Accidents & Incidents 03/15

Fri, Mar 28, 2008 — David Evans

Accidents & Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Casualties Remarks
Airline and Corporate
5 July
Connemara Airport (EICA), Ireland
Cessna 208B Reg: N208EC Destroyed when it impacted terrain while on approach to Connemara Airport. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The Irish Air Accident investigators reported that the airplane crashed on approach to runway 23 at EICA. 2 dead/2 serious/3 minor injuries/7 on board The flight originated from Inis Meain, Ireland.
29 Oct. 1358L
Santa Ana ( John Wayne Airport – SNA) California
Raytheon Corporate Jets Hawker
Reg: N800CC
Upon the 3rd take-off attempt, using 3 mins and 9 mins elapsed intervals, the left maingear overheated and tire blew. Hydraulic line was severed when the tire blew and hydraulic fluid leaked out onto the hot brake surface and ignited. All of the wheel’s fusible plugs were blown. Aircraft suffered extensive physical and fire damage. Nil Flight manual states a required waiting period from completion of taxi-in following a rejected takeoff from a speed of 90 knots indicated airspeed or less, to before start of taxi-out for takeoff. After a single rejected takeoff, a waiting period of 25 minutes is required. After two or more successive rejected takeoffs, a waiting period of 45 minutes is required. Values were disregarded.
4 Nov.
Tullamarine Victoria
777-2D7 of Thai Airways
During a non-directional beacon (NDB) non-precision approach to runway 16 at Melbourne Airport, the aircraft descended below the segment minimum safe altitude at 6.8 distance measuring equipment (DME, a measure in nautical miles). Soon after, the crew received two enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) cautions. 17 crew and 277 passengers The crew then leveled the aircraft and conducted a visual approach and landing on runway 16. The investigation is continuing.
See: From Bangkok, Thailand, to Melbourne, Victoria
15 Dec.
737-400 of NOK Airlines TCAS intervened to avoid a mid-air between an MD-82 of 1-2-Go (Bangkok to Chang Mai) and the NOK Air 737 (Chiang Rai to Bangkok) Nil 1-2-GO jet strayed from allocated Flight Level (FL320) and invaded the 737’s level of FL330. Incident blamed on an unobserved autopilot barometric hold disconnect.
27 Dec. day VMC
Teterboro, New Jersey
Hawker 25 of East Coast Jets (ECJ) flight 81, Reg: N818MV,   and N90AM, a G5 ECJ 81 had landed on runway 6 and was advised by the local controller after landing to “turn left at taxiway bravo if able, cross [runway] one contact ground”. Ground controller (U/T) requested approval from the tower local controller to taxi ECJ81 across runway 1 at taxiway B. The local controller approved the request, however, … Nil … soon after, the local controller, who was responsible for 2 aircraft and had 2 previous operational errors with some similarities, cleared N90AM for takeoff as ECJ81 was crossing the runway. He then advised the GC to have N90AM “expedite” once advised of the conflict. Miss distance was around 4,000 ft.
5 Jan.. ~1100Z
Madrid, Spain
A321 of Iberian
Flight IB3836
Flight IB3836 safely returned to land at Madrid after the pilots experienced an engine problem soon after take off. Nil Madrid to Warsaw
7 Jan.. ~2000Z
Santa Cruz de La Sierra Airport, Bolivia
737-200 of Aerosur
Flight: 5L755
Pilots made a safe emergency landing at Viru Viru Intl Airport, after they received indication about a possible fuel leak while on approach to land. Nil/92 passengers/ 8 crew Asuncion to Santa Cruz. Minor damage
8 Jan.. ~0515Z
Rochester, New York
CRJ of US Airways Express While the empty aircraft was parked at the gate over night, high winds lifted the CRJ which was moved around causing damage to its tail and nose gear Nil Substantial damage
9 Jan.. 0749L
Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), Detroit, Michigan
A319-114 of NWA Reg: N349NB Flight: NW853 Accident flight was the first one for the airplane since having maintenance performed on the number 2 engine the previous evening. Half of the number two engine fan cowling separated from the airplane when it was approximately one mile from landing at DTW. Nil/68 passengers/ 5 crew The other half separated when the airplane was touching down. The separated cowling contacted the right side of the horizontal stabilizer which resulted in substantial damage to the stabilizer.
12 Jan..
Moscow-Domododevo Intl. Airport
2x 747 & 1 x 737 of TransAero All the aircraft sustained minor damage while parked on the ramp. The 747s were struck by a high-loading catering truck while a service ladder was blown over by another aircraft touching the wing of the 737. Nil/446 on board Minor damage. All aircraft were able to get airborne again within 24 hours.
12 Jan.. 1035L
Palm Beach International Fla.
Cessna 152 CitationX Jet Reg: N200AP Near midair collision just after rotate when Citation took off without clearance after a “line-up and hold” instruction Nil Cessna 152 had just completed a touch and go. Citation is registered to Lifestyle Aviation of Coburg, Ore.
13 Jan. 1000L
Shannon Ireland
747F of Atlas Cargo jet diverted to Shannon airport amid concerns that there was a fire on board. Nil/3 on board Freighter was en route from Atlanta, Georgia, to Amsterdam, when a warning light indicated a fire on board.
15 Jan. 0730L
Missoula Montana
Dash 8 Q400 of Horizon Air 0700L flight to Seattle returned after failing to pressurize Nil/~60 on board Passengers were transferred to other connecting airline flights
15 Jan. ~0730L
Springfield Illinois
CRJ200 of Northwest A Memphis-bound flight made two U-turns. For the same malady. Flight originally took off from Springfield around 6:40 Tuesday morning. Within an hour the flight was back in Springfield after a light indicated a possible fire on board. Pilots and firefighters inspected the plane, but did not find a fire. Around 9:30 in the morning, the plane took off with only the crew of four on board. Nil Twenty minutes later the plane returned again after pilots reported “smoke in the cockpit.”
16 Jan. 2125Z
Aniak Alaska
Cessna 207 Skywagon
Reg: N171U
Aircraft on special VFR clearance into Aniak Airport (ANI), crashed on a   frozen river north of the airport, Aniak 1 serious & one unknown Substantial damage
16 Jan. 1410L
Newark Liberty Airport, New Jersey
737 of Continental Flight 536
EMB145 of Continental Express Flight 2614
Airmiss of 600ft vertically and 1.25 mile horizontal was generated by a controller at New York Terminal Radar Approach (TRACON) center on Long Island passing Flt2614 the wrong freq (that for nearby Teterboro TWR) Nil Operational error is being disputed by NATCA (who are questioning the FAA’s arrival procedures for Newark). The last close call at Newark (an air miss of 300ft) was in December.
16 Jan. 1930Z
Paris (CDG)
Airbus A300B4-622R cargo of Air Icelandic Air France charter cargo aircraft was off runway 26L in the mud after landing on wet runway in a strong x’wind Nil TF-ELW using an AF flight number (image at: and
16 Jan. 0443Z
Tulsa, Oklahoma
AC50 Commander 500B
Reg: N712AT
Pilot reported gyro problems, circled airport and crashed, Tulsa, OK 1 dead/1 on board Destroyed
16 Jan. 022Z
Cleveland, Ohio
Beech 58 Baron
Reg: N3217L
Aircraft crashed into Lake Erie under unknown circumstances immediately after departure from Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, OH 1 fatal/1 aboard Destroyed. Owned by EverAir, LLC of Niagara Falls, New York
16 Jan.
Lubumbashi DR Congo
G-159 Gulfstream 1
Seen parked ungloriously off the RH side of runway 07 well into the bushes after an obviously unhappy happenstance Unknown Said to look “pretty beaten up”
17 Jan. 0940L
Berlin Germany
A300-600 of Lufthansa Aborted takeoff at about 140mph as the aircraft started to “slew” (Tegel Airport) Nil Flight 179 to Frankfurt damaged the lights on 26L/08R (runway closed 2 hrs)
17 Jan. 1925Z
Anchorage, Alaska
Cessna 42
Reg: UNK
On landing runway 2R aircraft nose gear collapsed, Anchorage, Alaska. 2 unk/2 on board Damage: Unknown
17 Jan. Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota CRJ of Pinnacle/Northwest Airlines Flight 2884 Flight was forced to divert back to MSP by smoke in the cabin Headed Sioux City Iowa
18 Jan. 1827Z
San Antonio Texas
PA-46 Malibu
Reg: N169CA
Bexar County-based plane that left Waco Regional Airport for San Antonio crashed 10 miles southeast of its destination. Plane crashed into a barn about a half-mile from the San Antonio area’s East Central High School. 1 dead/1 on board Weather at the time was foggy with light rainfall. Plane is owned by PD Leasing, LLC, of San Antonio. The plane came to Waco from San Antonio International Airport on Tuesday and was on its return flight Friday when it crashed.
19 Jan. ~noon
Fokker F28 Mk4000 of Interair Returned Jo’Burg after about 30 minutes with an engine failure Nil Callsign Inline303
19 Jan. 015Z
Newark New Jersey
747F of Kalitta Air
Flight: 9713
On departure from JFK Airport 747 struck runway lights and disrupted pavement; continued its flight and landed without incident. Flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were unavailable for review because Kalitta dispatched the 747 to Europe before the agency had made its request to download the information. Nil Minor damage to freighter N713CK. Inspection after the landing revealed a blown tire and damage to the landing gear and the horizontal stabilizer. 13 runway lights destroyed and damage to the pavement on JFK’s Runway 31L. The crew of Flight 9713 continued the 7:15pm takeoff, landing at Newark at 7:35pm
19 Jan. day
Rio de Jan.eiro
767-300 of United
Flight: 874
Flight turned back with smoke in the cabin that was probably associated with an accompanying right hand engine malfunction (and then blew two tires on landing) Nil International Airport of Galeão to Washington (Dulles). A number of passengers rebelled and decided to take alternative flights.
19 Jan. 215Z
Dillingham Alaska
737 of Northern Air Cargo Reg: N322DL Cargo 737 struck runway lights on landing Nil/2 Unknown damage
20 Jan. 1545Z
Dallas Texas
767 of American Flight: AAL996 Flight reported a blown tire with minor wing damage on landing DFW Airport Nil Minor damage
20 Jan. 1820L
Ketchikan Alaska
737 of Alaskan
Flight: AS64
Mechanical emergency for stuck flap was declared after departure from Petersburg during its planned Anchorage to Seattle journey Nil The jet by-passed a stop at Wrangell and headed for a longer strip at Ketchikan, also a scheduled stop.
20 Jan. day
Brisbane Queensland
A320 of Jetstar Diverted into Brisbane with a #2 engine fault (loss of thrust) Nil Bound from Sydney for Hervey Bay Queensland
20 Jan. 1545Z
Dallas Texas
767 of American
Flight: AAL996
Crew reported a blown tire with minor wing damage Nil On landing
21 Jan.
Derry Ireland
ATR42 of Aer Arann
Flight: RE22
Flight to Dublin made an emergency landing in Derry Monday after an engine fault was discovered shortly after take-off from Carrickfin airport in Donegal. Nil/36 passengers & 3 crew Pilot decided, as a precaution, to divert to City of Derry Airport.
21 Jan. 0941Z
Denver Colorado
757 of United
Flt: UAL128
Three flight attendants & 7 passengers sustained minor injuries due to turbulence at FL370, 15 miles from Los Angeles 3 F/A’s & 7 passengers injured/187 on board Diverted to Denver, Co
21 Jan. day
Boise Idaho
757-200 of United
Flight: UAL605
Jet with braking problems made a safe landing at the Boise airport Monday Nil Emergency declared for braking problems about 30 minutes before the landing
22 Jan. day
Shermetyevo Airport, Moscow
A320 of Lufthansa A320 landing was delayed for 30 minutes while crew resolved a main system hydraulic failure affecting gear extension Nil/109 on board Nil damage
22 Jan.
757 of Shanghai Airlines
Flight FM 9209
Departed on Tuesday from Xi’an but was forced to land one hour later in Zhengzhou en route to Shanghai. A female passenger said some people who touched the cabin wall detected heat. Nil/>200 on board By 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, the passengers were still stranded at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. After some foreign passengers contacted their embassies they were informed that another plane would take them to Shanghai.
22 Jan. early morning
Paris France
Total Pole Airship Gusts of up to 110 kilometers (70 miles) per hour blew the giant Total Pole Airship across the Fayence-Tourette aerodrome, where the expedition team had been training, over a road and planted it in the roof of a house, destroying the ship. Wind first blew the airship into a vertical position on its mooring mast, and then ripped the mast out of the ground. Nil injuries Airship was to have set off from Paris on March 1, aiming to reach the North Pole on March 25-26 and spend the following month measuring the thickness of the pack ice covering the Arctic Ocean, to provide gauges against which melting due to global warming could be measured.
The Scientific Mission:
The airship manufacturer:
23 Jan. ~0840L
Capetown South Africa
737-800 of South African Airways
Flight: SA 316
During boarding, the aircraft was hit by a catering truck causing damage to one of its doors. Nil/137 passengers on board Minor damage. Capetown to Johannesburg
23 Jan. afternoon
Manchester UK
767-300 of First Choice Landed in an emergency (PAN Call)  “without nosewheel steering.”.\ F/O landed Flt FCA175 Goa to Manchester. Nil/255 passengers & 1 crew hospitalized Incident resulted from captain’s incapacitation (food poisoning).
23 Jan.
CASA 295 of the Polish Air Force’s 13th Transport Sqdn Reg: 19 Spanish-built CASA transport crashed a few hundred kilometers northwest of Warsaw. The Spanish-built Casa transporter was approaching the West Pomeranian town of Miroslawiec – the site of a Polish air force base – when it went down in bushland close to the runway, igniting a fire. (near Stettin) Around 20 dead/16 passengers and 4 crew The 14 passengers had attended the 15th annual Flight Safety Conference, held in Warsaw on Wednesday. Headed Krakow
24 Jan. 2200Z
Atlanta Georgia
Canadair CL-600 of Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 4316
Reg: N825AS
While loading at the gate, a tug hit the aircraft. Nil/32 passengers + 4 crew on board Damage to the aircraft is minor
24 Jan. 1605L
Benner Township Pennsylvania
Dash 8 of US Airways Express
Flight 4326
The 4:06 p.m. shuttle from Philadelphia, reported problems lowering its wheels while about 10 to 15 minutes away from landing at University Park Airport Nil Plane made a couple of flyovers for ground officials to check/photograph the gear-locks. Return flight to Philadelphia was scrubbed.
24 Jan. day
Capetown South Africa
737-800 of South African Airways An Air Chefs truck drove into the SAA 737-800 on the apron Nil causing extensive damage
24 Jan. 1945L
Mexico City
777-200 of Air Mexico Flight: AM01 While taxiing, 777 reg N746AM and 777 reg N774AM hit. The wingtip clash occurred while Flt AM01 was switching takeoff runways. Nil Flt 01 (Mexico City to Madrid) returned to Gate 5À of the new Terminal 2
24 Jan.
Munich Germany
Cessna 550 Citation on test flight landed gear up on runway 08R (nose gear jammed) Nil Minor damage (technician on board for check-flight after maintenance)
25 Jan. 0930L
Phnom Penh,
A300 of Thai Airways International Tires were burst on a fast deep landing at Phnom Penh, Cambodia Nil/160 on board Among the passengers was Cambodian parliament president Heng Samrin.
25 Jan.
Point Noire
Dem.Rep of the Congo
727-247 of Teebah Airlines (some say Canadian Airways)
AN-12BK of French firm Aero Service
The electric (?) brakes on an AN-12BK failed as it taxied to the apron at Pointe Noire Airport (PNR). It could not be stopped and ran into an empty parked Boeing 727 (9L-LEF). Both aircraft sustained total write-off damage. 2 x AN12 crew seriously injured 38th AN-12 destroyed since 1/1/2000. Congo’s government in 2007 banned the use of Antonovs, which are a widespread means of air transport in central Africa, as passenger planes, but not for cargo flights.  &  367ncx
25 Jan. 2130Z
Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy
777-300 of Air France Reg: F-GSQO Flight AF680 En route to La Reunion ex Paris (Orly), the 773 diverted into Malpensa’s runway 35R with an engine problem (GE90’s) and passengers were evacuated on slides. Both main gear wheels caught fire. Nil Last AF 777 IFSD (inflight shutdown) was at Fiumicino Italy (also enroute to La Reunion, Indian Ocean) on 13 Dec. AF997 (a 777) also turned back to JNB after its 25JAN. departure.
26 Jan.  210Z
Phoenix Arizona
Reg: N933LR
While taxiing to gate struck a baggage cart with its left wingtip Nil/2 minor damage
26 Jan. 113Z
Moscow Russia
767 of Delta
Flight: DAL47
Returned safely to UUVW (Vnukovo) after a tail strike on takeoff Nil damage is unknown
26 Jan.  1549Z
Minneapolis Minnesota
Reg: N784NC
On departure Minneapolis, MN, had a possible tail strike, but continued on to Dallas Ft Worth (KDFW) Nil/2 damage is unknown
26 Jan. 0935L
Borneo Island area, Indonesia
Casa NC212-200 of  Dirgantara Air Service PK-VSE Aircraft crashed into dense jungle on a Borneo Island after a short flight. Dirgantara was grounded last year by Indonesia’s Air Transport Directorate General for failing to meet minimum safety standards, so…. 3 dead/3 on board …’s not clear why the aircraft was operating. Planned Tarakan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. to Long Apung airport at Malinau regency. Aircraft was carrying solar panels to an outstation. Weather was not a factor.
26 Jan. day
AVEX (Xian) MA60 of Air Zimbabwe Experienced a significant tailstrike on landing in the City of Bulawayo Airport (FVBU). Despite the tail strike, the crew then elected to continue flying the balance of their assigned duties for the day. The aircraft however was badly damaged and required extensive repairs and now its return to operational use remains unclear. Nil Pilot attempted to land and flare with flaps 15 (vice 30 per SOP). MA60 is a stretched version of the Xi’an Y7-200A and a close copy of the An-26 cargo plane. The MA60 was first tested in 1993, and given its airworthiness certificate in 1998 by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. imagery:
26 Jan. ~1300L
Moscow Russia
767-300 of Delta
Reg: N177DN
Loud bang heard aboard Flt DL47 due to a takeoff tail strike at Sheremetyevo Airport. Aircraft landed back. Nil Headed Atlanta Georgia. Damage imagery at (tailskid and 3 lights damaged)
26 Jan.
SW Papua (Indonesia’s Easternmost Province)
737 of Merpati Nusantara 737 was landing at Merauke airport in southwest Papua when the calf ran across the runway and was hit Nil/141 + 1 fatted calf dead Boeing suffered damage to its left engine but no one was injured
26 Jan.
JumboLair runway
imagery at:
$90K 2008 BMW M5. 500hp V10 auto Car traveling at a very high speed down a private airport runway ran off an 85ft embankment and was airborne for >200 feet before smashing into a tree early Saturday, killing all five young men in the vehicle. Jumbolair Estates residential aviation community homesites are set on a 7550′ paved & lighted runway just 6 miles from downtown Ocala Florida. 5 dead Probably the most famous of the U.S.’s near 500 fly-in communities. M5 is capable of a 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, 1/4-mile in 12.7 seconds at 115mph…so on a runway that’s 5750ft, and it’s safe to say this car could have been traveling at or near the governed speed of 155mph. With a chip overriding the governor, this car is capable of over 200mph.
