Accidents & Incidents (01/08)

Wed, Jan 30, 2008 — David Evans

Accidents & Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Casualties Remarks
Airline and Corporate
23 Nov. 1920Z Yellowknife Canada DHC8-103 of Regnional 1 Airlines Ltd. TSH 478 was 200 NM north of Yellowknife on a flight to Taloyoak when the crew declared an emergency and returned to YZF due to #2 engine oil pressure fluctuations. (PW 120A). Nil Shortly after the decision was made to return to Yellowknife, the pressure dropped below 40 PSI. The affected engine was shut down. A rare failure of the oil filter element.
24 Nov. 0500Z Kitchener/ Waterloo Ontario Dassault Falcon 50 of Chartright Air Inc. Number two engine (Garrett TFE731-40-1C) oil pressure began to fluctuate on the high side. As well, the oil temperature began to rise. The flight crew reduced power on the number two engine and continued with the flight. However,… Nil/5 …during the approach to Kitchener/ Waterloo Regional Airport, the number two engine oil pressure dropped to the low side followed by a corresponding “Oil 2” annunciator and master warning chime. The flight crew shut down the number two engine and landed.
28 Nov. 1729Z Raleigh Durham North Carolina Cessna 560XL of Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp Right engine (PW545B) flamed out during cruise flight and could not be relit. Nil Crew Declared an emergency and landed without incident.
29 Nov. 2200Z Rouyn-Noranda (CYUY) Canada Beech 100 of PropAir Inc Flight PRO833 15 miles out on departure, crew reported smoke in the cockpit and landed back 4 minutes later. Nil Unknown/undisclosed cause
30 Nov. 1248Z Sudbury Ontario Canada Cessna 340A of Timberland Ford Inc Just after departing on an IFR flight from Sudbury Municipal Airport (CYSB) to [undisclosed destination], the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. A clearance was given to return for landing at Sudbury Municipal Airport. Nil/4 The aircraft landed safely at 1248Z. Source of smoke was an overheated resistor (PN OR55-1). The excessive heat from the resistor and associated connections melted a tie wrap located on the resistor wiring portion of the heater circuit.
2 Dec. night Manchester UK 737-31S of Thomsonfly Strong winds pushed the empty G-THOG into a baggage loader, damaging the aircraft’s skin. Nil Forward fuselage holed while parked on the ramp. Image at
2 Dec. 1920L Baltimore-Washington Intl Maryland CRJ100 of Comair A320 of US Airways Comair Flt 5412 taking off on Runway 15-right overflew U.S. Airways/America West Flight 83 (rolling down Runway 10 just after landing.) Nil/46 Nil/155 The Comair plane passed 300ft over the America West plane at the point where the two runways intersect. KBWI airport diagram:
5 Dec. 2145Z Toronto Canada Fairchild SA227AC of Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd Flight: BLS328 On climb out (through 13,000 feet), the right engine oil pressure went to zero. The flight crew did not shut down the engine as the low oil pressure light did not illuminate and the oil temperature stayed okay. Nil It turned out to be a faulty oil pressure transducer. Kitchener/Waterloo Regional Airport (CYKF) to Ottawa (M-CIA) (CYOW)
6 Dec. 1539Z Calgary Alberta Bae-3212 of Alberta CityLink Flight ABK902 Jetstream Super 31 struck a coyote pack crossing runway 34 at rotate and landed back runway 25 Nil Departing Calgary on a routine scheduled flight to Edmonton and Dawson Creek. Minor damage.
6 Dec. 2055L Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey 737 of Continental ERJ145 of Continental Express Two Continental Airline jets came within 300 feet of each other Thursday night at Newark Liberty International Airport . One pilot had been instructed to “hold short” of the runway, but went ahead and crossed anyway just as the other jet was landing. Nil The incursion happened as Continental Flight 573 was landing on Runway 22 Left. At the same time, a Continental Express jet, Flight 2558, was on taxiway Zulu at the end of the runway on its way to another runway, A recent Congressional Report ranked Newark Liberty International Airport as one of the most dangerous (in fact 9 th) U.S. airports for runway accidents.
7 Dec. 1636Z Ottawa Ontario 737-2R4C of First Air Flight FAB860 Departed with the tank #1 forward boost pump on the MEL. After take-off, the centre tank #2 boost pump circuit breaker tripped. Crew returned to Ottawa and requested that ARFF be on standby. Shortly after that, the tank #1 aft boost pump circuit breaker tripped. Aircraft landed without further incident. Nil Operated by Bradley Air Services. Maintenance staff reported that all of the tripped circuit breakers were from the #1 generator bus. The #1 generator was replaced and during the ensuing troubleshooting, maintenance found that the generator ground wire was burnt at the ground connection as a result of a loose connection or corrosion.
