot attempted to maintain control of the airplane as it skipped off the right side of the runway onto the grass. Subsequently, the left main gear collapsed due to the side load and the aircraft came to an immediate stop.

27 April

Midlothian, VA

Mooney M20M

Reg: N429RM

Aircraft registered to RKJ Aero LLC, experienced an in-flight loss of control shortly after takeoff from Chesterfield County Airport (FCI), and crashed into a house

2 Fatal, 1 Serious

The airplane was destroyed by impact and a post crash fire, and the private-rated pilot and pilot-rated passenger in the airplane were fatally injured.  One witness near the accident site reported seeing a large part separate from the airplane during a wings level descent. He then heard the engine sound decrease, and noticed the propeller turning slowly.

2 May

Rumbek, Sudan

Beech 1900C

Reg: 5Y-FLE

Chartered flight, operated by Flex Air of Nairobi, Kenya, experienced a loss of power in both engines, and crashed near Rumbek, Southern Sudan. The 2 flight crew and 18 passengers were fatally injured.

20 Fatal

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Southern Sudan. A U.S. technical advisor has been assigned to assist the Government of Southern Sudan with their investigation.  Defense Minister Dominic Dim Deng and Justin Yak, an adviser to the southern Sudanese president, were among the dead.

2 May

Itacre, Brazil

Cessna 310

Aircraft, chartered from the Aero Star company in Salvador, disappeared from radar en route to Salvador. Brazil’s air force on Thursday gave up a search for four Britons and two Brazilians who were on the airplane that crashed, after finding nothing more than some debris and personal effects from the aircraft.

6 Fatal

Two of the missing passengers are involved in Worldwide Destinations, a property development company that specializes in emerging property markets and has real-estate projects in Egypt and Brazil.

11 May

La Crosse, WI

American Eurocopter EC-135; Reg: 135UW

University of Wisconsin Hospital Med Flight Helicopter crashed under unknown circumstances shortly after taking off, four miles east of La Crosse Municipal Airport, La Crosse, WI.  Air Methods, of Denver CO, leases the aircraft to the hospital.

3 Fatal

The pilot was flying visually, not using instruments, at the time of the crash.  NTSB says it might take months to finish the investigation and to determine why the medical helicopter crashed.  NTSB recommended both night vision goggles and computerized crash warning system in a 2006 report that suggested many fatal EMS crashes could be prevented.  The Air Methods helicopter was equipped with neither.

General Aviation and Helicopter



Aircraft/ Reg




16 April

Angleton, TX

Gulfstream-Shweizer G-164B; Reg: N8237K

Aircraft was destroyed when it struck power lines and impacted terrain while maneuvering.

1 Minor

Pilot was flying low and spraying a field. He pulled up to make a turn and flew into power lines. He added power in an attempt to get out of the wires, barely cleared the highway, and impacted an adjacent field.

17 April

Pontiac, MI

Eclipse Aviation EA500; Reg: N539RM

Aircraft experienced a stuck rudder trim during a simulated single-engine instrument approach to the Bishop International Airport (FNT), Flint, Michigan. It diverted and landed without incident at the Oakland County International Airport (PTK), Pontiac, Michigan,

2 uninjured

17 April

Reserve, NM

Piper PA-28-181; Reg: N6260J

Aircraft was destroyed when it struck terrain shortly after taking off from Reserve Airport, Reserve, New Mexico.

2 Serious

Witness said the airplane took off to the west, “stalled,” and impacted terrain on the west side of the airport and caught fire.

18 April

Mosby, MO

Enstrom F28C

Reg: N56895

Helicopter was substantially damaged when it made a hard landing during an autorotation after the engine lost power during landing approach at Clay County Regional Airport (GPH), Mosby, Missouri.

1 Serious

According to an FAA inspector, the helicopter was on a left downwind leg to runway 18-36 when the engine lost power. The pilot made an autorotation but the helicopter struck the ground hard, incurring substantial damage.

18 April

Logan, UT

Hughes TH-55

Reg: N6358Z

Helicopter sustained substantial damage when it rolled over following a loss of control while hovering at the Logan-Cache Airport, Logan, Utah. The helicopter was registered to, and operated by, Utah State University.