26 Jan. ~2000L
Ketchikan Alaska
737 of Alaskan Flight: AS64 For the second time in a week, an Alaska Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing at Ketchikan International. Flight 64 made an emergency landing Saturday night. Nil Pilot declared a mechanical emergency after departing Wrangell. Flight 64 originates in Anchorage and flies to Seattle with stops in Juneau, Petersburg, Wrangell and Ketchikan.
27 Jan. 1340L
Washington USA
Spokane International (GEG)
737 of SWA
Flight SWA485
(from Portland Oregon)
Aircraft slid sideways off the snow covered runway 03 end on landing at Spokane International (Geiger Field), taking out some lights. Flights resumed shortly after 5pm Nil/118 passengers + 5 crew Half-inch of wet snow on the ground. A passengers said that: “one Alaska Air jet did land behind us” immediately after the incident, “and stopped in time to avoid crashing into our plane.”
28 Jan. 1730L
Ft. Myers Florida
MD80 of American Airlines Aircraft circled in the air for about 20 minutes before landing at Southwest Florida International Airport Nil/142 passengers inbound for Ft Myers with a declared emergency at 40 miles for an unspecified warning
28 Jan. 0750L
Shannon Ireland
767-333 of Air Canada Flt: AC848 Pilot diverted into Shannon on medical grounds after the First Officer began acting irrationally during what is being referred to as a psychiatric episode (i.e. the co-pilot began “acting in a peculiar manner, talking loudly to himself, invoking God’s help” and needed to be restrained). 1 ill/149 passengers + 8 crew Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to London Heathrow. Co-pilot was assessed at the scene before being taken to the Acute Psychiatric Unit at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Ennis. Passengers were accommodated in a local hotel until a new crew arrived at Shannon.
28 Jan. ~2130L
St. Petersburg Florida
A320-300 of USA 3000 airlines Aircraft made an emergency landing at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport due to an unspecified technical problem Nil Chicago to Sarasota, Florida
29 Jan. day
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
737 of SWA Flight: 1512 Landed with a cockpit warning of an on board fire (later proven to be a recurring false alarm). Nil/72 passengers Extinguishers deployed as they are supposed to when the light goes on. The plane was inspected, maintained and the extinguishers were replaced.
29 Jan. night
The Azores
TU154 of the Bulgarian President Damage sustained to the landing gear on takeoff at Lajes Airport prevented gear-doors from closing so aircraft had to burn off gas and re-land. Nil Azores outbound for an official visit to Mexico by Pres Parvanov and a delegation. Visit to Mexico cancelled and Pres returned Bulgaria by Bulgarian Airlines
29 Jan.  ~1925L
Springfield Illinois
CRJ of Delta Connection #2 engine failed about 20 miles short of Springfield’s Capital Airport while en route from Minneapolis to Atlanta Georgia. Nil/62 passengers + 4 crew on board Primary crash and fire rescue support is from the Illinois Air National Guard 183rd Fighter Wing Fire Department, which is based on the airport’s property.
29 Jan. 1315L
Manchester UK
A300 of Monarch Burst a main-gear tire on landing (tyre no2, left bogie, front right hand side. Went as aircraft crossed the cat 11/111 stop bars) Nil Empty flight from Brussels caused a few diversions to Liverpool
29 Jan. 150L
El Paso Texas
757-200 of American Made emergency landing at El Paso International Airport overnight after an electrical problem was reported on board by the pilot, Nil/104 passengers Los Angeles to Miami flight
30 Jan. 0515Z
Charlotte North Carolina
Learjet 35
Reg: N55F
A US Check Airnet Systems Flight 141, a Gates Learjet 35A aircraft.  While taxiing to ramp Lear was struck by a tug vehicle Nil/2 minor damage
30 Jan. 2037L
Winnipeg Canada
737 of WestJet
Flight: 158
Pilot declared an emergency for  loss of oil pressure in #2 (RH) and diverted Nil/106 on board Bound Calgary to Toronto Canada, the 737 landed at 2045L
30 Jan. 0805L
Sugapa Airport, Paniai regency, West Papua, Indonesia
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter of PT Aviastar Mandiri DHC6-300 skidded off the left side of the runway and hit a group of people waiting nearby, killing one and injuring two others. The aircraft ended up in a ditch, substantially damaged. 1 dead, 2 injured on ground & one injured /15 passengers on board Arriving from Enarotali Airport (EWI/WABT), Indonesia. Officers from the National Commission on Transportation Safety (KNKT) in Jakarta will investigate.
30 Jan. 2215L
Grand Junction Regional Airport Colorado
757-200 of American Airlines Flight: AA119 Passengers said there was “haze” in the plane accompanied by a “a bad smell.” Prior to its emergency landing at Grand Junction Regional Airport without incident at about 10:15 p.m. Nil/103 passengers on board Newark New Jersey to Los Angeles California flight diverted into Walker Field. Fire officials used thermal imaging equipment to try to find the source of the problem, and later said the haze and smell “came from a small fire in the back of the plane.”
31 Jan. ~1938L
West Palm Beach Florida
757-200 of American Flight: AA1738 Aircraft #624 See: and yvu256 Passengers smelled burning plastic and then cabin went dark as crew secured non-essential electrical busses. Pilot’s inner windshield pane shattered after an apparent electrical surge. The co-pilot suffered cuts on his hand when the cockpit window shattered. Images at & 23qf2r 7 hospitalized/139 passengers & 7 crew San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Philadelphia. Heating mechanism between two panes of tempered glass in a cockpit window apparently caused smoke in the cockpit about two hours after the Boeing 757 departed from San Juan. Flight 1738 left Puerto Rico at 5:40 p.m. Wednesday.
31 Jan. ~230L
Frankfurt Germany
777-300ER of Singapore Airlines
Flight: SQ334
RH GE-90 engine failed noisily en route and pilot diverted into Frankfurt on the remaining one, landing around 0630L. Nil Changi to Paris (Roissy – aka Charles de Gaulle AIRPORT). Air France is having a bad run with its GE90 engines on the 777.
31 Jan.
London Gatwick UK
767 of Excel Airways
G-VKNG tail-scraped on takeoff to (Orlando Sanford Florida) SFB, and returned for an emergency landing Nil Flown by a TRE (Type Rating Examiner).Aircraft returned to service a day later.
31 Jan.
Hilo, Hawaii
717-200 of Hawaiian Airlines For the second time in two months, a Hawaiian Airlines flight from the Big Island to Honolulu had to turn back after one of its engines failed. Problem Monday was caused by the failure of a turbine blade. Passengers heard a loud explosion soon after takeoff and the plane returned to Kona. Nil 717 interisland fleet was put into service more than seven years ago. Dud blades were the problem that forced a Hawaiian flight to return to Hilo on Nov. 30 after an engine failed. First engine failure, in 201, was caused by a bearing problem that made the engine overheat, and was not related to a turbine-blade failure.
1 Feb. day
Tel Aviv Airport Israel
ATR42-300 of Israir Near collision with a Turkish Airliner at Ben Gurion International Airport. Event orchestrated by ATC following a late go-round due to conflicting traffic. Israir training flight had 4 pilots on board and received TCAS alert during go-round. Nil/170 passengers A similar incident occurred last year, when El-Al and an Iberia Airlines planes came dangerously close to each other when approaching to land. That incident was determined as pilot error on Iberia’s part.
1 Feb. ~1445L
North American NA-265 Sabreliner
Reg: N3RP
The bizjet was taxing out of a hangar on the World Jet ramp at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport when its wing clipped a propeller on a parked Cessna 208 of Bimini Island Air. It’s not known whether the two bizjet pilots are claiming a Ripleys B.I.O.N. record due to, …. Nil … at some point, the jet hitting another aircraft that was being tugged and then a third aircraft that was parked on a ramp. 1977 build Sabreliner is registered to Qualint LLC. in Wesley Chapel, north of Tampa, Florida.
1 Feb. 1130L
Mt Airy North Carolina (KMWK)
Beechcraft C90A King Air of Blue Sky Airways Reg: N57WR Crashed in residential area Friday as it tried to land in low-lying fog at the Mount Airy/Surry County Airport. Debris was largely confined to a small area between two homes. Imagery at:   and   2srug4 6 dead/6 on board Departure airport was Polk County (Cornelius Moore Field) aka Cedartown Airport, Georgia (headed for KMWK). Witness said it “missed” on its first approach, and may have been trying to circle back for another attempt.
1 Feb. 1740L
Augusta State Airport, (AUG/KAUG) Maine
Cessna 525
Reg: N12PT
Bound for Lincoln Municipal, Nebraska, Citation CJ1 crashed in a rural area of West Gardiner just after taking off from the Augusta State Airport at around 5:40 p.m. –Plane took off as a winter storm with a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain moved across the area.  Plane was registered to Jeannette Symons of San Francisco 2 dead/2 on board Pilot declared an emergency (apparently after an attitude indication failed), to a controller at the Portland, Maine, Jetport about 5 minutes after taking off, at an altitude of 3,000 feet, ascending to 10,000 feet. Weather reported at Augusta at 17:53 local time was light freezing rain and fog with a temperature of -6 deg C. Crash map at
1 Feb. ~2115L
Chennai Intl India
A320 of Indigo Airlines Flt 6E-282 returned to land soon after takeoff for New Delhi… Nil/114 passengers …following a nasty birdstrike. Chennai to Delhi
1 Feb. ~0630L
Frankfurt Germany
777-300ER of SIA
Flight: SQ334
777 suffered a malfunction in one of the engine’s accessories gearbox (GE 90 engine) about one hour before landing. The pilots diverted into Frankfurt. Nil Singapore to Paris (CDG).
1 Feb. 1710L
Oslo Intl Norway
737-8BK of KLM
On landing runway 1R during snowfall, the pilots failed to stop the aircraft within the available runway length. The nosegear came to rest in snow. Nil/99 passengers Amsterdam to Oslo
1 Feb. 2115L
Edinburgh Intl UK
F27-500F of MNG Cargo (on ops for Neptune Airways) Whilst parking on the cargo apron, TC-MBG’s right engine and propeller was hit by a passing ground power unit (GPU) vehicle causing Substantial damage. Nil ….causing the engine to break off from its mountings and droop down. Aftermath image:
1 Feb. ~1530
Thunder Bay Canada
737-700 of WestJet
Flight: WJA-493
Whilst doing a backtrack turn after landing the 737 taxied off the runway edge coming to rest bogged down in soft ground. Nil/109 passengers Toronto to Thunder Bay
1 Feb. 0757Z
Chicago Illinois
Midway Airport
DC9 of Northwestern
Reg: N605NW
N605NW, Northwest Airlines Boeing DC-9 aircraft, while parked on the ramp, was struck hard by a tug Nil Damage is unknown
1 Feb. 2240Z
Morristown, New Jersey
650 Citation
Reg: N626RB
Aircraft on landing, veered off the runway and struck runway lights Nil/2 on board Damage is unknown
2 Feb. ~1500L
Leeds Intl UK (EGNM)
Fokker 100 of Austrian Arrows
Flight: OS2373
During descent into Leeds, the pilots received indication of vibrations coming from an engine – prompting the pilots to reduce thrust on that engine to idle. Nil/103 on board The F100 made a safe landing.
Arriving from Innsbruck Austria
2 Feb. 2115L
Edinburgh, (EDI) Scotland
Fokker F27 freighter of Neptune Airways Coventry-based freight airliner was being tugged out with engines running during early morning hours for a flight to Coventry. After disconnecting from the tug, the aircraft rolled forward and the right side props struck the tug. No-one was injured but 1 person was treated for shock Starboard engine dropped from its mounts and hung down by about 30 degrees. Recalls accident at EDI stand 5A many years ago….a mobile GPU (Servisair?) accidentally reversed into the running starboard prop of an Air UK F27 and the driver was decapitated.
2 Feb. 1035L
Bolivia, South America
727-259 of LAB
Reg: CP-2429
(being flown as a charter for Transporte Aereo Militar)
Crash-landed Saturday in a flooded timberland outside the eastern city of Trinidad. Survivors said the Boeing 727 lost power. It had been turned away from its destination, the northern city of Cobija, because of a fierce storm, but, 370mls away, Trinidad weather also turned sour and the aircraft went down in sodden brushland 10kms short – after 2 missed approaches. Airport in La Paz is 13,300 ft ASL so T/O weight is obviously of primary concern. Investigation will focus on the full load of passengers and the departure airport’s elevation with respect to fuel requirements for the flight 2 serious & many minor injuries/151 passengers + 8 crew Charter jet flown by airline Lloyd Aereo Boliviano took off from the Bolivian capital, La Paz. Crash imagery at    and   37c8pk
LAB flights have been suspended for nearly a year due to the airline’s debts and legal troubles. The privatized company began offering charter flights in December while it worked toward renewing its scheduled commercial operator’s license.
Map locale of crash:
2 Feb. 1830L
Oslo Norway
737-800 of KLM
Aircraft put some wheels off the runway side on landing Gardermoen in very bad weather and got towed into the terminus Nil/170 on board Arriving from Amsterdam. Image:  and
2 Feb. 1348L
777-200 of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 82 returned Changi AIRPORT after a sudden depressurization at 36,000ft Nil/232 passengers and crew En route to Beijing. During the rapid 6-minute descent to 10,000ft, cabin oxygen masks were deployed.
3 Feb. ~1600L
Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv
Airbus A340-313X of Swiss International Reg: HB-JMG Was forced to abort its takeoff after getting a flat tire at speed. After the plane finished its emergency abort, airport firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and surrounded the plane. Nil The plane was then towed off the runway, and all of the passengers safely disembarked. Destination airport: Zurich
3 Feb. 1850Z
Anderson South Carolina
Highlander HXB
Reg: N866SC
Aircraft force landed under unknown circumstances, 8 miles from Anderson Nil/2 Damage is unknown
3 Feb. 0745L
Belo Horizonte Intl AIRPORT Brazil
737-300 of Webjet Linhas Aereas
Flight: WH6726
On landing the 737 ran a few meters off the end of the runway coming to rest with its nose gear on soft ground. Nil/67 on board Rio de Jan.eiro to Belo Horizonte.
Aftermath image:
3 Feb. night
Chennai India
A320 of Indigo Airlines Flight made an emergency landing in Chennai following a bird-hit soon after it took off on Friday night. Nil/114 passengers Airport sources said that the pilot of the Delhi-bound flight made the emergency landing as a precautionary measure. The flight was cancelled and the airline has refunded all fares.
4 Feb. 1130L
Paris (CDG)
777 of United Flt: UA915 Tire blew and right main gear caught fire on the runway on landing Nil Passengers evacuated on runway. minor damage
4 Feb. 110L
Kansas City
767 of United Flight: UA871 Pilot announced 90 minutes into the flight that one of the crew members smelled smoke. The pilot turned off the electrical and air conditioning systems to see whether they could detect the source but could not find anything. Nil/ 215 passengers and 11 crew traveling from Washington D.C. to San Francisco and then Taiwan
4 Feb. 2145Z
Burbank, California
737 of SWA
Flight: 3580
While at the gate, a  wheeled cart struck the wingtip No injuries reported Aircraft went out of  service with unknown damage,
4 Feb. 1827Z
Roosevelt Utah
Cessna 421, Golden Eagle Reg: N799 Gear collapsed on landing Nil/1 on board Substantial damage
5 Feb. ~1230L
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi
MD88 of Iberia Flight IB3669 Skidded off the taxiway, while taxiing for departure as Flight IB3669; stopped in the grass Nil/137 on board undamaged
5 Feb. ~0715L
Greenburg SC
EMB-145 of Continental flight BTA2143 Flight left Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport about 6:30 a.m., but turned around shortly after takeoff and made an emergency landing after a smoke detector went off. Nil/31 passengers Express Jet Airlines, headed Houston Texas
5 Feb. evening
Edmonton Intl Canada
A321-211 of Air Canada
Flight: CA-157
On landing C-GJWI experienced a heavy tail strike and bounced before the pilots were able to make a controlled landing. Nil Damage bill likely to be very high. Toronto to Edmonton
5 Feb. 0038Z
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Canadair CRJ900 of Mesa Aviation Flight ASH2703 Aircraft, while waiting for deicing, was struck by the deicing truck No injuries reported Flight returned to the gate with unknown damage
5 Feb. 1920Z
Ankeny Iowa
SA-226TB Metro III
Reg: N120SC
Aircraft went off the movement area under unknown circumstances and  sustained Substantial damage Nil/1 Substantial damage
06 Feb. 2240Z
LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY
Airbus A320 JetBlue Airlines
Reg: N635JB
While parked at the gate,  the jetbridge collapsed onto the aircraft, No injuries reported Damage is unknown
6 Feb. ~1426L
tribal region of South Waziristan Pakistan
Bell 412-EP helo of the Pakistani army (crash-map at A very senior Pakistani army officer is among eight people killed in a helicopter crash in the restive South Waziristan region. Helicopter – which the military says was on a routine reconnaissance mission – reportedly came down between the towns of Jan.dola and Wana 8 dead/8 on board Army helicopter carrying Maj Gen Javed Sultan crashed because of a technical fault near the Afghan border. Two brigadiers are also among the dead. Sultan was the top commander in the garrison city of Kohat in Pakistan’s northwest frontier province
06 Feb. ~1100L
Amsterdam, Netherlands
777-200 of KLM Reg: PH-BQC Flight KL791 Flight turned back in just under an hour due to an unspecified technical fault. Nil Bound for the international airport Guarulhos of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Passengers boarded PH-BQF and deptd at 1400L
6 Feb. ~1700L
Regina International Airport
Beechcraft King Air 100 of WestWind Aviation The nose gear of the plane would not extend fully, and the plane ended up sitting on its nose on the tarmac Nil/7 passengers + 2 crew Express flight from Saskatoon to Regina
6 Feb. 1130
Istanbul Turkey
A340-300 of Gulf Air flight GF2 After two hours airborne the pilots were surprised to see a gear door warning light and diverted into Ataturk Airport Istanbul Nil Heathrow to Bahrein. Microswitch problem.
7 Feb.
Nassau Bahamas
Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III of Bahamian Western Air Plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the international airport of Nassau (the Bahamas) following technical problems in the landing gear at the start of final approach. Nil/12 passengers on board From regional airport of Mangrove Cay, on the island of Andros (the Bahamas) and the international airport Lynden Pindling de Nassau, on the island of New Providence,