7 Dec. 1702Z Battle Mountain Nevada Piaggio P180 Avanti of ExecAir Right wing, right prop and fuselage were damaged after the pilot lost directional control on landing and swung through 270 degrees Nil Substantial damage. Owner: IMP Group Ltd.
7 Dec. 0625Z Hamilton Ontario Beech 1900D of Skylink Express Flight SKK300 Aircraft departed at 0613Z. At around 0620Z, the flight crew informed the Toronto Center Sector Controller that they had a problem and needed to return to Hamilton (JCMIA). Nil When the flight crew contacted the Hamilton Tower Controller, they advised that their cargo had shifted. Later established to be due to dry ice fumes from a dangerous goods shipment in the cargo hold traveling to the cockpit and affecting the flight crew.
8 Dec. ~2355L Taipei Taiwan 747-409 of China Airlines Flt:CI008 Regn: B18210 In the early stages of climb-out, at an altitude of about 1000 ft, a rear passenger door suddenly unlocked (or opened completely) … Nil/264 passengers on board ….prompting the pilots to make an immediate return to Taipei. From Taipei (Chang Kai Chek Airport) to Los Angeles
8 Dec. 0158Z Halifax, Nova Scotia Beech 200 of Prince Edward Air Ltd Flight CME602 Arriving from Deer Lake (CYDF). Attempts to lock the gear down with the emergency extension failed. Flight landed safely on runway 23 with right main gear indicating unlocked. Nil When the aircraft was inspected in the hangar it was found that the nose gear actuator had become disconnected from the drag brace. The bolt holding it to the brace was missing and there were signs of damage where it attaches. There was damage to the actuator as well as the nose gear drag brace. The damaged nose actuator prevented the gear from going to the complete positive lock on the main gear actuators although the locks were in place.
9 Dec. 2200Z Thompson (YTH) Manitoba Beech 99 of Perimeter Aviation Ltd. Flight: PAG409 30 miles southeast of YTH when the crew advised FSS that they must have picked up some debris on the apron or runway before takeoff and were returning with vibrations, requesting ARFF to be on standby. Company dispatch had earlier called to inform the crew that what seemed to be a piece of the aircraft had flown through the window of the YTH terminal building Nil Departed Thompson for Gods Lake. The aircraft landed uneventfully and it was later determined there was a nick in the propeller and fuselage damage. As well, one window in the terminal building was found to have been broken adjacent to the apron. Flight crew was alerted after the fact that before they started the aircraft, there had been a collision between two ground vehicles in close proximity to the aircraft and no sweep for FOD had been made.
9 Dec. evening St. Johns-Intl AP (TAPA), Antigua in Antigua + Barbuda 747-443 of Virgin Atlantic G-VROY Flight VS34 to London (Gatwick) The 747 became stuck on the grass short of the end of runway 07 while making a U-turn for backtrack/line-up. It was dark at the time. The airport was forced to close for a couple of hours to remove the aircraft.. Nil See images at and 2ors4o Parallel taxiway has remained half-finished for many years and the airport is regularly closed by 777, A330 or 747 running off into the grass at the inadequate runway end turning node..
9 Dec. afternoon Kennedy Airport New York ERJ135 of American Eagle Flight 753 747-400 freighter of EVA Air (Flight BR632) FAA denies, after reviewing radar tapes, that two jets cleared to land simultaneously on intersecting runways were in any danger of a collision….after the EVA Air Cargo pilot went around (due to having landed too far into runway 13L). See diagram at Nil MQ753 Commuter pilot went around because of expected wake turbulence from the 747. The following day, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer claimed the two jets nearly collided, and demanded that the FAA immediately install the most advanced anti-collision technology (ASDE-X) at the region’s three major airports
9 Dec. 1845Z Toronto Canada EMB145XR of ExpressJet Flight BTA2248 The aircraft was en-route, approximately 40NM southeast of Toronto when the flight crew declared an emergency at 1845Z due to a developing electrical problem and returned to Toronto. Nil Departed on a scheduled IFR flight from Toronto to Newark (Liberty), NJ. Later determined that the electrical fault arose due to the APU shutting down while the aircraft was being de-iced (due to fluid ingestion)
9 Dec. 0705Z St Johns Newfoundland 767-328 of Tui Airlines Nederland Flight TFL330 50 nautical miles north of Deer Lake, requested to divert to St. John’s (CYYT) due to smoke in the cockpit. Crew advised that they were diverting to St. Johns as a precautionary measure. Nil The aircraft landed in St. Johns without further incident at 07:48Z. Maintenance found that the forward avionics bay ventilation fan had seized
9 Dec. 2048Z Winnipeg (CWYG) Manitoba Canada Swearingen SA226TC Flight PAG973 Metro II was level at FL 190 en route from Red Sucker Lake to Winnipeg and the crew had just checked in with the West Low Controller when they advised they needed an immediate descent to 10,000 feet due to a pressurization problem. They were cleared down as requested and continued to CYWG where the flight landed at 2120Z. Nil Main landing gear safety switch for the pressurization dump valve was intermittent and allowed the dump valve to open in flight, dumping cabin pressure. The main-gear squat switch was replaced.