1 Uninjured

The public-use flight was conducted for the purpose of demonstrating rotor blade tracking and balancing to an aviation maintenance technician class.

18 April

Skaneateles, NY

Lake LA-250

Reg: N14037

Aircraft crashed into wooded terrain during a simulated engine failure. The certified flight instructor (CFI) sustained serious injuries, and the private rated dual student was fatally injured

1 Fatal, 1 Serious

Witness heard the engine making a “sputtering” noise, then heard the engine rev-up, and the next thing he heard was a “crunching noise”.

19 April

Mt. Vernon, MO; Reg: N2537X

Cessna P206

Reg: N2537X

Aircraft registered to and operated by Freefall Express Skydiving, Inc., and piloted by a commercial pilot, was destroyed when it struck trees and impacted terrain following an in-flight loss of control near Mt. Vernon, Missouri.

2 Fatal, 2 Serious, 3 Uninjured

Survivor stated as he started to make a right turn, the stall warning horn sounded, and the airplane “rolled off on its right wing” and entered a spin. Three parachutists exited the airplane and parachuted to safety. A fourth parachutist broke her right leg as she exited the airplane, but she parachuted to safety. The reserve parachute on the fifth parachutist deployed and became entangled around the tail of the airplane. She sustained fatal injuries. The sixth parachutist was found inside the airplane and was fatally injured. The pilot was flown to a Springfield hospital.

19 April

Berclair, TX

Blevins Vortex; Reg: N94470

Gyrocopter was destroyed upon collision with terrain following a loss of control while maneuvering at Goliad County Industrial Airpark (7T3).

1 Fatal

19 April

Groveland, CA

Cessna C175A; Reg: N6868E

Aircraft experienced a loss of engine power and collided with a transmission wires following a departure from Pine Mountain Lake Airport, Groveland, California.

1 Serious

A friend of the pilot stated that the pilot, who was additionally a certificated airframe and powerplant mechanic, had recently installed a new engine on the airplane. The pilot was conducting a series of high-speed taxi tests, when the airplane’s groundspeed became excessive and it lifted off the runway surface. The airplane continued to climb and it appeared as though the pilot was attempting to return back to the airport. After the airplane made a 90-degree turn, the engine experienced a loss off power momentarily. The engine powered up again and then quit.

19 April

Lake Tahoe, CA

Cessna 172R

Reg: N2384L

Aircraft, registered to and operated by Sterling Flight LLC of Concord, California, sustained substantial damage during a hard landing

4 Uninjured

The pilot stated that upon landing, “the nose of the aircraft pulled erratically but the landing terminated normally and unassisted taxi was performed.” The pilot further stated that “following landing it was noted by maintenance that the nose-wheel tire bead had separated from its rim, due to age and wear.” During replacement of the tire, a mechanic “noted unrelated damage” to the firewall and underbelly of the airplane. The pilot expressed the belief that his landing “was not significant enough to have caused the stated damage.”

20 April

Fairfax, IA

Cessna 172L

Reg: N9832G

Aircraft operated by the Green Castle Aero Club Ltd., sustained substantial damage during an emergency landing when it nosed over in a field about 2.5 miles north of Fairfax, Iowa, after a loss of power

1 Serious, 1 Minor

21 April

Kodiak, AK

Cessna 180

Reg: N3043E

Tundra tire equipped aircraft sustained substantial damage following a loss of control during the landing roll

3 uninjured

Pilot reported that he was landing on the asphalt surface of runway 25, and as the tailwheel touched down, it began to wobble. The pilot said he applied the brakes, but the airplane ground-looped to the right. The left main landing gear axle and the left main wheel, separated from the landing gear strut. The airplane received damage to the left main gear and the firewall.

22 April

Hemphill, TX

Cirrus Design Corp SR22; Reg: N729SR

Aircraft was destroyed when it impacted water following a loss of control near Hemphill, Texas. The private pilot and the two passengers were fatally injured. The airplane was registered to and operated by McAir LLC, of West Memphis, Arkansas.