7 Feb. ~1440L
Hilo Hawaii
MD 369E, [the same as a Hughes 500] of K&S Helicopters Inc. (Paradise) Tour helicopter made a hard landing in an abandoned pasture several miles uphill from the Hilo Medical Center yesterday afternoon 5 moderate injuries/5 on board Helo lost power about five minutes into the flight from Hilo Airport and was trying to return. K&S operates out of Kona as Paradise Helicopters and out of Hilo as Tropical Helicopters.
7 Feb.
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
717-23S of National Jet (A QANTAS subsidiary) Flight: QF1944 A very hard landing has resulted in a very rippled and wrinkly airframe. May be a bent main spar and engine mounts damaged, under carriage mounts damaged, etc. etc. Nil/84 passengers on board VH-NXE may be a write-off after flying from Cairns via Nhulunbuy. There were 11 Boeing 717s in the Qantaslink fleet. Exemplar image:
7 Feb. 0700L
Kochi, India
737 of Oman Air A piece of tire found on the runway at Muscat airport gave some anxious moments to crew and passengers of an Oman Air flight, which landed Kochi Thursday morning under “full emergency” preparations. Nil/108 passengers and 7 crew Tire fragments belonged to another “unknown” aircraft
7 Feb. ~1900L
El Seibo, Dominican Republic
BN-2A-26 Islander of Caribair
Reg: HI-653CA
Crash-landed following an engine failure. Substantial damage.
Nil/9 on board Departure airport:Santiago de los Caballeros-Cibao International Airport (STI/MDST), Dominican Republic Destination airport: La Romana-Casa de Campo International Airport (LRM/MDLR), Dominican Republic
7 Feb.
Regina Airport Saskatchewan
Beechcraft 1900 of WestWind Aviation A cockpit window blew out of a chartered flight by WestWind Aviation about 20 minutes after taking off from Saskatoon. Nil/11 passengers + 2 crew Flight returned to Regina
8 Feb. ~1212L
Guwahati India
A320 of Indian Airlines Flt: IC 229 Two main gear tires burst on landing at Lokopriyo Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport following a bird strike emergency. Nil/82 passengers Arriving from Kolkata, India, the aircraft held overhead burning off excess fuel for 45 minutes.
8 Feb.
Christchurch International Airport (CHC)
British Aerospace 321 Jetstream 32EP of Eagle Air (an Air New Zealand subsidiary)
Air New Zealand Link Flight NZ2279 departed Blenheim (BHE) about 07:00 on a domestic service. A Somali woman, sitting in seat 1A directly behind the forward bulkhead, pulled a knife and entered the flight deck. She demanded the pilots to take the flight to Australia. She reportedly also claimed to have bombs with her. Two of the passengers tried to calm the woman. 3 inj/9 on board When the plane came into land at Christchurch International Airport, the woman allegedly started moving the aircraft controls. The pilots made a turn and the hijacker lost balance. After landing at Christchurch the captain then confronted the woman and wrestled her to the floor. The co-pilot helped the captain to disarm the woman, who was then arrested by police.
8 Feb. ~1900L
Castaic, California
1965 Cessna 337
Reg: N2228X
Crashed in rural Ventura County after reporting engine trouble soon after taking off from the Camarillo Airport at about 7 p.m. Friday. 3 minor injuries/3 on board Write-off. The plane came down in an orchard about a half-mile south of Highway 126 near Lake Piru.
9 Feb. 1730Z
Long Island City
New York
737 of SWA Flight: SWA2382 While moving on the ramp, aircraft struck the jetway No injuries reported Damage is minor
9 Feb. 1110L
Omaha Nebraska
757-200 of United Airlines Flight: UAL4 United jet made an emergency landing on Friday morning at Eppley Airfield. Nil/63 on board United said there was an indicator light of a possible fire in the cargo area.
9 Feb. 2348L
Novosibirsk Russia
A310 of Sibir Reported a drop in oil pressure in the right engine after it took off from Novosibirsk at 11:48 p.m. Nil/237 on board Novosibirsk to Bangkok flight re-landed at 103L
9 Feb.
Ft. Lauderdale Florida
767-300 of American Airlines
Flt: AA1668
Diverted in due weather and then experienced a fire in #2 engine during its post-refueling takeoff roll (aborted) Nil/225 passengers Piarco International Airport (POS/TTPP), Trinidad and Tobago to Miami. Passengers bussed back to Terminal.
9 Feb. 1730L Lindsay Municipal Airport 2006 Cirrus SR22
Reg: N824BJ
Aircraft lost altitude after taking off from Lindsay Municipal Airport and on impact, the plane burst into flames. 2 dead/2 …ejecting the pilot about 30 feet. The flight was a biennial flight review.
9 Feb. night
Newark, New Jersey
757 of Continental Aircraft returned to New York’s Newark Liberty Airport after lightning damaged its nose-cone, tearing a large 2ft gash. Nil/122 passengers Gatwick-bound
9 Feb. 1535L
La Paz Bolivia
727-200 of Aerosur Reg: CP-2462
Flight 5L-116
High speed landing led to a 50m overrun and Substantial damage at the 4000m elevation airport. Image:  and  2mmwxt Nil/85 passengers Flight from Jorge Wilstermann de Cochabamba Airport (Bolivia) and the international airport El Alto of La Paz
9 Feb. night
Perth Western Australia
747-300 of QANTAS Flight departing Perth lost some engine parts quite noisily and they were later handed in to WA police by a citizen from an outer suburb … Nil …after they splashed down alongside his pool (in which he was swimming). Eastern States Melbourne bound domestic flight returned to Perth.
9 Feb. night
Miami Florida
A330 of TAM
Flight JJ8091 returned Miami due to a fault in its #1 engine (stall/surge, EGT over limits), FADEC A fault, engine shut down (suspected bird-strike ingestion). Nil Flights JJ8098 (2/10) to Paris CDG and JJ8055 (2/11) to GIG (Rio de Jan.eiro) were cancelled.
10 Feb. night
A340-300 of SAA Flight was diverted back to Heathrow from somewhere over North Africa, reportedly Algeria, due to a passenger illness. 1 ill passengers En-route Heathrow to Johannesburg
10 Feb. 1550Z
Detroit, Michigan
Canadair CRJ900 of Mesaba Airlines Reg: N903XJ Flight 3477struck a de-icing truck. Nil Damage was unknown to the right wing,
10 Feb. 1515Z
Cleveland Ohio
Canadair Bombardier CL-600 of Skywest
Reg: N N932SW
While parked, a baggage cart was blown into the tail cone No injuries reported Unknown damage to the tail cone
11 Feb. 1615Z
Linden, New Jersey
Cessna 414 Chancellor Reg: N27352 Aircraft inadvertently landed gear up Nil/1 Minor damage
11 Feb. day
Istanbul Intl Airport, Turkey
A320 of Donbassaero
Flight: 7D-551
On landing the aircraft left the end of runway when it was about to turn into a taxiway. Nil According to local reports, no damage occurred and no one was injured. Donetsk to Istanbul flight
12 Feb. day
Caracas Intl (SVMI) Venezuela
DC9-31 of Aserca Airline
Reg: YV-298T
The aircraft was repositioned from a hangar under its own power when the brakes failed and the DC9 ran beyond the paved area of taxiway Foxtrot, crossing runway 09 and coming to rest on the grass close to runway 10. Nil Damage occurred to undercarriage and left wing.
Image at:
12 Feb. 0320Z
Covington Kentucky
757 of Delta
Flight: DL774
While parked at the gate, was struck by the jetway Nil Damage to be determined
12 Feb.
Caracas-Simon Bolivar Airport (CCS) Venezuela
DC-9-31 of Aserca Airlines
Reg: YV-298T
After leaving the hangar at Simon Bolivar Airport (CCS), the taxiing DC-9 could not be stopped. It crossed a runway and came to rest next to runway 10L. Nil Airplane sustained Substantial damage to the left hand wing and landing gear.
13 Feb. day
Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Intl Brazil
A320-233 of LAN Chile
During pushback the towbar broke causing the pushback truck to strike the left forward underside of the aircraft. Nil Considerable fuselage damage occurred.
Sao Paolo(GiG) to Santiago Chile
13 Feb. 0920L
Los Roques Airport (SVRS) Venezuela
BAe Jetstream 31 of Sasca Airline Reg: YV-168T On landing the pilots lost steering control and departed the runway to the left where the aircraft struck bushes and small trees before coming to a stop close to the shoreline. Nil/16 on board Substantial damage. Image at
Regional service from Porlamar to Los Roques
13 Feb. 200Z
Camokia Illinois
Cessna 425 Corsair
Reg: N67726
Aircraft slid off a taxiway at East Saint Louis Nil/3 Damage to be determined
13 Feb. 200Z
Leesburg Virginia
Raytheon 390
Reg: N16DK
Aircraft landed, went off the end of the runway and hit a ditch Nil/2 on board Substantial damage (in freezing rain)
13 Feb. morning
Durham UK Durham Tees Valley Airport
BAe146-200 of TNT Emergency crews raced to control a chemical spill on an aircraft. The scare at 8am was caused by a leak of 1.5 liters of sodium hydroxide solution – which can be used as paint stripper and has the potential to cause intense heat burns or ignite flammables. 1 injured Fire officers from Darlington, Newton Aycliffe and Durham neutralized the spill with a dry agent before decontamination of the TNT aircraft and two gas tankers.
13 Feb. night
Brussels Belgium
A300 of Turkish Airlines Turkish A300 took off on wrong runway at Brussels Nil details are scarce and scanty
13 Feb. 2135Z
Boston Logan Airport
Boeing 757 of American Airlines
Flight: AA 222
Reg: N631AA
While taxiing to the gate, aircraft struck a jet bridge with the number one engine, no injuries reported. Nil/109 passengers Damage to be determined
13 Feb. 0309L
New Delhi India
777-312ER of SIA
Flight: SQ345
Experienced an engine surge en route and diverted to New Delhi Nil/247 passengers Zurich to Singapore. 777-300ER is powered by two GE90-115B
13 Feb. 015Z
Yerevan, Armenia
CRJ-100M of Belarusian state-owned airline Belavia
Flight: B2-1834
Reg: EW-11PJ
Departed runway on takeoff at 0415L, wingtip contacted surface, the aircraft tumbled, broke into two parts and caught fire. Thanks to prompt response of emergency services there were no fatalities. Crash map: 4 hospitalized/6 minor injuries/18 passengers & 4 crew Bound for Minsk. Some injured treated on scene at Zvartnots International Airport. Seems to be a repeat of so many similar take-off rotation “failure to deice” crashes. Crash image:
13 Feb. ~1847L
Palm Springs International Airport
757-200 of American Airlines
Flt AA1803
Jet made an emergency landing at Palm Springs International Airport after diverting due winds in Las Vegas area but then started losing fuel Nil/180 passengers on board Bound for Las Vegas
14 Feb. 235Z
Cedar City, Utah
EMB120 of Sky West Aviation
Flight: 3708
Reg: N217SW
Embraer Emb120ER aircraft, on landing the left main gear went off the runway and struck runway lights. Nil/2 crew + 27 passengers Minor damage. Wind was gusting 29KT
14 Feb. day
Halifax, Nova Scotia
727 of CargoJet Freighter was en route from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Hamilton, Ontario, when it was diverted to Halifax with a smoke warning for the cargo hold. Nil/4 on board There was no hazardous material on the aircraft, but it was carrying 12,000 kilograms of fuel.
14 Feb. 1437L
Sacramento California
737-500 of United Airlines
Flight: UAL474
Headed to Vancouver when an oil filter warning light lit up. The pilot shut down one of the engines and made an emergency landing at Sacramento International Airport. Nil/119 passengers and crew The fire department was called out as a precaution, the plane landed safely at 2:37pm.
14 Feb. ~1130L
Paris (CDG Airport)
777-200 of United Airlines Flight: UA915 Flight was lined up on the runway ready to leave when suddenly a warning light illuminated and the crew ordered the evacuation of the passengers through the emergency exit slides. The cause of the fire was not immediately known. Nil Paris CDG to Dulles International. The airplane was surrounded by emergency crews shortly thereafter and firemen put out a fire in the tires. The passengers transferred to the airport terminal.
14 Feb. night
Boston Logan Airport
A320 of JetBlue
Flight: 489
Airbus 320, departing Boston for Long Beach, California., aborted its takeoff shortly after 8 p.m. because a Cessna Citation, a C-560, crossed runway 33L as the JetBlue plane was departing the runway. Nil Incursion has preliminary classification as a pilot deviation because the pilot of the Cessna Citation crossed runway 33L without air traffic control authorization.
15 Feb. 2330L
Guilford County, North Carolina
DC8-73AF of UPS
Flight: UPS1269
Reg: N806UP
UPS plane preparing to take off at Piedmont Triad International Airport Greensboro, Thursday evening, ran off the runway into the mud (at night). Nil/4 on board Freighter was heading to Louisville, Kentucky when the mishap occurred around 11:30 p.m. Image at
15 Feb. 1545L
Syracuse, New York
ERJ145 of Express Jet Plane carrying 53 people made an emergency landing today at Hancock International Airport after smoke was seen in the cockpit. Syracuse police and members of the 174th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard responded. Nil/53 on board Hartford Connecticut to Cleveland Ohio. Expressjet is a regional airline based in Houston, Texas. Fire crews searching the cockpit found a smoldering wire behind the main console.
15 Feb. ~2300L
Casper Wyoming
CRJ-200 of Northwest
Flight: XJ3399
CRJ suffered a standard wing-flap extension failure and landed 20 minutes past its scheduled arrival time Nil CRJ wing-flap failure epidemic is being addressed by the manufacturer and a number of AD’s
15 Feb. 1740L
Chiang Mai
MD80 of One-Two-Go
Flight: OG 8127
Aircraft returned very soon after takeoff. Passenger witness said “that the plane shook heavily and air-conditioners made a very loud noise while the plane was taking off”. Nil/>100 passengers Assessed as probable engine compressor surge
16 February
Benton, KS
Cessna 414A Reg: N41LP The Cessna, owned by Bajaj Holdings, and piloted by a private pilot, was destroyed when it impacted terrain after departing Lloyd Stearman Field Airport (1K1), Benton, KS. A post impact fire ensued. 2 Fatal According to several witnesses, the airplane departed runway 35 (2,613 feet by 60 feet; asphalt). The airplane was observed flying in and out of the clouds. The airplane impacted several trees, and came to rest in the middle of a corn/wheat field.
17 February Vancouver, BC Boeing 737 Flight 846 WestJet Airlines Aircraft skidded off Ottawa International runway. No injuries 88 passengers and six crew aboard.
17 February Washington, DC US Airways A319 and US Airways Express regional jet Two US Airways aircraft clipped wings while waiting to take off. That incident involved an A319 headed for New York’s LaGuardia Airport and a US Airways Express regional jet on its way to Rochester, New York No injuries The regional jet was taxiing toward a runway when one of its wings clipped a wing of the A319. The National Transportation Safety Board will determine the cause of the mishap.
18 February
Moline, IL
Hawker Beechcraft 99 Reg: N118SF The Hawker Beechcraft Corp. 99 operated by Suburban Air Freight, as a cargo airplane, received minor damage during cruise, when an in-flight fire occurred, about 30 miles west of the Quad City International Airport (MLI), near Moline, IL No injuries. The fire was associated with wiring behind the instrument panel.
18 February
Austin, TX
McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Reg: N935DL The MD-88, N935DL, operating as Delta Air Lines Flight 1877, sustained minor damage when it struck a large bird while on approach to Runway 35R at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), Austin, TX. None of the five crew members or 135 passengers were injured. No injuries One bird struck the bottom right side of the radome. The impact resulted in airframe vibrations; however, both engine indications remained normal. The first officer then declared an emergency.
18 February
Moline, IL
Hawker Beechcraft Corp. 99 Reg: N118SF Aircraft operated by Suburban Air Freight Inc., as a cargo airplane, received minor damage during cruise, when an in-flight fire occurred, about 30 miles west of the Quad City International Airport (MLI), near Moline, Illinois. No injuries The fire was associated with wiring behind the instrument panel
19 February Yellowknife, Canada de Havilland Turbo Beaver Flash fire erupts on the Arctic Sunwest Charters plane while pilot was conducting his pre-flight inspection. No injuries Hydraulic line ruptures.
21 February
Merida, Venezuela
ATR-42-300 Reg: YV-1449 All 46 people aboard an ATR-42-300 died when the twin turboprop operated by regional carrier Santa Barbara Airlines slammed into the sheer face of a foggy Andean mountain after departing the airport at Merida, Venezuela 46 fatalities The pilots made no distress calls before crashing with 43 passengers and a crew of three aboard. The popular tourist destination is wedged between two mountain peaks. The regional aircraft crashed six miles from the Merida airport, en route to Caracas.
21 February
Aniak, Alaska
Learjet 35A Reg: N351AS Aircraft received substantial damage during the landing flare/touchdown at the Aniak Airport, Aniak, Alaska. The airplane was being operated as an instrument flight rules (IFR) cross-country aeromedical positioning flight No Injuries Pilot states actual conditions differed from automated weather observing system (AWOS) reports
24 February Washington Dulles Intl. United Airlines Airbus A319 and regional jet. The aircraft taxiing to runways at clipped wings and were evacuated without injury. No injuries The Airbus, with 92 passengers, was heading for Albuquerque, NM, while the regional jet, with 66 passengers on board, was going to Dallas, TX.
24 February
Las Vegas, NV
737-300, N648SW Southwest Airlines The 737-300 encountered severe turbulence during descent for landing at McCarran International Airport. 6 Minor Injuries Two of the five injured passengers were occupying seats where the seatbelt fittings failed and separated.
25 February
New York, NY
Airbus A300-600 Flight 896 American Airlines A passenger died on the flight from Haiti to NY. 1 Fatal American disputes witness reports who said the passenger was denied oxygen and medical devices failed.
25 February
Jackson Hole, WY
Airbus A320 Reg: N442UA Flight 267 United Aircraft veered off side of runway during night landing No injuries The airplane departed Denver. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed during the nighttime landing. The reported weather at the airport about the time of the incident was wind calm, visibility of 10 miles, and overcast clouds at 3200 feet above the ground.
27 February  Santiago, Chile Cessna 210 Reg: CC-KKU Police training aircraft crashes after takeoff from Tobalaba Airport. Six on board and five on the ground killed 11 fatalities Aircraft impacted sports field where an aerobics class was underway.
27 February
Tampa, FL
Cessna 210L Reg: N5489V The Cessna 210L registered to and operated by Flight Express, Inc., as flight 805, experienced collapse of the right main landing gear at Tampa International Airport (KTPA). No injuries Post-accident examination of the right main landing gear revealed the plunger of the down and locked switch was bent and remained depressed; physical effort was required to pull out the plunger of the switch. Additionally, the plunger was misaligned from its normally installed position.
27 February
Panama City,