10 Dec. ~1200L Idaho Falls Idaho MD80 of Allegiant Air Flt: G4-515 On landing the aircraft slid about 30 ft. off the end of the runway coming to rest on soft ground. Nil/143 passengers on board Arriving from Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, the runway was quite slippery in icy conditions.
10 Dec. morning Atyrau Kazakhstan 767-306ER of Air Astana Flt: KC903 Arriving from Almaty Kazakhstan, P4-KCA slid off the taxiway coming to rest on rough ground. Nil Almaty to Amsterdam. At the time, all taxiways and aprons were slippery due to frozen rain. See
10 Dec. ~1700L Kiev, Ukraine Beech 90 King Air of Fun Air Regn: D-IBDH Flying from HraDec. Kralove to Kiev, the aircraft crashed in very thick fog just short of Kiev. Local radar contact was lost around 17:00 hours, approx. 300 meters from the airport. It crashed into a field near the airport access motorway. 2 crew and 4 passengers dead/6 on board Private aircraft flying from Hra Dec. Kralove (LKHK) to Kiev’s Zul Jan. i airport. The owner is a company called Minib. Passengers and crew were all Czech. Aircraft was awaiting Czech Reg istration. See
10 Dec. 1458Z Salmon, Idaho Beech 200 KingAir Regn: N925TT Super King Air c rashed into a hangar while attempting to return for landing (after experiencing problems on departure). Took off at arou nd 8:00 a.m. during a snowstorm, then turned back and tried to land but crashed between two hangars and burst into flames. 2 fatal, 2 injured/4 on board Damage: Destroyed (there were four persons on board, two persons were fatally injured, two sustained unknown injuries, Salmon, Idaho). Owned and operated by QB Quality Beam Inc . (m anufacturer of laminated wooden beams). T he fire damaged one of the hanga rs and a plane inside.
10 Dec. night East Midlands Airport UK 757-200 of Thomas Cook Passengers were evacuated when it was feared there was a fire on board shortly after landing.. Nil The Thomas Cook flight from Lanzarote was thought to be in trouble at about 6.05pm as it moved into the airport’s docking station.
10 Dec. Accra Ghana LET-410UVP of Chartered City Link 19 seat plane with nine passengers and two crew on board made an emergency landing at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra on Monday after its undercarriage fell off during take-off. Nil/11 on board Took off at 1040 hours for Tarkwa in the Western Region but the front tires (wheels?) fell off during the process. Airport was closed for 30 minutes for the aircraft to be salvaged.
11 Dec. 1820Z Waterloo Ontario DHC8-102 of Air Canada Jazz The aircraft was just south of the Waterloo VOR (YWT) when the flight crew reported a blown out windshield and returned. Nil JZA7892 was on a scheduled IFR flight from Toronto to Columbus (Port Columbus) Ohio. Maintenance found that the window heat wasn’t cycling thru OFF
11 Dec. North Carolina Falcon 50 Bizjet had a near midair with a USAIR Jet at the same altitude Nil Reported avoidance action by USAIR was made at less than a mile
11 Dec. day Danang Vietnam A321 of Vietnam Airlines Aircraft was delayed for four hours for disinsection of a scorpion infestation. Five were found and removed in total. Nil Bound for Hanoi. In April a 777 flight bound Tokyo was delayed for capture of an escapee white mouse pet. The varmint was found in the galley partaking- and was destroyed.
12 Dec. Rome (Fiumicino Airport) 777-300 of Air France Regn: F-GSQP Experienced an engine-related problem while flying over Italy en route to La Reunion and landed in an emergency with one engine shut down Nil Delivered to AF on June 30th 2006. Believed to be 6 th or 7 th 777 Inflight Shutdown of a GE90
12 Dec. night Budapest Hungary A320 of Aeroflot Made a successful emergency landing Wednesday at Budapest’s Ferihegy Airport because of a problem with its nose landing gear and another, unspecified technical malfunction, Nil/64 passengers Rome to Moscow
12 Dec. 0023Z Calgary International Alberta Canada CRJ200 of Skywest Flight: SKW6587 Crew reported a green laser was pointed at the aircraft approximately 7 miles final for Runway 34 at Calgary; no evasive action taken. Nil Reported to airport duty manager
12 Dec. 0157Z Ottawa/ Macdonald-Cartier Intl. Ontario CRJ200 of Air Canada Jazz Flight JZA7660 BLOWER123 was working on runway 14 near the intersection with taxiway JULIET (near the threshold of runway 32) when a take-off clearance was issued to the flight crew of JZA7660 (which was on runway 14). The Ground Controller then became aware of BLOWER123’s presence and coordinated with the Airport Controller, who cancelled JZA7660’s take-off clearance. Nil JZA7660 aborted its take-off. A NAV CANADA investigation is in progress.