3 Fatal

While the airplane was in cruise flight near Monroe, Louisiana, air traffic control attempted to contact the pilot with a frequency change; however, the pilot did not respond.  Witnesses reported hearing an airplane engine that they described as either “cutting out, sputtering or stalling.”  No evidence has been located to suggest the ballistic parachute had been deployed.

23 April

Parma, Italy

Piper PA-46-350P; Reg: D-EPOE

German registered aircraft struck power lines and impacted terrain after departing on a local flight from Parma Airport

3 Fatal

The airplane had just performed two touch-and-go landings, after the third takeoff, the airplane was observed flying low next to a new trade fair. The airplane then struck power lines and subsequently impacted the ground.

24 April

Blanding, UT

Cessna 180

Reg: N180XP

Aircraft experienced the collapse of a main landing gear strut during the landing roll

2 Uninjured

During the landing roll the airplane suddenly jerked sideways and departed the side of the runway. After encountering soft terrain off the side of the runway, one of the airplane’s main landing gear legs fractured, and the side of the fuselage collided with the terrain. After the accident, the pilot looked over the airplane and found that the tail wheel pivot assembly casting had fractured.

25 April

Baton Rouge, LA

Beech C90; Reg: N21SP

Aircraft was substantially damaged when the right main landing gear collapsed during the landing roll.

6 Uninjured

While on landing roll, the pilot felt the airplane shake “as if we hit a pothole.” The airplane began to shimmy and then the airplane dropped on the right wing and the airplane began to slide.

28 April

Miami, OK

Tromsness Enterprises Turbine Legend; Reg: N747CT

Experimental single-engine turbo prop airplane, was destroyed by post-impact fire when it collided with a concrete barrier in the center median of Interstate 44 in Miami, Oklahoma.

1 Fatal

Several witnesses observed the airplane prior to the accident and stated that it was it was spiraling as it descended to the ground.

28 April

Bartlett, TX

Robinson R44; Reg: N477SH

Helicopter was destroyed by a post-crash fire after impacting the ground following an attempted takeoff from a private field

1 Serious, 1 Minor

The helicopter owner had reportedly purchased the helicopter 7 days prior to the accident date. Additionally, the helicopter was previously owned by a flight school, and the helicopter had been disassembled for shipment, while being offered for sale. The accident pilot reportedly bought the aircraft and had a local mechanic re-assemble the helicopter.

29 April

Houston, TX

Piper PA-32-300; Reg: N303TE

Aircraft, piloted by a commercial pilot, was substantially damaged during a forced landing to a field 1 mile south of runway 04 at William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), Houston, Texas.

4 Minor

The pilot reported that the engine lost power, as if someone had “flipped a switch.” The pilot stated that the engine did not sputter and no abnormalities were noted prior to the loss of engine power. During the forced landing, the nose landing gear separated, both main landing gear were compressed up through the top of the wings, the fuselage was wrinkled, and the propeller was bent

29 April

Madrid, Spain

Cessna T310Q; Reg: EX-DZV

Aircraft was destroyed upon impact with terrain while maneuvering in the traffic pattern at Cuatro Vientos airport (LECU), Madrid, Spain.

2 Fatal

The accident investigation is under the jurisdiction and control of the Comision de Investigacion de Accidentes e Incidentes de Aviacion Civil of Spain (CIAIAC).

2 May

Opelousas, LA

Piper PA-22-108; Reg: N4515Z

Aircraft experienced a total loss of engine power and was substantially damaged during the forced landing roll out.

1 Minor

Pilot reported that he had purchased the airplane the day prior and was flying back to his home airport. On the final leg to his destination, the airplane’s engine experienced a total loss of power. The pilot attempted to switch from the right fuel tank to the left tank. The pilot stated that the fuel selector would not engage the left tank detent. After several attempts to seat the fuel selector in the left tank position the pilot elected to perform a forced landing in a wheat field.

2 May

Hollister, CA

Vans Aircraft RV-7A; Reg: N269SD

Aircraft impacted a large bird on leading edge of left wing slightly outboard of the fuel tank.

2 Minor

The airplane immediately yawed and banked to left. The pilot attempted to straighten the airplane and land, however, despite his control inputs, the airplane continued to roll to the left. Subsequently, the left wing struck the ground and the airplane cart wheeled.