Reg: YV-287T

Rutas Aereas

During flight, the pilots received indication of smoke coming out the air-conditioning equipment. The aircraft safely diverted to Panama City. No injuries
28 February
Kanpur, India
ATR-42 Flt No: IC 7801 Air India On landing at Kanpur, the aircraft collided with a Neelgai antelope on the runway causing unknown damage. No injuries Minor damage
28 February
Los Angeles, CA
Boeing 777 American Airlines During landing approach at around 2.000 ft, the pilots experienced throttle control problems of left engine #1 for multiple seconds before full control was re-established and the landing was continued uneventfully. No injuries No Damage
28 February
Los Angeles, CA
Boeing 737 Flt 2365 Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines Flight 2365 was about 15 minutes into its trip from Los Angeles to Kansas City when the pilot reported a hydraulic problem, declared an emergency and turned around.

No injuries

28 February Dusseldorf, Germany Airbus A320-232 Reg: D-ANNE The aircraft was parked overnight in front of a cargo hangar when it was hit by a cargo pallet causing damage to its wingroot No injuries Minor/substantial
1 March
Entebbe, Uganda
Boeing 767-300 Flt No. BA 62 British Airways On take-off the aircraft suffered tire burst forcing the pilots abandon the take-off roll. No injuries The Police Fire Brigade rushed to the scene to evacuate the panicking passengers who included the Vice-President,
1 March
Dallas, TX
Boeing 737-7H4 Southwest Airlines Reg: N741SA Aircraft collided during taxi with a stationary Boeing 737-3H4, N652SW.  Both airplanes were damaged No injuries Preliminary information provided by the DAL Air Traffic Control Tower and statements from the crew members revealed Flight 15 had completed a pushback from gate 15 and was waiting for a clearance to taxi for takeoff, and Flight 411 had a clearance to taxi to gate 2. While taxiing past Flight 15, the left winglet of Flight 411 sustained damage when it struck and damaged the left horizontal stabilizer of Flight 15.
1 March
San Jose, Costa Rica
Boeing 737 Flt No 1797 Continental A Continental Airlines flight en route to New Jersey with 144 passengers on board returned for an emergency landing shortly after takeoff Thursday when a smoke detector went off in the cabin, aviation authorities said No Injuries

No cause was immediately found

2 March
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cirrus SR-22


The four-seat plane had just taken off from the nearby Jacarepagua airport and was headed to the southern city of Florianopolis in Santa Catarina state, The plane, a single-engine Cirrus SR22 owned by the local logistics company Cisa Trading, went down in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most upscale neighborhoods at lunch hour on Sunday, killing all four people aboard 4 Fatal Witnesses said the plane exploded upon impact. A lineman told authorities he accidentally fueled the aircraft with Jet A – apparently thrown off by the “Turbo emblems” on the aircraft – just prior to the airplane’s departure.  That information has not been officially confirmed, however.
2 March Manchester, UK Boeing 747-412F Reg: B-KAG Dragoair Cargo On landing in darkness and very windy conditions (+50 kts), the aircraft banked at one side causing an engine pod to strike the runway and a tire burst before a controlled landing rollout was achieved. No injuries Minor damage
3 March
Glasgow, UK
Boeing 777 American Airlines An American Airlines plane flying from London to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Glasgow on Monday after a warning light incorrectly indicated there might be a fire in the hold, a spokesman said. None of the 191 passengers or 14 crew members on board the Boeing 777 was hurt, No injuries
4 March
Oberlin, OH
MD-88 Flight 1654 Delta   Flight 2273 PSA CRJ 700 Two airplanes carrying more than 120 passengers narrowly averted a mid-air collision east of Pittsburgh after an air traffic control trainee told a Delta Air Lines pilot to turn into the path of an oncoming plane. No injuries The Delta pilot dived and missed the plane by about 400 feet. The other pilot also took evasive action. A cockpit collision avoidance system alerted the pilots to the danger. The controllers will be retrained.
4 March Ft. Lauderdale, FL Airbus 310 Transat Flight 477 Transat Flight 477 en route from the Dominican Republic to Canada made an emergency landing in Ft. Lauderdale after passengers complained of being sick. Nil Eight passengers were taken to a hospital as a precaution. CDC official: Cause of illness unknown but appears to be food or drink.
5 March
Seattle, WA
737-400 Flt 597 Flt 19 Alaska Airlines Two Alaska Airlines aircraft reported wing flap problems.  Flight 597 from Los Angeles told air traffic controllers Monday at Sea-Tac the plane was experiencing an “unknown flap problem,” Flight 19 from Orlando reported a “trailing edge flap problem,”  and declared a precautionary emergency landing, the newspaper said, but no injuries or damage were reported for either incident. No injuries

Totals six wing flap problems for the company this year.
Alaska Airlines and the FAA do not characterize wing-flap failures as a safety threat and the airline is working with The Boeing Co. to find what caused the 737-400 problems, the report said.