12 Dec. 0222Z Thompson (YTH) Manitoba Beech 200 of Fast Air Ltd Departed from Runway 23 at Thompson and the crew reported that the landing gear would not retract. The aircraft returned and landed safely. Nil Many wintry gear failures are related to frozen slush accumulations. Leaving the gear down to blow it off just doesn’t work in extremely low temperatures.
12 Dec. Isle of Nevis, Eastern Caribbean Global 500 Regn: N50DS Landed short of the runway at Vance W. Armory Airport in the Caribbean islands on December 12 and sustained damage after hitting an airport perimeter fence Nil Owner is Tampa, Fla.-based First Southeast Aviation
12 Dec. day Nairobi-Wilson Airport (WIL) (Kenya) DHC-5 Buffalo of Trident Enterprises Cessna 208 of Safari-Link Regn: 5Y-SLA A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan had arrived at Nairobi-Wilson (WIL) from Masai Mara when it collided on the taxiway with the DHC-5 Buffalo. A large part of the right hand wing of the Caravan was cut off and the Buffalo sustained damage to the number 2 propeller 6 injured Departure airport: Lokichoggio Airport (LKG/HKLK), Kenya. Destination airport: Nairobi-Wilson Airport (WIL/HKNW), Kenya
13 Dec. 1739L Philadelphia Pennsylvania MD88 of Delta Flight DAL599 Diverted into Philadelphia 23 minutes after takeoff, after losing control of cabin pressurization Nil Planned Newark NJ (KEWR) to Hartfield-Jackson (Atlanta International Airport, Georgia)(KATL)
13 Dec. day Albuquerque New Mexico 737 of SWA Flight SWA912 Ramper crashed into aircraft with his belt-loader, penetrating the pressure hull Nil Flight cancelled
14 Dec. 2151Z CHICAGO (O’Hare) Illinois 777-222 of United Flight: UAL836 Regn : N220UA United Airlines Flight 836, A Boeing777, while on final dec lared an emergency due to smoke in the cabin, landed safely, evacuated via chutes on the taxiway, one person on board reported with unknown injuries and transported to the hospital. 1 injured /265 passengers Damage: None. Inspection revealed a low oil quantity in the right engine. Arriving from Pudong, Shanghai, China. Metallic deposits were observed on one of the engine chip detectors. In addition, oil deposits were located in the compressor section of the engine.
14 Dec. Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania 727-200 of Astar Air Cargo (Miami-based) A 15 feet long and 17 inches wide wing flap section fell into a Robinson Township house front yard after takeoff. Nil Freighter was headed for Rochester New York
14 Dec. 1547L Chicago O’Hare 777-222ER of United Flt:UA836 After landing 10/28, the pilots of N220UA initiated an emergency evacuation following the detection of smoke in the cockpit during approach. 2 minor injuries/269 on board Shanghai to Chicago. Two minor injuries occurred during evacuation. Emergency terminated at 1622L
14 Dec. ~2200L Washington DC EMB135 of Continental Flight 3136 Aircraft made an unscheduled landing at Dulles airport due to smoke in the cockpit Nil From Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina to Newark, New Jersey
14 Dec. 1440L Shannon Ireland Dassault Falcon Bizjet made an emergency landing after declaring smoke in the cockpit. Nil En-route to Gander in Newfoundland from Farnborough in England
14 Dec. night Chania Intl AIRPORT Crete 767-383ER of Arkefly Regn: PH-AHX During taxiing, while guided by a follow-me car, the aircraft collided with a lamp-post causing significant damage to the outer wing. Nil Reportedly a 70 cm long part of the wing broke off. Estimated repair time 4-6 weeks. From ? (Middle East) to Eindhoven, Netherlands via Chania
15 Dec. day Sharjah UAE 747-412BCF of Martinair PH-MPQ Freighter suffered tire-bursts on takeoff but continued to destination Amsterdam Nil Minor damage
15 Dec. day Tehran Iran A330-203 of KLM A340-313X of Lufthansa PH-AOK hit D-AIGL as the twinjet was pulling into its final parking position at the gate at Imam Khomeini Intl. Nil Lufthansa was Frankfurt bound, KLM arriving from Amsterdam. A340 lost its outer wingtip. Minor damage to both.