2 May

McCall, ID

Cessna 172N; Reg: N75856

Cessna 172; Reg: N4008F

The two aircrafts collided in-flight over the approach end of runway 34 at McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, Idaho. Both airplanes were destroyed in the collision, uncontrolled descent, and postcrash fire

3 Fatal, 1 Serious, 2 Minor

2 May

Vancouver, WA

Yakovlev Yak 52; Reg: N62813

Aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain while maneuvering near the Green Mountain Airport (WA67), Vancouver, Washington.

2 Fatal

Witness stated the airplane made a high-speed pass over the runway about 30 to 40 feet above ground level (AGL) on an easterly heading and pitched upwards abruptly near the end of the runway and proceeded to climb out at a steep angle. During the steep climb out, the airplane was observed performing an “aileron roll to the right.” At the completion of the roll, the airplane was in a level attitude when a slight movement was observed “as if it [the airplane] hit turbulence.” The airplane subsequently descended below a tree line in a slight nose low attitude.

3 May

Americus, GA

Beech A35; Reg: N546B

Aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain after takeoff.

3 Fatal

Witnesses state the airplane departed runway 23, became airborne, and at approximately 100 feet above ground level (agl), “the airplane began to make a left bank.” The airplane continued until the wings were almost perpendicular to the ground, lost altitude and crashed adjacent to the parallel taxiway.

4 May

Jekyll Island, GA

Garret Gerald Cozy Mark IV

Reg: N14GG

Amateur built aircraft ditched in the ocean about 3 miles off the southern coast of Jekyll Island, Georgia.

1 Fatal

Air Traffic Control received a telephone call from an unidentified witness that an aircraft was seen going down into the ocean on fire, about 3 miles off the coast of Jekyll Island.

5 May

Soldotna, AK

Champion 7ECA

Reg: N9650S

Aircraft received substantial damage when it collided with trees during takeoff-initial climb from a private airstrip

1 Serious

The pilot said he had forgotten to remove the rudder gust lock prior to takeoff, and that without rudder control during takeoff, the airplane drifted into the trees.

8 May

Black Hawk, CO

Cessna 182H

Reg: N8553S

Aircraft impacted terrain and was destroyed following a partial loss of engine power

1 Fatal, 1 Serious

Passenger reported that at 16,000 feet mean sea level (MSL), the airplane entered clouds with light snow after they passed Eagle County Airport (EGE). While en route to Boulder the airplane had difficultly maintaining altitude and the engine began to sputter. The passenger recalled that the pilot stated that they were experiencing a “mixture problem” and began adjusting the mixture control. The airplane began descending as the pilot attempted to troubleshoot the engine malfunction.

10 May

Glenwood, NM

Cessna C310; Reg: 28836

Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, subject of stolen aircraft alert from Miami, OK

2 Fatal

11 May

Kent, WA

Thorp T-18 Tiger

Homemade aircraft crashed into a house under unknown circumstances shortly after departure.

1 Fatal

12 May

Kimberley, Australia

Robinson R44

Helicopter came down about 230km north-east of Derby with four on board

No fatalities, unknown injuries



Aircraft Type




18 April

Moose Jaw, Canada


The jet, used to train fighter pilots, slammed into the ground during an attempted landing at Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw.

2 Serious

Canadian Forces shut down all flights of the NATO training jet

23 April

Columbus, MS


Two Air Force pilots died shortly after taking off from Columbus Air Force Base, Miss

2 Fatal

Witnesses stated that the jet appeared to roll over before crashing. Another witness said the two pilots ejected from the jet. While ejection seats protect pilots even at low altitudes, if the jet was tilted over as the pilots bailed out they might not have been high enough to avoid hitting the ground before their parachutes deployed.

1 May

Wichita Falls, TX


Two pilots died when their plane went down during a routine training mission, according to a statement from Sheppard Air Force Base.

2 Fatal

The Air Force grounded all T-38C training jets on Thursday following the second fatal crash involving the aircraft in eight days, the military said.

All entries are preliminary and subject to confirmation/correction by formal accident reports.

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