5 March
Houston, TX
Airbus 320 Flight 1184 Northwest About six passengers on an incoming airline flight were checked out by paramedics today shortly after the plane landed at Bush Intercontinental Airport, authorities said. The passengers complained of headaches after the aircraft experienced mechanical problems, an airline spokesman said. Minor injuries “It was having pressurization problems in route,” said Dean Breest, with Northwest Airlines. “There was no emergency declared.”
5 March
Beverly, MA
Cessna 560XL Citation A corporate jet made an emergency landing at Beverly Airport at about noon Wednesday after losing power in one of its two engines.  Sparks flew as the plane landed because the pilot had to lock up the wheels, Vitale said, but the plane suffered no other damage.  The airplane is owned by NetJets, a company based in Oklahoma City that provides private jets. No injuries Minor damage
7 March
Papua, New Guinea
C-160 A cargo plane burst into flames after touching down at Wamena airport.  The flight, operated by PT Manunggal Air, was arriving from the provincial capital of Jayapura to deliver food and diesel oil.   The plane landed smoothly but rolled off the runway. A loud explosion was then heard seconds before the plane caught fire. The three crew and five passengers were able to use the emergency exit to escape the blaze without injury. No injuries Local police chief Marolop Manik said it was not clear what had caused the accident.
7 March
Missoula, MT
Airbus A310 A FedEx cargo jet made an emergency landing in Missoula Friday after the crew detected an engine problem.  The Airbus A310 had left Spokane, Wash., and was south of Missoula when a problem was detected in the left engine.  The crew determined the engine was running rough and diverted the flight to Missoula, where the plane landed without incident just after 9 a.m. No injuries
7 March
Portsmouth, NH
CRJ50 A 50-passenger plane coming from Toronto and headed to Pease landed safely in fog Friday morning after its crew declared an in-flight emergency when an engine failed.     At approximately 8:40 a.m. the jet’s crew reported to the Pease tower that one of its engines was operating at idle. Only two people were on-board, the pilot and the co-pilot. No injuries
General Aviation & Helicopter
11 Nov ~1230L
Benson Arizona
Grumman American
Reg: N9592U
Arriving from Chandler Arizona, the pilot assessed the wind and landed 28 – but lost directional control, touching down off runway in the rough 4 uninjured/4 on board Substantial damage to main landing gear and both wings
15 Nov 1125L
Erie Colorado
Evektor-Aerotechnik Sportstar Plus
Reg: N617EV
Pilot lost directional control in a pilot induced rudder oscillation during landing in an EXP aircraft noted for its directional sensitivity Nil Substantial damage
21 Nov 1615L
Carlsbad California
Beech 95-B55
Reg: N1831L
Nose gear collapsed after the aircraft commenced “porpoising” on landing roll-out. Nil Substantial damage
18 Dec 1943L
Phoenix Arizona
Cessna 310R
Reg: N5499J
Collided at night with an unattended container cart while taxiing in on the ramp at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Nil Operated by Aero Charter & Transport, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico. Air port ops claim pilot diagonally “cut the corner” and didn’t follow the taxiway lines.
20 Dec 1630L
Chub Cay Bahamas
Cessna 208B of Agape Flts Pty Ltd
Reg: N954PA
4 hours into the flight, while flying at 12,000 feet and in communication with Miami ARTCC, the engine went to 0 thrust with the Ng gauge indicating 20 RPM. The on-board GPS receiver and ATC confirmed that the closest airport (Chub Cay Airport) was located 31 nautical miles from the flight’s position at that time. Attempts to restart the engine were unsuccessful and recognizing that the flight was unable to land there, the pilot maneuvered the airplane near several boats. Nil/2 on board After contact with the water, the airplane nosed over and the occupants exited and were rescued by a sailboat. Substantial damage. Flight originated about 1230, from Las Americas International Airport (MDSD), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and was en route to Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida.
摧/峞ec. 1230L
Holbrook Arizona
Found Aircraft FBA-2C2,
Reg: N418MS
Ground-looped during landing roll-out  at Holbrook Municipal, breaking the LH wing and deforming the fuselage 2 minor injuries/2 on board Substantial damage, arriving from Winnemucca, Nevada. Pilot attempted a power application as the ground-loop progressed.
22 Dec. 1500Z
Point-a-Pitre Guadeloupe
Partenavia AP 68 TP, of Air Coulibri Inc Reg: N91TP experienced an uncontained engine failure during the takeoff roll at Pointe-A-Pitre le Raizet (TFFR) 2 uninjured/2 on board Examination revealed an uncontained “rupture” of the left turbo-prop engine.
22 Dec. night
Carrollton Georgia
Mooney Mk20F
Reg: N9371M
Pilot reported becoming distracted while trying to tune up a CTAF frequency during a night ILS, allowing the aircraft to descend below glideslope and strike the ground about a mile short Nil Substantial damage. Pilot reported feeling quite fatigued at the time and regretted not having taken a rest break at a refueling stopover
23 Dec. 1345L
Skwentna Alaska
Cessna 185
Reg: N572E
After landing on a frozen lake the wheel/ski equipped Cessna dropped its RH wheel into a hole in the crusty ice-covered snow, collapsing the gear. Nil Right wing suffered substantial damage (old fishing hole?)
30 Dec.
Hexham UK
BanBi microlight Crashed near Burgham Park golf course and leisure club at Felton after the tail lost its structural integrity. 2 seriously injured Since the accident, 20 or 30 microlights of the same model have been grounded , until they are checked out.”
8 Jan. 1305L
Riverside California
Robinson R22
Reg: N8280J
On approach to a hover about 15 feet above ground level (agl), he applied power to stop the decent rate and the helicopter began to yaw to the right. Despite the pilot adding left anti-torque pedal and increasing power, the helicopter continued to yaw to the right and ascended 50-75 feet. Nil/1 on board The pilot stated he lowered the collective and reduced power until the helicopter descended through about 25 feet agl, and then he raised the collective for landing. Subsequently, the helicopter landed hard within sandy terrain on the shoreline of a lake. Substantial damage to tail boom.
12 Jan. 1615L
La Verna California
Bell 206B2
Reg: N49588
pilot and mechanic were conducting a maintenance test flight to facilitate a dynamic track and balance of the main rotor system when the
accident occurred. Pilot reported the helicopter was in a three-foot hover, moving forward, when control was lost. Helicopter collided with terrain resulting in Substantial damage to the fuselage.
Nil Pilot reported the left cyclic control was removed prior to the flight; however, the protective cover was not installed. He stated that during the accident flight, the test equipment (used for track and balance) “became entangled” at the left cyclic attach point and prevented full cyclic control.
12 Jan. 2220Z
Pine Bluffs Wyoming
C172 Skyhawk
Reg: N12606
Aircraft on landing, crashed. Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
16 Jan. 1429Z
Hereford Texas
Beech 58 Baron
Reg: N42SM
On landing the aircraft damaged its right wing Nil/2 Minor damage
16 Jan. 1850Z
Kiteni Peru
Bell 212
Reg: OB-1850
Impacted in jungle rea under unknown circumstances Unk/2crew & 7 passengers Flight-plan was Kiteni for Kiteni. Substantial damage. Under jurisdiction of the Comision de Investigacion de Accidentes de Aviacion (CIAA).
18 Jan. 2008Z
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Cirrus SR20
Reg: N952CD
On takeoff the still attached towbar engaged with the prop – but aircraft landed without further incident Nil/1 Minor damage
18 Jan. 2159Z
Selma California
Beech 35 Bonanza
Reg: N4662M
Crashed under unknown circumstances five miles from Selma, killing the one person on board 1 dead Destroyed
18 Jan. 1827Z
San Antonio Texas
PA-46 Malibu
Reg: N169CA
Aircraft crashed on approach to the runway 13 miles from San Antonio 1 dead/1 on board Destroyed
19 Jan. 2152Z
Vacaville California
Reg: N248DW
On landing the aircraft veered off the runway into a ditch Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
19 Jan. 0300Z
Hollister California
Mooney Mk 20
Reg: N79399
After landing and exiting via a taxiway, ended up in soft sodden earth and became stuck Nil/1 Minor damage
19 Jan. 0351Z
Green Valley Arizona
Air Creation Clipper
Reg: N614LF
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances killing both persons on board 2 dead/2 Destroyed. Wreck located 3.5 miles from Green Valley
19 Jan. 1900Z
Willows California
PA-18 Super Cub
Reg: N2415P
Aircraft lost power, landed short of the runway, and flipped over in a rice field Nil/2 Unknown damage
20 Jan. 2058Z
El Monte California
Flight Design Gmbh Ctsw Light Sport
Reg: N996CT
On landing rollout at El Monte the prop struck the runway Nil/1 Minor damage
20 Jan. 2040Z
Arley Alabama
Sport 2S EXP
Reg: N2669A
Aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff into Smith Lake and sank, the two persons on board were rescued by boat Nil/2 Substantial damage
20 Jan. 2126Z
Kissimmee Florida
Cessna 206
Reg: N8JZ
Crashed while in the circuit pattern, two miles from Kissimmee Nil/3 Substantial damage
20 Jan. 1612Z
Scottsdale Arizona
Reg: N351BM
Aircraft reported nose gear problem, diverted and landed nose gear retracted Nil/5 on board Minor damage
20 Jan. 020Z
Brigham City Utah
L8 Silvaire
Reg: N71730
Aircraft conducting ski landing went off the runway side and flipped over Nil/1 minor damage
20 Jan. 2335Z
Corona California
Cessna 150
Reg: N4008V
N4008V, a Cessna C150 aircraft and N737EJ, a Cessna C175N aircraft collided in midair, aircraft debris struck two car dealerships and a vehicle, five  persons were fatally injured, two persons from each aircraft and one person on the ground, one mile south of Corona. 5 dead Destroyed
20 Jan. 1535L
Los Angeles, California
Cessna 175N Reg:N737EJ Cessna 150 Reg: N4008V Two planes collided at 3.35pm (1035 AEDT Monday) near the small Corona Municipal airport and a freeway in Riverside County, about 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles 4 dead + one in car on ground The crash left wreckage strewn along a commercial strip near the Riverside Freeway
20 Jan. 2230Z
Fallbrook California
Cessna 210 Centurion N1675X Aircraft bounced on landing and prop struck the runway Nil/1 Substantial damage
21 Jan. 2135Z
New Cumberland Pennsylvania
PA-32 Cherokee 6
Reg: N1040H
Aircraft nosegear collapsed on landing Nil/1 Substantial damage
22 Jan. 1740Z
Miami Florida
R44 Astro
Reg: N18HB
Robinson R44 Rotorcraft, while on approach, crashed 2 dead/2 on board Destroyed
22 Jan. 1930Z
Saint Paul Minnesota
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Reg: N738UE
Skidded off the runway on landing and nosed over Nil/1 on board Substantial damage. Wind 260 at 9kts gusting 15kts
23 Jan. ~1430L
English Channel
Beech 58 Baron
Reg: N2326Y
En route from Coventry to Alderney with a ditching between Cherbourg and Alderney. Survivor was found in a life-raft. Aircraft was working Jersey ATC during failure of its 2nd engine. 2 dead, 1 injured/3 on board An Aurigny aircraft was vectored to follow the aircraft down then circled overhead till the French rescue service’s helo arrived. Third man was rescued by a French maritime patrol boat and taken to Cherbourg with mild hypothermia
23 Jan. 1032Z
Cherbourg France
Beech 58P of Southern Aircraft Consultancy
Reg: N2326Y
Impacted water approximately 7 nautical miles north of Maupertus Airport (LFRC) Cherbourg, France. Prior to the accident, the pilot declared an engine(s) failure, and was diverting to Maupertus (LFRC) when the aircraft ditched in the ocean approximately 7 nautical miles from LFRC. Substantial damage. Flight originated at West Midlands International Airport (EGBE), Coventry, United Kingdom, and was en route to Guernsey Airport – Channel Islands (EGJB), United Kingdom.
24 Jan. 1910Z
Tea, South Dakota
Cessna 182 Skylane
Reg: N2173E
Aircraft departed the runway side, struck a snow bank and nosed over Nil/2 Minor damage
24 Jan. 2320Z
Rock Springs Wyoming
Titan Tornado 812
Reg: N142TT
Pilot reported carburetor icing, forced landed in a field Nil/1 Unknown damage
24 Jan. 2300Z
Pollock Louisiana
Excalibur 1
Reg: N127ZX
Force-landed due engine failure and the nosewheel collapsed Nil/1 Minor damage
25 Jan. 2215Z
Klamath Oregon
Cessna 172 Skyhawk N734KU Flipped over onto its back during an attempt to land on a strip covered with deep snow Nil/3 Minor damage
25 Jan. 1545Z
York South Carolina
PA28R-180 Turbo Arrow
Reg: N1939T
Aircraft declared emergency and landed in a field 10 miles NW of Uza, York (actually a peach orchard) 1 minor injury & 2 unk/3 Minor damage. See image at
25 Jan. 2122Z
Greenville South Carolina
Q200 EXP
Reg: N821TM
Aircraft landed gear up Nil/1 Unknown damage
25 Jan. 210Z
Queen City Pennsylvania
Cessna 172R Skyhawk
Reg: N5176V
Landed gear up runway 33 Queen City Pa Nil/1 Unknown damage
25 Jan. 1945Z
Caro Michigan
PA31 Navajo Chieftain N411DL Inflight fire in the nose luggage compartment led to smoke in the cockpit Nil/1 Unknown damage
25 Jan. 2316Z
Oahu Hawaii
Aero Commander 560
Reg: N10RT
On landing the aircraft’s nose-gear collapsed Nil/1 Minor damage
25 Jan. ~2255L
Los Angeles California
Robinson R22
Reg: N705JJ
Collided with HT static wires 120ft AGL when cleared to not above 500ft in LAX class Bravo airspace – and crashed. 1 killed /1 on board Night navex headed for the operator’s base at Zamperini Field in Torrance, California.
25 Jan. 2122Z
Greenville South Carolina
Reg: N821TM
Upon landing the aircraft’s gear retracted Nil/1 Minor damage
26 Jan. 0659Z
Los Angeles California
R44 Astro
Reg: N705JJ
Aircraft hit power lines and crashed onto the 110 Freeway and Century Blvd 1 fatal/1 on board Destroyed
26 Jan. 1950
Valley Center Kansas
Flite Bike
Reg: N31559
Aircraft lost power on takeoff and crashed Nil Destroyed
26 Jan. 210Z
Hollister California
2-33 Schweizer Glider
Reg: N87R
On landing the sailplane turned off the runway and struck a taxiway sign Nil/2 Substantial damage
26 Jan.
Harrogate North Yorkshire UK
Gazelle (just acquired by private owner) Went down soon after departure from the luxury Rudding Park Hotel in very high winds. Helo image: 2 dead/2 Ex UK-regd G-SKUL. Low-time private pilot (46 hours). Crash picto-map at
26 Jan. 1955Z
Salt lake City Utah
PA-28 Cherokee
Reg: N7365W
Aircraft landed short at Salt Lake Airport Nil/2 Minor damage
27 Jan. 1530Z
Boswell Indiana
EXP Avid Mk IV
Reg: N610K
On landing approach the aircraft crashed 3 miles short of Boswell Nil/1 Substantial damage
27 Jan. 1600Z
Sheffield Texas
PA18 Supercub
Reg: N743L
While herding cattle, aircraft stalled and impacted the ground, 30 miles from Sheffield 1 minor injury Destroyed
27 Jan. 2138Z
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Velocity 173RG Elite
Reg: N77VX
Crashed on departure runway 20 Santa Fe Nil/1 Unknown damage
27 Jan. 0730Z
Hollywood Maryland
Pitbull Homebuilt
Reg: N6592H
Aircraft made a rough landing and flipped over Nil Unknown damage
27 Jan. 106Z
Sacramento California
Beech 33 Debonair
Reg: N9111Q
Aircraft gear collapsed on landing Nil/1 Minor damage
27 Jan. 2230Z
Picayune Mississippi
Cessna 177 Cardinal
Reg: N2905X
On landing the aircraft’s nose wheel collapsed Nil/1 Substantial damage
27 Jan. 1745Z
Faribault Minnesota
Mooney Mk 20P
Reg: N6608U
During takeoff, engine quit and aircraft landed gear-up on a closed snow-covered grass runway Nil/1 Unknown damage
28 Jan. 1710Z
Dawson Georgia
Cessna 150
Reg: N51367
On landing the aircraft ran off the runway and into a ditch Nil/2 Unknown damage
28 Jan. 0050Z
New Braunfels Texas
Velocity 173/Fg-XL
Reg: N44VL
Aircraft lost power on takeoff and landed in a field Nil/1 Minor damage
28 Jan. 2230Z
McCullough Alabama
Freebird Sportlight 103 Ultralight
Reg: N75474
Aircraft crashed short of the grass strip’s threshold 1 fatal/1 on board Substantial damage
28 Jan. 2240Z
Smyrna Tennessee
Cessna 337
Reg: N184
Aircraft reported a landing gear problem and subsequently landed gear up Nil/2 on board Minor damage
28 Jan. 1400L
Franklin Indiana
PA28 Cherokee
Reg: N558PU
On landing, aircraft veered off the side of the runway and struck a runway light Nil/2 on board Minor damage
28 Jan. 1612Z
Sugar Grove, Illinois
Beech 50 Twin Bonanza
Reg: N234H
Upon landing the aircraft’s gear retracted Nil/1 on board Substantial damage
28 Jan. 215Z
Aliceville Alabama
Maule MX-7
Reg: N1052U
On landing the aircraft swerved off the runway, striking runway lights Nil/2 on board minor damage
28 Jan. 1326Z
Wiggins Mississippi
PA-32 Cherokee 6
Reg: N1053F
Reported engine failure and force-landed in a field near Wiggins Nil/1 Substantial damage
28 Jan. 2045Z
Picayune Mississippi
Cessna 310
Reg: N811M
On taxi the right main landing gear collapsed Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
28 Jan. 1055L
Ft. Simpson Canada
Cessna 206 of Simpson Air Flying from Trout Lake to the island airport in Fort Simpson when the airplane lost power and force-landed. Nil/3 on board a Great Slave Helicopter picked up the pilot and passengers
28 Jan. ~0715L
Wiggins Mississippi
Piper PA32-31FT
Reg: N1053F
Forced landing following a partial loss of engine power near Wiggins, while in cruise flight at 7,500-feet mean sea level (MSL). During the landing roll the airplane nosed over and came to rest in an inverted position. 1 uninjured/ 1 on board Substantial damage. Operated by Soarin LLC. Of Miami, Florida. Flight had originated from the Taylor Municipal Airport (T74), Taylor, Texas, and was destined for a fuel stop at the Marianna Municipal Airport (MAI), Marianna, Florida.
29 Jan. 1719Z
Westhampton Beach, New York
Socata TB21
Reg: N824GT
Undercarriage collapsed on landing Nil/1 Substantial damage
29 Jan. 1827Z
Pembroke Pines Florida
Piper J3 Cub
Reg: N2143M
On landing, the Piper went off the runway into the grass, struck a taxiway sign and went up onto its nose Unknown/2 on board Unknown damage. Wind 100º at10kts
29 Jan. 1723L
Marathon Florida
Grumman G21A of Wave Runner Aviation
Reg: N21A
38 minutes after takeoff, collided with water during landing near Marathon, Florida Keys. During the water landing the LH wing contacted the …. 2 seriously injured/2 on board …water and the airplane water looped. A good Samaritan rescued them from the water in his boat and brought them ashore where rescue personal were waiting.
29 Jan. day
Northern Romania
Polaris Crashed into a forest in good weather 1 dead Killed was Eric Rossmann, a 38 y.o. prominent French businessman of France’s Rossmann Group
30 Jan. 2103Z
Jefferson Georgia
Airborne Redback Ultralight N1847 Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances 1 serious/1 on board Unknown damage
30 Jan. 0450Z
Brawley California
BELL OH-58A Rotorcraft
Reg: N92SF
During agricultural application, struck
Power lines and crashed into an onion field, near Brawley
1 minor injury Destroyed
30 Jan. 1500Z
Bessemer, Alabama
Cessna 210
Reg: N5825F
Aircraft, while being hand propped, jumped forward, went across the taxiway, and struck another aircraft – A Piper, N243PS Nil/2 Substantial damage
30 Jan. 2230Z
West Palm Beach Florida
Aero Commander 500A
Reg: N57EB
Sapphire aviation flight SPP04, on  landing, veered off the runway and went into the grass Nil/2 on board Wind 160 /08 knots
Minor damage
30 Jan. 2119Z
Naples Florida
Cessna 152
Reg: N89708
Aircraft reported losing power, and force landed on the beach, 7 miles from Naples Nil/2 on board Unknown damage
30 Jan. 2005Z
Manitowish Waters Wisconsin
PA28 Cherokee
Reg: N8352H
On landing, the aircraft slid sideways off the runway Nil/2 on board Unknown damage
31 Jan. 1545L
Palm Beach Florida
Czech Sportcruiser
Reg: N424BF
On landing the aircraft’s nose-gear collapsed Nil/2 on board Minor damage
31 Jan. 1930L
Salt Lake City Utah
Mooney Mk 20
Reg: N231FD
Aircraft landed, bounced,  and the nose gear collapsed Nil/1 Wind 220/17 gusting 24 knots
31 Jan.  1835L
Stafford Virginia
T211 Thorpedo
Reg: N211US
Aircraft landed hard Nil/2 Substantial damage
31 Jan. 215Z
Gulf Shores Alabama
Beech C90
Reg: N91JB
Aircraft encountered turbulence causing Substantial damage. Nil/1 on board Substantial damage
1 Feb. 1646Z
Palo Alto California
Cessna 152
Reg: N49811
Aircraft landed hard Nil/1 Substantial damage
1 Feb. 1900Z
Murrieta California
Zodiac 61XL
Reg: N61KS
Aircraft lost power after departure, and crashed in a field Nil/1 Substantial damage
1 Feb. 013Z
Boulder Colorado
Beech 35 Bonanza
Reg: N347T
Aircraft on landing, bounced and nose gear collapsed 2 unk/2 Substantial damage
1 Feb. 1210L
Cebu City Philippines
Cessna 150
Reg: RP-C 916
The propeller was damaged while its nose wheel collapsed while landing at San Francisco town on Camotes Island in northern Cebu. Op by Flight Dynamics School of Aeronautics based on Mactan Island. 3rd Cebu Cessna crash in a week. 2 unhurt Jan.. 24, a Cessna 172 ridden by former Cebu governor Emilio Osmeña was forced to make an emergency landing in a private beach resort in Sogod town, north Cebu after the plane had engine trouble. Three days later (on Sunday), another Cessna 172 crashed in a fishpond in Inabanga town, Bohol. The passengers –all Japanese tourists –were safe. The ATO grounded all Cessna 172 units owned by Top Flite pending investigation.
1 Feb. 1630Z
Mt. Airey, North Carolina
Raytheon C90A
Reg: N57WR
Crashed under unknown circumstances, the six persons on board were fatally injured 6 dead/6 on board Destroyed
1 Feb.  afternoon
Southern Metro Manila
Cessna 172
Reg: RP-C229
4-seater crashed-landed on a clear patch at the reclamation area near the Macapagal Boulevard. 1 minor injury Destroyed
1 Feb. 1210L
Cebu Philippines
Cessna 150 of Flight Dynamics Inc
Reg: RP-C916
Plane bounced and overturned after crash-landing on an airstrip in San Francisco town on Camotes Island in northern Cebu. Three days later, another Cessna 172 crashed in a fishpond in Inabanga town, Bohol on the Sunday 2 uninjured Substantial damage. Third accident for Filipino Cessnas in a week. (Jan.. 24, a Cessna 172 ridden by former Cebu governor Emilio Osmeña was forced to make an emergency landing on a private beach resort in Sogod town, north Cebu after the plane had engine trouble.)
1 Feb. 1944Z
Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Rockwell Int’l NA-265-80
Reg: N3RP
Rockwell international na265-80 aircraft, while maneuvering on the  ramp, struck the prop of another aircraft, N465BA a Cessna 208, No injuries reported Damage unknown
1 Feb.
San Saba Texas
PA-23-150 Apache
Reg: N63862
Aircraft landed gear up Nil/2 Minor damage
1 Feb. 0045Z
Refugio Texas
Cessna 421, Golden Eagle Reg: N628RJ Aircraft on landing, gear collapsed Nil/1 Minor damage
1 Feb. 2320Z
Alpine Texas
Reg: N1133
Aircraft landed gear up Nil/1 minor damage
2 Feb. 2040Z
Mukilteo Washington
Bellanca 17-30A
Reg: N8794V
Aircraft reported engine power loss short of the runway and crashed 1 serious injury/1 on board Destroyed
2 Feb. 218Z
Pompano Beach Florida
PA-34 Seneca
Reg: N707PE
Aircraft landed and the nose gear collapsed Nil/4 Unknown damage
2 Feb. 1615Z
Mulberry Florida
Renegade Spirit
Reg: N242LT
Aircraft force-landed on a road Nil/2 Nil damage
2 Feb.
Northern Pacific Ocean