16 Dec. 1900L Chicago Illinois CL-600-2B19 of SkyWest Flt 6034 Right wing struck a tug whilst taxiing to the gate at O’Hare Intl. (ORD) Nil/29 passengers + 3 crew Arriving from Madison Wisconsin. Substantial damage. Tug-driver injured
16 Dec. 1648L Providence Rhode Island CRJ-200LR of Air Wisconsin Flt: ZW-758A After making a hard landing on the 7166 ft runway 05, N470ZW veered to the left until it left the edge of the runway and came to rest in snow. Weather consisted of light rain with temperatures slightly above freezing level and a visibility of 1.5 miles in mist. Nil/31 passengers + 3 crew Operating for US Airways Express into T.F. Green Airport. The runway was partly covered with wet snow and ice. Left main gear collapsed (wheel torn off) and left wing is damaged. Image at
16 Dec. day Cairo Egypt 747-228F of Southern Air Transport N751SA While parking on the cargo ramp, the freighter continued on, crossed a service road and collided with the roof of a building (where it came to a stop). Nil Substantial damage. Structural damage occurred to lower nose section. Image at
16 Dec. 0715Z Cairo Egypt 747-228F of Ethiopian Airlines N751SA collided with a building while attempting to park at Cairo International Airport Nil/4 on board Minor damage. Arriving from Addis Ababa. Reported previously as Southern Air Transport (as operator)
17 Dec. 0220Z Newark, New Jersey B727-243ADV of Paradigm Air Regn: N615PA While parked at the ramp, a cargo container punctured a hole in the fuselage near the cargo hold. Nil Minor damage. Small hole in fuselage near the cargo hold door.
17 Dec. ~0800L Cleveland, Ohio 767-332 of Delta Flt: DL9835 While taking a wide turn from one taxiway to another, the nose gear left the paved surface coming to rest in snow. Nil/31 passengers + 3 crew Cleveland to Buffalo. At the time, taxiways and apron were covered with snow.
17 Dec. 1443Z Cleveland, Ohio B-767 of Delta Flight 9835 Regn : 128DL N128DL slid off the taxiway and the right main gear became stuck in the grass No injuries reported Nil damage
17 Dec. 0145Z Greenville, South Carolina Canadair CRJ-200 Regn:N8855A Express Airlines flight 3728, while pushing off at the gate, the tow bar broke and the nose of the aircraft went through the windshield of the tug. Nil Damage: Minor
17 Dec. 0057Z Chicago, Illinois Canadair CRJ-200 Regn: N918SW N918SW, a Skywest aviation flight 6034, a Bombardier CL600 aircraft while taxiing, struck a tug/baggage cart, no injuries reported. Nil Damage: Minor
17 Dec. 1502Z Vernal, Utah Beech 99 Airliner Regn: N206AV Ameriflight 4844, A Beech C-99 aircraft, landed short of the runway, went into the snow and the gear collapsed. Nil Damage: Substantial
17 Dec. 1714Z Reno, Nevada Cessna C525 CitationJet Regn: N104PC Aircraft on takeoff roll, right main tires blew out, Reno, Nevada Nil Damage: Minor
18 Dec. 1002L Los Angeles 757 of ATA Flight 4755 Flight returned to LA with smoke in the cabin a half-hour after its 9am departure Nil/244 passengers + 8 crew Faulty oven in galley next to the cockpit
18 Dec. 0345Z Lafayette, Louisiana 757 of UPS Flight: UPS705 United Parcel Service Flight 705, a Boeing 757 aircraft, while taxiing to depart, hit the APU of another aircraft, Nil Damage: Minor. UPS705 departed without further incident, Lafayette, La.
18 Dec. 1924Z Chicago, Illinois EMB-145 Regn:N667GB American Eagle Flight 3993, an Embraer 145 aircraft, during push back, was struck at the left nose gear door by a tug, the tug driver sustained unknown injuries to wrist 1 injured Damage: Minor
18 Dec. 0345Z Aniak, Alaska Beech 1900 Regn:N111AX After receiving clearance to depart, crew of aircraft became incapacitated under unknown circumstances …… 2 injured …..and sustained unknown injuries
19 Dec. ~1900L Oxford UK PA34 Seneca of Air Med Kidlington Crashed into woods near Wytham while on approach to Oxford in low cloud. 1 injured/1 on board Hit 4 miles short of runway. Located by SAR helo at about 2015L.