Hot-air balloon USCG has begun search operations for a Japanese balloonist who was attempting to fly a hot air balloon between Japan and Oregon. Michio Kanda took off on 1 Feb. from Japan on a solo flight. He had been making Sat-Phone calls every 2 hours with his base to update them with his progress…then he stopped. 1 missing The search is being conducted about 430 miles south of Adak Island, Alaska. Two C-130’s and the USCG cutter Rush are involved in the search. Turns out the missing balloon is the largest hot air balloon in the world, and the 2nd largest ever built. It is described as 150’ wide and 15 stories tall.
2 Feb. 2340Z
Lindsay Oklahoma
Cirrus SR22
Reg: N824BJ
Crashed under unknown circumstances, 2 dead/2 on board Destroyed
2 Feb. 0000
Tulsa Oklahoma
Cessna 152
Reg: Unknown
Aircraft while taxiing struck an open grate Nil/1 Unknown damage
2 Feb. 1341Z
Leesburg Virginia
Kitfox Exp
Reg: N97GK
Aircraft struck power lines and crashed Nil/1 Substantial damage
2 Feb. ~1615L
Naples Florida
PA-31 Navajo Chieftain The pilot was taking off when he felt a shimmy in the airplane. The pilot slowed the plane, and the nose gear collapsed. The aircraft’s propeller hit the runway, but did not damage the runway. Nil/1 on board Substantial damage
2 Feb. ~1230L
Everett Washington
1970 Bellanca 17-30 Viking Pilot was injured Saturday after making a forced landing on Evergreen Drive near Paine Field in Everett, WA. The unidentified pilot, a 51-year old Woodinville man, was attempting to land on Runway 34L at Paine Field. Plane skidded more than 200 feet along the road, tearing off the right wing and the propeller 1 injured/1 on board Plane apparently lost power on final approach. The pilot tried to land on a nearby road, but clipped power lines along the way… flipping the plane over, and knocking out power to nearby businesses.
2 Feb. 1723L
Lindsay Kansas
2006 Cirrus SR22
Reg: N824BJ
Witnesses heard engine cutting in and out before seeing aircraft crash at a 45º angle 2 dead/2 on board Biennial flight review and post annual maintenance inspection. Left magneto was only partially attached to the engine.
2 Feb. 0000
Chino California
Cessna 340
Reg: N354TJ
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the four persons on board   were fatally injured, wreckage located in Banning Pass 4 dead/4 on board Destroyed
2 Feb. 2030Z
Carrington, North Dakota
PA-28 Cherokee
Reg: N8004W
Aircraft on takeoff, engine failed and force landed in a field Nil/1 Minor damage
2 Feb. 2208Z
Mesa Arizona
Diamond DA-20
Reg: N4119B
Aircraft on landing, overran the runway and went into the dirt Nil/1 Minor damage
2 Feb. 2055Z
Naples Florida
PA-31 Navajo Chieftain N6711L Nose-gear collapsed on takeoff Nil/2 Minor damage
3 Feb. 1245L
Stockbridge Wisconsin
Single seat homebuilt A 71-year-old man was injured Sunday after his home-built plane crashed on Lake Winnebago near Stockbridge. 1 injured Plane skidded 100ft on the ice of Lake Winnebago, about a quarter mile offshore, and was destroyed
3 Feb. 2117Z
Elkin North Carolina
reg: N580RG
Aircraft crashed on the runway about 1615L while circling at low level; the one person on board was fatally injured 1 dead/1 on board Homebuilt was destroyed while attempting a low-altitude aileron roll when he lost control.
3 Feb. 1245Z
Stockbridge Wisconsin
Pauper II
Reg: N0727
Aircraft crashed on takeoff 1 serious injury/1 on board Substantial damage
3 Feb. 200Z
Bullhead City Arizona
Robinson R44
Reg: N44NV
Rotorcraft, while on hover taxi to hangar, struck the hangar with its tail rotor Nil/2 Minor damage
3 Feb. 1600Z
Zephyr Hills Florida
Mooney Mk 20
Reg: N(unknown)
Gear collapsed on landing Nil/3 Unknown damage
3 Feb. 2117Z
Elkin North Carolina
Vans RV4
Reg: N580RG
Aircraft crashed on the runway under unknown circumstances 1 dead/1 on board Destroyed
4 Feb. 2212Z
Chaute, Kansas
GS-1 Glastar
Reg: N99DF
Aircraft on landing, prop struck and aircraft veered off the runway Nil Minor damage
4 Feb. 1509Z
Kissimmee Florida
Mooney Mk 20
Reg: N2658W
Aircraft, reported engine malfunction, struck a power line, landed and veered off the runway Nil/1 Minor damage
4 Feb. 1558Z
Glendale Arizona
Beech 60 Duke
Reg: N139
Aircraft on landing rollout, gear collapsed Nil Minor damage
4 Feb. 1825L
Bankstown NSW, Australia
PA-31 Navajo Chieftain Nose wheel collapsed on landing after problems getting a “down” indication airborne. Nil/2 on board Airport  was re-opened at 1930L after the aircraft was removed
4 Feb. ~1845L
Chambers County Texas
Cessna 210 Single-engine Cessna 210 crashed into a patch of trees — killing the pilot from Louisiana — less than a mile from a private Chambers County airport. 1 dead/1 on board Pilot had flown out of LaFayette, La., on Monday and was believed headed to the West Houston airport where the plane was based
4 Feb. 1900Z
Fulton New York
Cessna 210
Reg: N1333T
Cessna landed gear up at Fulton Nil/1 on board Minor damage
4 Feb. 1830Z
Parowan Utah
PA-32 Cherokee Six
Reg: N73BL
Undercarriage collapsed on landing Nil/1 on board Substantial damage
5 Feb. 0045Z
Baytown Texas
T210 (Turbo) Centurion
Reg: N968CC
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the one person on board was fatally injured 1 dead/1 on board Destroyed
5 Feb. 2300Z
Burlington Vermont
Beech 76 Duchess
Reg: N707DJ
Aircraft landed gear up Nil/2 Substantial damage
5 Feb. 1646Z
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Reg: N35YX
Aircraft on departure roll, ran off the runway and struck a sign Nil/1 on board Unknown damage
5 Feb. 1820Z
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Cessna 206
Reg: N5731J
Aircraft force landed four miles from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Nil/1 on board Unknown damage
5 Feb. 1838Z
St George Utah
Cessna 172
Reg: N733JH
Aircraft engine failed and pilot force landed in a field, near Saint George Nil No damage
5 Feb. 214Z
Van Texas
Mooney Mk20
Reg: N6529U
During a maintenance flight, aircraft reported a fuel problem and force-  landed in a field, 1 mile from Tyler Nil Minor damage
5 Feb. 2300Z
Tatitna, Alaska
DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver
Reg: N323KT
Aircraft on take off, struck a tree Nil/1 Substantial damage
6 Feb. 2120Z
Buffalo, NY
737 of Delta
Flight: DL155
Aircraft experienced moderate turbulence enroute, injuring one cabin crew member 1 injured One flight attendant sustained minor injuries
6 Feb. 255Z
South Padre Island, Texas
Eurocopter AS350B2
Reg: N911VA of Valley Aircare (op by Metro Aviation)
Rotorcraft, crashed in the bay in worsening weather; there were three persons on board, two persons were fatally injured, plus one person presumed fatal, two miles from South Padre Island 2 dead/ 1 missing /3 on board Departed Harlingen Texas. Destination was overcast at 1000ft with 8 miles visibility. Crashed at Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico – 2.5 mi W of South Padre Island, Texas
6 Feb. 1800Z
Maricopa California
Harmon Rocket II EXP
Reg: N96KR
Aircraft, crashed under unknown circumstances, was the subject of an alert notice issued Feb. 3 1 dead/1 on board Wreckage located Feb. 6 in hilly terrain, 10 miles from Maricopa
6 Feb. 2340Z
Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Mooney Mk 20
Reg: N535R
Aircraft’s nose-gear collapsed upon landing Nil Unknown damage
6 Feb.
South Padre Island Texas
Eurocopter AS350B2
Reg: N911VA
Rotorcraft, crashed in the bay under unknown circumstances 3  dead/3 on board Two miles from South Padre Island, Tx
7 Feb. 0055Z
St. Augustine Florida
PA-28 Cherokee
Reg: N140FT
Aircraft on takeoff, ran off the end of the runway, Nil Unknown damage
7 Feb. 1920Z
Chefornak Alaska
Cessna 207
Reg: N738OU
Aircraft went into snow berm on landing at CFK, Chefornak Nil/1 Unknown damage
7 Feb. 1425L
Hilo, Hawaii
McDonnell Douglas 369E helicopter
Reg: N698DM
Landed hard following a partial loss of engine power shortly after departure from Hilo International Airport. The sightseeing flight originated about 1420 from Hilo. Pilot reported that approx 5 minutes after takeoff, he  initiated an off-airport landing due to a fuel bypass caution light and subsequent partial loss of engine power. One minor injury and 4 uninjured/ 5 on board Pilot reported the helicopter touched down on uneven terrain and rolled over. The helicopter was registered to K&S Helicopters and operated by Tropical Helicopters of Kailua Kona, Hawaii. The helicopter sustained Substantial damage to the fuselage during the landing sequence.
7 Feb.  day
Oud-Beijerland  Netherlands
Bellanca 8KCAB-180CS Super Decathlon 180
The pilot forced-landed in a field after the engine caught fire. The airplane overturned and burned out. Nil/1 on board En route. Written off
7 Feb.
Gothenberg Sweden
With only a few kilometers left to go to the aircraft’s two computers were knocked out, simultaneously. The engine was idling and could not be revved up again. Diesels require electrics to operate. Nil Owned by SPU. The Thielert diesel-powered DA40-D is a fly-by-wire airplane, at least as far as the engine is concerned. If both the primary and backup ECUs fail, it becomes a glider. Imagery at
8 Feb. 0740Z
Auxvasse Missouri
Cessna 150
Reg: N56QW
Aircraft force landed in a field Nil/1 on board Nil damage
8 Feb. 154Z
Cahokia Illinois
PA-44 Seminole
Reg: N554PC
On landing, aircraft went off the runway into a field Nil/2 Substantial damage
8 Feb. 1830Z
Grand Meadow Minnesota
Cessna 140
Reg: N3537V
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, killing the sole occupant 1 dead/1 on board Destroyed
08 Feb. 0330Z
Phoenix Arizona
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Reg: N577SP
Aircraft struck large birds, damaging leading edge of the right wing, landed without incident, 20 miles from Phoenix Nil/2 Substantial damage
8 Feb. 2259Z
Chamblee Georgia
Cessna 172R
Reg: N6562V
Aircraft inbound with gear not fully extended and unable to fully extend. Nil Aircraft landed with partially extended gear
8 Feb. 1832Z
La Verne California
PA-34 Seneca
Reg: N60YX
Aircraft landed rwy 08r, nose-wheel collapsed during rollout; Brackett, CA Nil Minor damage
8 Feb. 025Z
San Antonio, Texas
Cessna 182
Reg: N2225T
Aircraft departed after refueling, lost power on climb out; Stinson Muni, Texas Nil/2 Unknown damage
8 Feb. 1530Z
Tomball Texas
Robinson R22 Rotorcraft While hovering, skid caught and tipped aircraft over Nil/2 Unknown damage
8 Feb. 233Z
Oakland California
Cessna 310
Reg: N7783Q
Aircraft nose gear collapsed on landing Nil/2 Minor damage
8 Feb. 027Z
Hilo Hawaii
Reg: N698DM
Shortly after departing, reported engine fluctuation.  Aircraft made a precautionary landing Nil/4 on board Substantial damage
8 Feb. 1611Z
Arlington Texas
Cessna 152
Reg: N24768
Aircraft nose gear collapsed on landing Nil/1 Minor damage
8 Feb. 1604Z
Greenville, South Carolina
White Lightning
Reg: N17WL
On landing rollout the left main landing gear collapsed. Nil/1 Minor damage
8 Feb. 1845Z
Albany Oregon
Lancair ES
Reg: N329BW
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the three persons on board were fatally injured, 10 miles from Albany 3 dead/3 on board Destroyed
8 Feb. evening
Atlanta Georgia
Cessna 172 RG (1980 model)
Reg: N6562V
Plane with landing gear that would not lock into place made a successful emergency landing at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport early Thursday evening… after circling for 90 minutes to burn off excess fuel. Nil/2 on board Registered to Aviation Atlanta of Chamblee (two prior incidents according to the NTSB, the first in 1998, when the electrical system failed – the other was in 2005, when a part failed due to fatigue).
8 Feb. ~2040L
Tallahassee, Florida
Cessna Airplane crashed Friday night about 8:40 pm near the intersection of West Tennessee Street and Ocala Road, just off the Florida State University campus. 1 serious injury/1 on board The pilot, on his way to Tallahassee from Maryland, issued a Mayday for a dead stick landing just before he crashed.
8 Feb. 2145Z
Warm Springs Georgia
Exp Gennis Slipstream
Reg: N3449
Crashed under unknown circumstances, near Warm Springs 1 unknown Destroyed
8 Feb. 1915Z
Litchfield California
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Reg: N4726V
Aircraft struck powerlines and flipped over into a field Nil/1 Unknown damage
9 Feb. ~1520L Southeastern B.C. near Golden Bell 212 of Purcell Helicopter Skiing Chopper crashed in the Canyon Creek area behind the Kicking Horse ski resort. The helicopter came down so hard both its blades were torn off when it hit the ground. Pilot dead/8 passengers survived Six of the passengers, believed to be German skiers, walked away unharmed. Two staff members with the heli-skiing outfit were hurt and one remains in hospital
9 Feb. 0426Z
Piru California
PA-44 Seminole
Reg: N2922X
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances near Piru 3 minor injuries/3 Substantial damage
9 Feb. 1600Z
Boone North Carolina
Reg: N712RP
Aircraft on approach, clipped the trees, landed short of the runway and flipped over 1 minor injury Unknown damage to a Christen Eagle II
9 Feb. 1115L
Valentine, Texas
Hughes OH-6
Reg: N66372
Substantially damaged during a forced landing to a field after a loss of engine power near Valentine, Texas. The commercial pilot sustained minor injuries. According to a CBP representative, the pilot was maneuvering at a low altitude when the engine suddenly lost power and he subsequently made a forced landing in a wash-out. The helicopter was registered to the United States Border Patrol Air Operations and operated by CBP. 1 minor injury Flight departed Marfa Municipal Airport(MRF), near Marfa, Texas, about 127. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. Helicopter remained upright, but the skids were completely spread, the tail rotor blades were damaged, and the fuselage sustained structural damage. Further examination of the engine revealed that a castellated nut that connected the linkage to the collective had come loose, and the cotter pin that secured the nut was missing.
9 Feb. 117L
Albany Oregon
Lancair ES
crash imagery at:
Plane seen to spin down and crash into a cornfield in western Oregon from its cruise height of 13,000ft 3 dead/3 on board four-seater took off from Salem at 10:05 a.m. (1805 GMT) en route to Klamath Falls by way of Eugene
9 Feb. 1736Z
Alamagordo New Mexico
Reg: unk
Aircraft, registration unknown, landed on a dirt field after releasing from tow plane Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
9 Feb. 2100Z
Logan Utah
Cessna 140
Reg: N72957
On landing the aircraft nosed over Nil/2 on board Minor damage
9 Feb. 0042Z
Dallas Texas
Beech 35 Bonanza
Reg: N9792R
Aircraft landed gear up Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
9 Feb. 1715Z
Valentine Texas
Reg: N66372
Rotorcraft, lost power and crashed, 13 miles from Valentine Nil/1 Substantial damage
9 Feb. 139Z
Tallahassee Florida
Cessna 177 Cardinal
Reg: N52495
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, onto a street in Tallahassee 1 seriously injured Destroyed
9 Feb. 1615L
Banning, Riverside County, California
Cessna 340A
(reported missing 2 Feb.)
Human remains were found Sunday at the site of an airplane crash in the Banning Pass, at 4,500 feet elevation. A sheriff’s helicopter crew spotted wreckage before sundown Saturday in the middle branch of Millard Canyon, a rugged chasm north of Interstate 10 and east of Banning. The canyon cuts through the Morongo Band of Mission Indians Reservation and the San Gorgonio Wilderness. 4 dead/4 on board Snow in the area was melting quickly. “We’ve had five or six plane crashes in that area, on Kitching Peak,’’ said Steve Bryant, 61, a veteran of the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit since the 1960s. “It happens periodically when there’s fog in the pass, because Kitching Peak sticks out to the south.’’
9 Feb. 1600Z
Del Norte Colorado
S108 Voyager
Reg: N121N
On departure the aircraft struck its prop. Nil/2 on board Minor damage
9 Feb. 1830Z
Telluride Colorado
Reg: N315LP
On landing the experimental aircraft’s nosegear collapsed Nil Minor damage
10 Feb. 2155Z
Tupelo Mississippi
PA-28 Cherokee
Reg: N5825T
On landing the aircraft slewed off the runway Nil/1 Minor damage
10 Feb. 1739Z
Tomball Texas
PA-28 Cherokee
Reg: N9047W
Aircraft, shortly after departure, crashed into a field, 1/2 mile from Tomball. 1 serious injury/1 Destroyed
10 Feb. 231Z
Death Valley California
PA-32 Cherokee Six
Reg: N3521G
On takeoff, ran off the end of the runway, and the nose gear collapsed Nil/3 on board Minor damage
10 Feb.
Temagami Ontario Canada
S76 of CHL EMS
(air ambulance)
Crashed on approach to the Temagami-Snake lake helipad (to pick up a snow-mobiler with life-threatening injuries) 2 minor /2 serious injuries/4 S76 is based in Sudbury. Crew was taken to the New Liskeard Regional Hospital
10 Feb. 1400Z
Fort Myers Florida
Beech 23 Musketeer
Reg: N2382J
Aircraft on landing, slid off the runway and hit a fence, North Captiva Island Nil/1 Unknown damage
10 Feb. 130Z
Carefree Arizona
Cessna 210
Reg: N4796K
On landing the aircraft’s gear collapsed Nil/2 Substantial damage
10 Feb. 015Z
Lubbock Texas
J-3 Cub
Reg: N26868
Aircraft landed short of the runway and clipped the weeds, Bigham Hill Airport, 15 miles from Lubbock 1 minor injury Destroyed
10 Feb. 1950Z
Red Lodge Montana
Maule M-7-235
Reg: N997RM
Aircraft on landing, struck a snow bank and flipped over Nil/1 Substantial damage
10 Feb. ~1255L
Grand Meadow, Minnesota
Cessna 140 Crashed in a heavy fog. 50 members of the Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol started a ground search at about 2 a.m., focused on areas south of Rochester. The plane was ultimately found just outside Grand Meadow, which is about 25 miles southwest of Rochester. 1 dead/1 on board Flying from New Richmond, Wisc., to Fulton, Mo., with a stopover planned in Oskaloosa, Iowa. It went missing shortly after making contact with the FAA’s Minneapolis center at about 12:50 a.m., when it was flying over the Rochester area.
10 Feb. 020Z
Stockbridge Georgia
Beech 35 Bonanza
Reg: N56VB
On landing the aircraft’s gear collapsed Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
10 Feb. day
Northam, Western Australia
Cessna 172R
Pilot lost control on landing and plowed into a Ted Smith Aerostar 61P Reg: VH-TLL Nil Substantial damage to both aircraft
10 Feb. 2230Z
Searey California
Reg: N(unknown)
Experimental aircraft, registration unknown, force landed in a field, in Rubidoix, CA Nil/1 Minor damage
10 Feb.1800Z
Cumming, Georgia
Maule M7-235
Reg: N721H
Pilot was trying to land the single-engine aircraft in Sunday’s high winds when the aircraft crashed into a hangar at Mathis Airport, Forsyth County 1 uninjured It was not immediately clear whether the plane had any passengers.
11 Feb. 026Z
Kennesaw Georgia
Cessna 340
Reg: N1230P
On landing roll, the aircraft’s engine caught fire and was extinguished. Nil/1 on board Minor damage
11 Feb. 2155Z
Salt Lake City Utah
Cessna 337
Reg: N (unknown)
Aircraft, registration unknown, after landing went off the taxiway into the mud Nil/1 Unknown damage
12 Feb. 2205Z
Englewood, Co
T34P Mentor
Reg: N34KF
On landing roll, aircraft’s gear collapsed and aircraft skidded off the runway into the grass, Centennial Airport, Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
12 Feb. 2255Z
New Century, Kansas
PA-44 Seminole
Reg: N83628
Aircraft inadvertently landed gear up. Nil/2 on board Substantial damage
12 Feb. 129Z
Orlando Florida
Schweizer 269c-1 Rotorcraft
Reg: N1713S
During a hover taxi, force landed onto the taxiway due to instability of the main rotor Nil/2 on board Unknown damage
12 Feb. 1400Z
Amarillo Texas
Cessna 210 Turbo Centurion
Reg: N6490Y
On landing, aircraft gear collapsed, Tradewind Airport, Amarillo, Texas. Nil/1 on board Minor damage
13 Feb. 1721L
San Bernardino, California
Cessna 172R Cessna aircraft slid about 125 feet into a field Wednesday evening during an emergency landing at San Bernardino International Airport. Pilot was flying to Long Beach from the San Diego area when he realized he couldn’t lower the landing gear. Nil/2 on board The pilot attempted several in-flight emergency procedures over the French Valley area in Riverside County and eventually decided to land at the San Bernardino airport at 264 W. Leland Norton Way.
13 Feb. 1856Z
Sterling, Kansas
PA23-150 Apache
Reg: N62793
Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the one person on board was fatally injured 1 dead/1 on board Destroyed
13 Feb. ~1300L
Webster City Iowa
1978 Piper Cherokee
Reg: UNK
Plane crashed about 1 p.m. seven miles west and a mile south of Sterling 1 dead NW Reno County. Destroyed. 27 y.o. pilot was killed
13 Feb. 2230Z
Livermore California
Cessna 182 Skylane
Reg: N5407B
On landing the aircraft ground looped violently Nil/2 on board Substantial damage (believable event for a tail wheel C180/C185, but hardly credible for a nose-wheeled Cessna 182)
13 Feb. 1354Z
Tulsa Oklahoma
Cessna 152
Reg: N65551,
Aircraft while in the runup area, was struck by another aircraft, N48568,  a Cessna 152 aircraft Nil Damage is unknown for both aircraft
14 Feb.
El Paso Texas
Cessna 208B
Reg: N9612B
Super Cargomaster aircraft reported engine failure and force landed on a road, 40 miles from El Paso, Texas Nil/2 on board Unknown damage
14 Feb. ~1945L
Northern Western Australia
Piper Super Cub and an R44 helo Two aircraft collided while culling wild feral goats in a remote desert mountain region. Surviving helo crew contacted company via satphone. 2 dead on fixed wing aircraft + 2 injured The Kennedy Ranges (170km east of Carnarvon in the remote Gascoyne region)
14 Feb. 025Z
Los Lunas New Mexico
Cessna 180 Skywagon Aircraft, registration unknown, lost power and force landed on a dirt field, near Los Lunas, New Mexico Nil/1 on board Another unknown regn.
14 Feb. 2232Z
San Angelo, Texas
Cessna 182 Skylane
Reg: N6043B
On taxi-out the aircraft’s front landing gear collapsed, Mathis Field, San Angelo,  Texas Nil/1 on board Unknown damage
14 Feb. 2350Z
Fredericksburg Texas
LA4/200 Buccaneer
Reg: N6177V
Aircraft landed gear up, Fredericksburg, Texas Nil/1 on board Minor damage to the amphibian
14 Feb. 215Z
Gainesville Florida
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Reg: N62283
Aircraft landed hard, Gainesville, Florida Nil/1 on board Also reported by NTSB as being Gainesville Georgia. Substantial damage
14 Feb. 135Z
San Bernardino California
Cessna 210 Turbo Centurion
Reg: N93141
Aircraft reported landing gear problem and landed in the median turf in between the runway and taxiway. Nil Minor damage
14 Feb. 1500Z
Atlanta Georgia
Cessna 182 Skylane
Reg: N891M
Aircraft, with no intent for flight, battery caught fire and burned out. Nil Destroyed
15 Feb. 1300L
Great Mercury Island New Zealand
Alpi Pioneer 300 aircraft Left Whangarei about 12.15pm en route to an air show in Tauranga but put out a mayday call at 1pm at 2000ft and crashed on Great Mercury Island. Image at Nil/2 The plane glided over a gully and into a paddock, just failing to clear a fence, which damaged the undercarriage. The plane stopped about 20m later. Great Mercury Island is owned by Sir Michael Fay and fellow multimillionaire David Richwhite.
15 Feb. day
Cessna 182 (Tanzania reg’d) Skydiving Cessna crashed on take-off 5 dead/? On board Including NZ freefall cameraman Hayden Rowan, 26 of Wanganui New Zealand and pilot Baraka Rutwaza, 36
16 Feb. ~0830L
Portland Oregon
Lancair Plane went down just short of the west end of the south runway 1 dead/? on board Crash closed the airport for about 20 minutes until 9:30 a.m. affecting three arrivals and five departures
17 Feb. 2008 Paraparaumu New Zealand Robinson of Helipro and Cessna of Kapiti AeroClub Collided over a suburb North of Wellington and crashed. Crash imagery at 2 dead (helo) 1 later died (Cessna) Student in Cessna, instructor and trainee in helo. Witnesses saw LH wing of fixed wing clip the tail of the helo.
16 February