20 Dec. 1139L San Francisco 777 of United Flight: UA73 Returned after takeoff due to electrical problems and smoke in the cockpit. Nil/350 passengers Honolulu bound plane left at 0915L and re-landed at 1139L
21 Dec. morning Luton Airport UK A319 of Easyjet Regn: G-EZAD Aircraft made an emergency landing due to smoke in the cockpit. Nil Dortmund to Luton (a London area airport)
22 Dec. 1526L Baja California 737 of Continental Flt 1609 Went off the runway due to a mechanical failure on the nose landing gear during landing and Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose was closed. Nil Headed for Newark New Jersey
22 Dec. day Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Beech 90 Regn: YV2327 Elderly woman was killed when the aircraft she was traveling in from Venezuela together with another six people crashed into the Caribbean sea, 32 nautical miles from La Romana. 1 dead/7 on board U.S. Coast Guard unit that was patrolling waters between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic went to the scene, as well as Dominican Navy and Drug Control Department officials.
23 Dec. day Khartoum Intl AIRPORT Sudan A340-212 of Egyptair & 747 of Saudia Collision occurred when the A340 was taxiing past a Saudia 747 on its way to the departure runway. A340’s right wingtip and adjacent winglet struck the tailcone and APU casing of the 747 causing significant damage to the 747. Nil Both aircraft operated on charter flights for the Hajj pilgrimage. Image at
23 Dec. 1327 Z MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota CL-600/601/604 C hallenger Regn : N 908XJ M esaba Airlines Flight 3635, A Canadair CRJ600 aircraft, on pushback from gate, backed into a portable water truck, no injuries reported. Nil Damage: Substantial
23 Dec. 0948Z Chicago Midway Airport , Illinois 737 of American Transair Regn : N 321TZ W hile parked at the gate overnight, aircraft was blown into a belt loader, nose gear door damaged, no persons on board. Nil Damage: Minor
23 Dec. 1418Z Los Angeles California C anadair CRJ-200, RJ-200 Reg ional Jet Regn : SKW3950 Sky West Flight 3950, A Canadair CRJ 200 aircraft, on departure, struck a bird causing damage to the pitot tube, diverted and landed without incident at Los Angeles . Nil Damage: Unknown
24 Dec. night Paris CDG 767-300 of Air Seychelles Aircraft was damaged severely during pushback on Christmas eve and is being interim replaced by a leased Maxjet 767 Nil Probability of having to replace the entire fuselage aft of the rear pressure bulkhead. (3 months out of service)
25 Dec. 0554L Honolulu Hawaii A330-323 of NWA Regn: N819NW Flt: NW16 Flight suddenly lost 1300ft in severe turbulence at FL380. Encounter caused autopilot and autothrust to disconnect 1 serious/ 2 minor/291 Osaka, Japan to Honolulu – during night VMC flight vicinity 34N 180 degrees East
25 Dec. 0918L Ontario California MD83 of Alaskan Regn: N943AS Encountered unexpected severe orographic turbulence on descent passing 8500ft approx 1 serious/ 1 minor Seattle Washington to Ontario, Calif with 114 on board
25 Dec. 2234Z Los Angeles California 757 of United Flight: UAL69 United Airlines Flight69, a Boeing 757 aircraft, declared an emergency due to a cracked windshield, returned and landed without incident, , Los Angeles Nil N o injuries reported, damage reported as minor
26 Dec. 2043L LAX Airport Los Angeles, California MD80 of American Flt: AA250 A319 of Mexicana Flt: MX129 MD80 had just landed on the outer runway and pilot thought he was cleared to cross the Mexicana’s takeoff runway. ATC directed both pilots to stop. Nil Logged as controller error (he missed the MD80’s read back mistake). 9th “close call” between airplanes on LAX’s runways since Jan.. 1, 2007
26 Dec. 0303L Almaty Airport Kazakhstan Challenger 604 of Jet Connection Regn: D-ARWE CL604 crashed soon after lift-off in a classic wing icing-induced stall scenario. Weather conditions: 1 dead/ 3 injured Flight 826 bound for Hong Kong. First Officer died, aircraft was destroyed.
26 Dec. 1002L Aspen Colorado Piper PA-46-310P Regn: N47BC Passing 6000ft on climb-out the Piper Malibu’s engine failed with a loud bang soon after pilot noted oil droplets on windscreen. Force-landed back at departure airfield successfully despite an opaque windscreen Nil/4 on board Crankshaft fractured aft of the flange. The propeller and spinner, and the front part of the crankshaft were missing.
26 Dec. 1300Z Romeo, Michigan F90 KING AIR Regn:590GT Aircraft on departure, clipped a tree with its left wing, declared an emergency and landed without incident, Romeo, MI Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
28 Dec. 1700Z Ankeny Iowa Beech E90 Regn: N199TT While taxiing from the ramp to the runway, aircraft slid into a snow bank and struck its prop Nil/5 on board Minor damage
28 Dec. 1825Z Whitehorse International Yukon, Canada PA31-350 of Alkan Air Piper Navajo departed Whitehorse and when the aircraft was 80 NM east of YXY, company dispatch advised ATC that the pilot had reported dense smoke in the cockpit … Nil ….and that the aircraft was returning.
29 Dec. 1821Z Quebec Canada CL600 of Jazz Flt: JZA8916 Sent around from ¼ mile final due to a car seen on the runway Nil Runway incursion
29 Dec. 0418Z Charleston, South Carolina MD88 of Delta Regn: N960DL Delta Airlines Flight 1269, a Boeing McDonnell Douglas MD88 aircraft, while taxiing into the gate, right wingtip hit the left wingtip of another aircraft, N579SW, an Embraer EMB-120ER. Nil/147 passengers Damage: Unknown. No injuries reported.
30 Dec. 1710Z Vancouver Canada MD80 of American Flt: AAY603 American Airlines, AAY603, a MD83, IFR KBLI to KPSP, reported an emergency due to smoke in the cabin. Nil Bellingham Washington (KBLI) to Palm Springs California (KPSP)
30 Dec. 1912Z NW Territories, Canada 737-275 of Canadian North Flt: MPE444 Departed Norman Wells Airport for Inuvik, and the crew soon indicated they were returning due to unusual engine indications and compressor stalls. Aircraft landed safely about 7 minutes later at 1919z. The center nose cone in the port engine was missing. Nil A runway check did not locate any FOD. The cone may have been ingested by the engine and company maintenance is currently examining the engine for damage. This aircraft recently emerged from a heavy maintenance check. Studs were over-torqued during installation
30 Dec. 1134L Bucharest Intl AIRPORT Romania 737-38J of Tarom Regn: YR-BGC Flight: 3107 During take off runway 08L collided with a vehicle resulting in severe damage. Left main gear collapsed and the 737 came to rest off side the runway in snow. Left wing, engine and rear fuselage received substantial damage. Aircraft is a Write-off. See video at Nil/114 passengers + 6 crew Bucharest to Sharm El Sheikh Egypt. All on board were able to escape via emergency slides. At the time of the accident, visibility at the airport was hampered by thick fog. Runway Visual range reportedly was about 250 meters. Image at
30 Dec. day Noumea, New Caledonia 737-229 of OZJET Flt OZ331 Code-shared QF331 Regn: VH-OBN Passengers were told to prepare for possible ditching after a RH outboard wing-slat broke free and caused 20 minutes of intense vibration and lateral control problems – following a 2 nd overshoot from Norfolk Island due bad weather. 1 passenger collapsed/ ~100 on board Crew declared a Mayday and successfully diverted to Noumea, about 750km away. Some reports indicate that “half a trim tab” (assumed aileron) was later found to have broken free.
30 Dec. 0700L Kansas City 757-200 of United Pilot took a wrong turn onto a service road in the mist and fog -and became bogged Nil/182 passengers Bound Denver from MCI (Kansas City International)
31 Dec. day Freetown Sierra Leone AN12BP of Airmark Regn: UR-TSI AN12 lost its undercarriage after landing at Lungi Airport Freetown Sierra Leone on or about the 31st Dec. 07. Nil Imagery is at Leased to Air Afrique?
31 Dec. 1415Z Phoenix, Arizona MD-90 of Delta Flight: DAL926 Delta Airlines flight 926, a Boeing MD90 aircraft, reported the bottom antenna was broken by a belt-loader. Nil Damage: Unknown. No injuries reported.