Benton, KS

Cessna 414A Reg:N41LP The Cessna 414A, N41LP, owned by Bajaj Holdings, and piloted by a private pilot, was destroyed when it impacted terrain after departing Lloyd Stearman Field Airport (1K1), Benton, KS. A post impact fire ensued. 2 Fatal According to several witnesses, the airplane departed runway 35 (2,613 feet by 60 feet; asphalt). The airplane was observed flying in and out of the clouds. The airplane impacted several trees, and came to rest in the middle of a corn/wheat field.
16 February

Stanwood, WA

Munson RV-6A Reg:N154RM The Munson RV-6A experienced a loss of engine power and collided with terrain during the forced landing, approximately one mile south of Stanwood, WA. 2 Fatal The pilot was in radio communications with her husband, who was on the ground. She stated over the radio that she had “lost power” and that she was landing in a field. No additional information was relayed by the pilot.
16 February

Portland, OR

Lancair LC41 550

Reg: N621ER

The Lancair LC41 550-FG, N621ER, was destroyed after impacting terrain while maneuvering near the Portland International Airport (PDX), Portland, OR. The pilot, who was the sole occupant and registered owner of the airplane, sustained fatal injuries. 1 Fatal According to air traffic control personnel, the pilot’s first attempt to land using the airport’s runway 10R instrument landing system (ILS) culminated in a missed approach. On the second ILS approach to runway 10R the airplane was observed by air traffic control to veer off course to the right. Immediately thereafter, radar contact with the airplane and radio communication with the pilot was lost.
17 February

Nevada City, CA

Wilson RV-7 Reg: N331KM The Wilson RV-7, N331KM, collided with terrain approximately 1.7 miles northwest of Nevada City, CA 1 Fatal A witness told a FAA inspector on-scene that she heard the airplane’s engine quit and observed the airplane in a descent just before the accident. The wreckage was located in heavily wooded terrain.
18 February

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque PD helicopter Two men are arrested and charged with pointing a high-intensity laser at a department rotorcraft. No injuries Second time in three years that a department chopper has been targeted.
20 February

Auxerre, France

Beech 95-55


Aircraft piloted by a French private pilot, impacted terrain, following a loss engine power, near Auxerre Airfield (LFAQ) France. The pilot was killed and one passenger on board sustained serious injuries. The airplane was destroyed 1 Fatal

1 Serious Injury

21 February

Vik, Iceland

Piper PA-28-161

Reg: N60842

The Piper PA-28-161 was presumed to have sustained substantial damage when the pilot ditched in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 120 miles to the southeast of Vik, Iceland. 1 Fatal The pilot was presumed to be fatally injured. The ferry flight departed Reykjavik Airport (BIRK), near Reykjavik, Iceland, and was destined for Wick Airport, near Wick, UK
22 February

Kayenta, AZ

Raytheon 1900D

Reg: N305PC

The 1900D sustained substantial damage when it overran the runway during landing at Peabody Bedard Field Airport (38AZ), Kayenta, AZ. Injuries: 2 Serious, 3 Minor The flight initially flew the runway 02 approach down to minimums and executed a missed approach.
23 February Willcox, AZ Cessna 210, Reg: N7337E The Cessna 210 experienced a loss of engine power and collided with terrain about 100 yards from the Cochise County Airport. 1 injury The airplane touched down short of the runway and the right wing collided with a small tree during the landing roll
23 February

Buena Vista, CO

Hardy Midget Mustang M-1 Aircraft was destroyed when the pilot lost control and the airplane struck a snow bank on takeoff at Central Colorado Regional Airport The pilot said he started his takeoff roll on runway 33. When he reached 50 mph, he pushed the control forward stick to raise the tail. The airplane immediately swerved to the left and the pilot corrected with right rudder. The airplane struck a snow bank along the right side of the runway.
26 February Murrieta/ Temecu, CA Bartle Lancair IV P Reg: N811HB The experimental single-engine Bartle Lancair IV-P experienced a loss of engine power while on final approach for runway 18 at French Valley Airport (F70). 2 Serious Injuries, 2 Minor The pilot stated that the engine “just quit, there was no sputtering or surging.” The pilot switched fuel tanks, activated the fuel boost pump, and cycled the mixture, but was unable to get the engine to restart.
27 February Riverside, CA Mooney M20C

Reg: N591BB

The Mooney M20C crashed during takeoff from Riverside Municipal Airport (RAL). 3 Fatal During takeoff a witness reported that once airborne the airplane was “porpoising” up and down as it flew towards him. As the airplane neared the end of the runway, he saw it make a steep climbing left turn. The witness stated that the airplane rolled inverted and descended towards the ground in a nose down attitude.
27 February

Tyonek, AK

Cessna 170

Reg: N8458D

Aircraft sustained substantial damage when it collided with trees and snow-covered terrain, about 8 miles southwest of Tyonek, Alaska 1 Fatal The National Transportation Safety Board is waiting for the plane wreckage to be recovered from the crash site before it can proceed with an examination of the plane’s engine and airframe to determine the cause the crash.
1 March

Sydney, Australia

Bell 206 JetRanger Air safety officials will interview five men injured in a helicopter crash in north-west Sydney to work out how a birthday joy-ride went wrong. 5 Injuries The helicopter was on its way to a 30th birthday party at Arcadia when it crashed, injuring five men on board. The helicopter struck a tree in the rural suburb before breaking up.
1 March  Titusville, FL Velocity XL Reg: N244CU Vans RV-8, N128RV The Velocity XL RG and Vans RV-8 registered to private owners collided on the ground following landing on runway 15 at the Arthur Dunn Air Park. 3 Fatal, 1 Serious The Velocity collide with the RV-8 in a left bank and with full engine power. Both airplane’s exploded into a fireball..
2 March Mammoth, CA Beech B36TC

Reg: N243MT

The B36TC collided with terrain about two miles south of Mammoth Yosemite Airport. 1 Serious, 1 Minor Three or four minutes after takeoff, the engine started to lose power, but did not completely stop running.
2 March

Dayton, TN

Cessna 140 The plane crashed at the Mark Anton Airport in Dayton Sunday afternoon  The left landing gear of the aircraft collapsed upon landing, according to a preliminary report by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Flight Standards District Office in Nashville. No injuries
4 March

Oklahoma City, OK

Cessna 500

Reg: N113SH

A Cessna 500’s engine appeared to suck in a bird before the airplane went out of control Tuesday afternoon and crashed about five miles southwest of Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City. 5 Fatal Timothy LeBaron, an air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, said it appeared the plane hit the ground nose first, with debris spread over a 300-yard area.
7 March

Gold Coast, Australia

Twin-seater Ultralight Garry Sweetnam, 49, of the Gold Coast and his passenger, fellow pilot Andrew Mitchell, 33, of Murwillumbah in northern NSW, are believed to have died after their kit plane nosedived into the ocean just after 4pm. 2 Fatal Police Inspector Barry Day said pieces of the aircraft’s windscreen had been found on the Southport Surf Life Saving Club roof, Southport Yacht Club and on the beach.”That does suggest something was happening to the aircraft in flight,” he told reporters.
9 March

Ledbetter, TX

Ritter RV10

Reg: N410MR

Aircraft destroyed upon impact with terrain following a loss of control while in cruise flight near Ledbetter, Texas. 1 Fatal The wreckage was recovered for further investigation
10 March

Abbeville, LA

Cessna T210M

Reg: N732RR

Aircraft destroyed following a collision with terrain in Abbeville, Louisiana. 1 Fatal The pilot was receiving vectors for an instrument approach to runway 04R.
14 March

Front Royal, VA

Cirrus SR22

Reg: N141SR

Aircraft destroyed when it impacted mountainous terrain shortly after takeoff 2 Fatal The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) parachute remained stowed
Military (including Govt [Public Use] Aircraft, UAV’s, Forestry Service & Warbirds)
22 Dec. morning
Bhubaneswar India
HAL Hut16 Kiran aircraft of the Surya Kiran Aeros Team (Indian Airforce) Caught fire and crashed during take off at the Biju Patnaik airport on Saturday but its pilot escaped with minor burns. Kiran aircraft at: 1 minor injury Destroyed plane was among four IAF aero team aircraft which had landed here for refueling on their way from Kalaikunda to Vishakhapatnam
16 Jan. 1930L
Key West Florida
F-16 of USAF’s Homestead Air Reserve Base Pilot ejected successfully and was soon rescued by a Navy helicopter 1 ejectee The plane went into waters west of Key West. Pilot is assigned to the 482nd Fighter Wing, based in Homestead
16 Jan. ~2000L
Corpus Christi Texas
MH53 Sea Dragon Mine-hunter helo crashed in a field in dense fog about four miles south of Corpus Christi after hitting HT power-lines 3 killed + one critical Helo assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 of Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command.
20 Jan. day
Huambo Angola
SA315B Lama of Angolan Air Force Allo helo crashed & destroyed after a bad landing at the D2-FFK crash-site at around 7000ft elevation. One of a pair. 1 minor injury Sent from Lobito for SAR of downed Beech 200 D2-FFK (crashed on Mbave Mt 19 Jan.) – see 28 Jan. Acc&Inc table
28 Jan. ~1035L
Cannon AFB New Mexico
F-16/A Fighting Falcon of USAF Aircraft saved after pilot jettisoned all external stores including fuel tanks in response to an after takeoff emergency Tanks held 740 gals of fuel leading to an environmental clean-up task two miles North of the base.
28 Jan. 1340L
F16 of Portuguese Air Force Crash-landed at 13:40 GMT close to Monte Real Air Base, near Leiria, a city 67 km north of the Portuguese capital Lisbon. 1 ejectee Monte Real base has 27 F-16 fighter planes. The base’s 21 squadron received its first planes in 1994 and began operating in November 2005.
31 Jan.
South Korea
Israeli made “Searcher” UAV Pilotless South Korean spy aircraft crashed Thursday near the border with North Korea The aircraft crashed near a factory in Pocheon, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of the Demilitarized Zone separating the two Koreas, shortly after it took off for a regular mission. Nil Searcher drones can remain airborne for up to 14 hours at a maximum altitude of 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles).
31 Jan. 1240L
Kolkata India
MIG-27 Flogger Ground-attack fighter of Indian Air Force Fighter plane crashed near Chinchula tea garden adjacent to Hashimira Air Base in West Bengal`s Jalpaiguri district on Thursday, 10 minutes after takeoff. Wreck imagery at
The IAF crash rate has come down dramatically to around 0.27 accidents per 10,000 hours of flying. From 1971-72 to 2003-04, the IAF’s consolidated average rate stood at 1.09 accidents per 10,000 hours of flying, roughly translating into the loss of 23 aircraft and the death of 10-14 pilots every year.
One ejectee safe/one child injured The MIG-27, which were introduced in the late 80s, have had a comparatively safer record than other MIG variants.
This was the first crash of a MIG-27 in the last 10 years. The over 120 MiG-27MLs in the IAF fleet were hardly flown in 2005-2006 since it was found that their R-29 engines were causing a large number of incidents. The IAF, however, plans to operate the “variable-sweep attack” MiG-27s, even though they are ageing, well into the next decade after an upgrade program since they constitute an important element of its strike fleet.
1 Feb. day
Southern Russia
L-39 jet trainer of the Russian Air Force Suffered engine failure in the Krasnodar Region. Pilot ejected over safe terrain after two unsuccessful attempts to relight. Second crash this week involving a two-seater. On 28 Jan. an L-39 of the Krasnodar Higher Air Force School crash landed in the Volgograd Region in the south leaving the pilot dead and the trainee pilot injured. 1 ejectee Following the latest incident, the L-39 fleet has been grounded and a probe launched. Czech-made L-39 Albatross was the initial and advanced jet trainer for the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries. September 2006, another L-39 crashed in the Krasnodar Region, killing the pilot, while the trainee pilot managed to eject.
2 Feb.
Hawaii (60 miles south of Honolulu.)
F-15 of the Hawaii Air National Guard
image of helo hoist rescue of pilot::
A Coast Guard helicopter plucked a pilot from the ocean after his ejection. HANG’s F-15 jets, built between 1974 and 1978, were acquired in 1987 and had never before experienced a crash. Crash comes just a few weeks after the Hawaii Air National Guard, which uses the fighter jets to patrol island airspace, resumed flying the jet. 1 ejectee rescued Loss was the fifth crash of an F-15 since May 2007 The Guard returned 13 of its 20 planes to the air on Jan.. 9. The remaining seven were still grounded and were undergoing inspections by engineers. Fleet’s grounding came after a model broke in two during a training flight over Missouri, injuring the pilot. An investigation concluded that a defective aluminum beam in the frame cracked.
6 Feb. ~1426L
Tanai, tribal region of South Waziristan Pakistan
Bell 412EP helo of the Pakistani army (crash-map at A very senior Pakistani army officer is among eight people killed in a helicopter crash in the restive South Waziristan region. Helicopter – which the military says was on a routine reconnaissance mission – reportedly came down between the towns of Jan.dola and Wana 8 dead/8 on board Army helicopter carrying Maj Gen Javed Sultan crashed because of a technical fault near the Afghan border. Two brigadiers are also among the dead. Sultan was the top commander in the garrison city of Kohat in Pakistan’s northwest frontier province
7 Feb. ~1300L
Empalme –    Mexico
Mil MI-8 of Fuerza Aérea Mexicana Reg: TM-1808 crashed after a pilot loss of control for unknown reasons Nil/13 on board Write-off
8 Feb. ~1820L
Pitt-Greenville South Carolina
MV22 Osprey of Marine Squadron VMMT204 U.S. Marine Corps V-22 Osprey made an emergency landing at Pitt-Greenville Airport Friday night after an outer engine cover fell off and landed in a field in Bell Arthur, Pitt County Nil Sqdn VMMT204 aircraft was one of four Ospreys flying in the Greenville area after picking up squad members from Quantico, Va.
9 Feb. 0900L
Southern Colombia
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca of Ejército de Colombia Military utility transport flew into the side of a mountain. A helicopter sent by the military spotted the wreckage of the plane in mountainous areas in Montanitas, but rescuers were unable to carry back the bodies of the victims due to bad weather and difficult terrain. 6 soldiers killed/6 on board Departure airport: Florencia. Destination airport: San Vicente del Caguán.
Weather-related accident
11 Feb. day
Auckland New Zealand
Navy SH-2G Seasprite helicopter of NZ Navy Forced to make an emergency landing at Wenderholm Regional park, north of Auckland, this afternoon. Technicians were sent from Whenuapai Airbase to inspect the helicopter. Nil Instruments in the cockpit indicated the helicopter may have had an overheated transmission. Headed for Dairy Flat. Nil damage. RNZN operates five Kaman SH-2G Seasprites
12 Feb. ~1612L
Andersen AFB Guam, USA
EA6B Prowler of USN An EA6B crashed 20 miles northeast of Andersen Air Force Base. It’s believed to be carrier-based. USCG vessels led the search for the ejectees…. All four ejected  successfully from the plane and were … 4 rescued from the water …spotted about a half-hour later by HSC-25 rescue helicopters and transported to the hospital. EA6B possibly headed for NAS Agana (part of Guam Intl Airport) – adjacent to Apra Harbor
Thunder Bay Airport, Ontario CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft Plane had to make an emergency landing at Thunder Bay. It was one of a pair scheduled to land at Thunder Bay to refuel, but roughly 10 kilometers from the airport, one of the aircraft lost its left tail rudder. From 4 Wing, Cold Lake, Alberta. Aircraft was one of two Hornets flying to Mirabel, Quebec, to undergo modernization upgrades. The one ft by three foot carbon fiber rudder fell somewhere northwest of the airport and has yet to be retrieved.
12 Feb.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
MiG-29 fighter jet The training aircraft crashed while performing an exercise flight at a military base outside Almaty in the south of the Central Asian state. 1 survivor/ 2 ejectees Low-level ejection
13 Feb. day
Bay of Biscay France
Mirage 2000N of French Air Force Jet crashed into the ocean after its pilot and navigator ejected from the plane when they noticed a technical problem. The pilot and navigator were unharmed; one was picked up by a fishing boat, other was taken in by coast guard. 2 ejected and rescued Pilots noted a technical problem and flew out over the Bay of Biscay off southwest France so the jet could crash without harming people or property. The Mirage 2000N was based in Luxeuil in the Burgundy region.
13 Feb. 1300L
Cherry Point MCAS
North Carolina
AV8B Harrier jet of US Marine Corps
(From the Home of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing)
Crashed in a rural area of Carteret County, but the pilot ejected safely. The aircraft was one of three on a training flight when it lost engine power and crashed near Open Grounds Farms in the eastern part of the county. 1 ejectee safe Pilot was recovered and returned to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point near Havelock. The other two aircraft returned safely to Cherry Point. Harrier was part of the aviation combat element of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit based at Camp Lejeune.
15 Feb.
Central Punjab
Mirage IIID of Pakistani Air Force Crash occurred late Friday afternoon in village 125 in the Shaheenabad area 30 kilometers south-east of the Punjabi town of Sargodha, where the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has both an academy and air base, said Major-General Athar Abbas, the chief military spokesman. 1 dead Pilot – Wing Commander Azhar Ismail – was killed instantly
20 February
Eglin AFB, FL
F-15Cs x 2 Two F-15Cs collided over the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission. USCG crews directed the rescue of the two pilots, but one subsequently died. Both planes were based at Eglin AFB, FL, with the 58th Fighter Squadron of the 33rd Fighter Wing. 1 Fatal

23 February Andersen AFB, Guam B-2 Spirit stealth bomber The B-2 went down shortly after takeoff from Andersen AFB. The pilots ejected safely. It was the first time a $1 billion B-2 has crashed. No injuries The USAF has convened an accident investigation board to probe the non-fatal accident. Twenty B-2 bombers remain home-based at Whiteman AFB in Missouri with the 509th Bomber Wing.
1 March
Almaty, Kazakhstan
MI-8T A Soviet-designed helicopter crashed in southern Kazakhstan on Thursday, killing five of the passengers, state media reported. Thirteen other people including the governor of the southern Kyzyl-Orda region and several journalists were injured in the crash, the official Kazinform news agency reported. 5 Fatal

3 March
Katmandu, Nepal
Mi-8 A United Nations helicopter crashed Monday while flying in bad weather in Nepal’s mountainous east, killing 12 people including at least seven U.N. staff, officials said. 12 Fatal Sudden rain on Monday had forced the cancellation of many scheduled commercial flights. Flying in bad weather is often difficult in Nepal’s mountainous terrain. Pilots often use their vision to navigate through the mountains and depend less on instruments.
6 March
Corpus Christi, TX
T-34 A pilot and student Thursday morning were not injured after the training aircraft they were in failed to release its landing gear and both men were forced to make an emergency landing.  The incident happened at Waldron Outlying Field in Flour Bluff at about 10 a.m. when the student pilot was practicing take-offs and landings. No injuries An investigation into the crash is being conducted and further details were not available.  The previous two incidents involving a T-34 occurred in January 2006.
6 March
Lafayette, IN
Falcon 20 A United States Coast guard jet landed safely Thursday afternoon, after circling the Purdue University Airport during the noon hour Thursday in an effort to burn off fuel before landing.   The pilot reported a landing gear warning light had gone off, although the landing gear itself was extended. No injuries Purdue Airport Director Betty Stansbury said the plane was a Falcon 20, a small jet, slightly larger than a Lear Jet.
7 March
Yigo, Guam
B-1B A B-1B Lancer strategic bomber slid off the runway at the Yigo base, crashing into a group of emergency response vehicles. The military reports that there were no injuries and no fatalities as a result of the accident. The chocks (the devices affixed around an aircraft’s wheel to keep it from rolling when in a stationary position) reportedly became dislodged and the plane rolled on its own, clipping nearby vehicles. No injuries This is the third incident involving the crashing of a military aircraft in less than a month.
All entries are preliminary and subject to confirmation/correction by formal accident reports.

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