1 Jan. day Sydney Australia 737-8F3 of Pacific Blue Flt VG93 Advised by a taxiing aircraft of a tail-scrape on rotate for Christchurch NZ. Aircraft descended from FL280 to (and held at) 10,000ft to burn off fuel and then landed for an inspection. Nil ATC advised they’d found a heavy piece of metal 5 by 3 inches that appeared to be a tail guard. Follows upon a series of PB incidents including a tailscrape on takeoff ex Nadi, Fiji
1 Jan. 0138Z Reno Nevada Cessna 402 Utililiner Regn: N36908 Cessna 402c Redding Aero Enterprises Flight BXR493, landed gear up. Nil/1 on board Minor damage
1 Jan. 1520Z Norwood Massachusetts Beech 95 Travelair Regn: N146RA On landing the aircraft’s nose wheel collapsed Nil/1 on board Unknown damage
1 Jan. 0247Z Louisville Kentucky Shrike Commander AC50 Regn: N107DF Aircraft landed gear up at Bowman Airport Louisville Nil/1 on board Unknown damage
1 Jan. 0340Z Reno, Nevada CL-600/601/604 Challenger Regn:N937SW N937SW, A Bombardier CL-600 Skywest aircraft, while parked, wingtip was clipped by a fuel truck, no injuries reported. Nil Damage: Minor
2 Jan. ~0730L Masbate City, Philippines NAMC YS-11A of Asian Spirit Flight 321 Regn: RP-C3592 On landing on the 1200 m runway 21, the aircraft overran coming to rest on the concrete airport perimeter fence. The right main gear also collapsed causing damage to the right wing and propeller. Nil/42 passengers + 5 crew MaNila Intl to Masbate City. All on board were safely evacuated. At the time a strong crosswind was reported, with a quartering tailwind component. Image at and yt4c96
2 Jan. ~0720L Tehran Iran Fokker 100 of Iran Air Flight IR711 Regn: EP-IDB Iran Air plane, reportedly carrying about 100 passengers, which was going from Tehran to Shiraz (south), skidded off runway 29L at Mehrabad Airport after a port engine failure. A few passengers suffered minor injuries and respiration problems Write-off. Sources say it may have come to rest beneath or underneath an Iran Air Force 747. Snowing with visibility <600m. Pilot was injured and left side of aircraft was burnt out. Image at
2 Jan. day Burlington Vermont CRJ200 of Air Wisconsin Despite having carried out the CRJ flap fail AD, the aircraft’s flaps failed on approach and the aircraft overshot. Nil/48 passengers + 3 crew US Airways Express flight 3909 from Philadelphia to Burlington made another approach to a longer runway.
2 Jan. 0950L Marseilles France BAe146-300 of Eurowings Turned back and landed following a bird strike on takeoff and fire indications Nil Flight EW4351 headed Frankfurt Germany. German Regional Airline
2 Jan. 1830L Orlando, Sanford International AIRPORT, Florida 757-200 of Flyglobespan Soon after take off Flight Y2-726 suffered an explosion in one of its engines, prompting the pilots to make an emergency return to Orlando. Nil/~160 on board Minor damage. Orlando to Glasgow UK. Flight orbited for two hours to burn off excess fuel. Flyglobespan had its suspended licence reinstated in Nov. 2007.
3 Jan. ~2205L Greensboro, North Carolina DC9 freighter of DHL Cargo jet with a malfunctioning engine made a safe emergency landing a Piedmont Triad International Airport shortly after 10 p.m. Nil/4 on board Compressor surge
3 Jan. 745Z Aspen Colorado Premier 1 Regn: N300SL On landing, the gear door being stuck in the down position, scraped the runway Nil/3 on board Minor damage
3 Jan. 0220Z Atlanta Georgia MD88 of Delta Flight: DAL681 Belt loader hit C-2 door while being loaded with baggage Nil Minor damage
3 Jan. 0850L Deauville France 737-4B6 of Atlas Blue Regn: CN-RMX On landing the aircraft skidded off the runway coming to rest on soft ground with its nose and main undercarriage buried in mud. At the time the runway was slippery with temperatures below freezing. Nil/168 on board Marrakesh to Deauville St Gatien-Intl AP (2550m in length)
3 Jan. 0900Z Oklahoma City Oklahoma Pilatus PC-12 Regn: N398J Lineman was struck by the moving prop while aircraft was parked 1 serious injury Nil aircaft damage
3 Jan. 0918L Grand Junction, Colorado CRJ of Continental Express Flight ex Salt Lake City declared an emergency for smoke in the cockpit and diverted into Grand Junction Nil/45 Passengers Houston bound aircraft landed at 0918L
3 Jan. 1745Z Aspen, Colorado Premier 1 Regn: N300SL Aircraft on landing, gear door stuck in the down position scraped the runway. Nil Damage: Minor
4 Jan. 0645Z Portland, Oregon DC9-83 of Alaskan Regn: N944AS Flight 389, A Boeing McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83, aircraft, on landing, ingested a foreign object, no injuries reported. Nil Damage: Minor
4 Jan. 0830L Medford Oregon Beech 1900 freighter of Ameriflight Pilot reported an engine fire and shutdown at a point 18 miles on approach Nil/1 on board Landed without incident
4 Jan. 0940L Los Roques Islands Venezuela LET410-UVP-E of Transaven Regn: YV2081 Aircraft crashed into sea about 6 miles from the Gran Roque Island airfield. Reports indicate that both engines failed when the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 3.000 feet about 64 miles north of Caracas. 14 dead/14 on board Destroyed. The wreckage is still to be found. Life vest from sunken aircraft confirms suspected crash position. Body found on shore in the area was confirmed as being from the aircraft (the copilot).
4 Jan. 0645Z Portland Oregon MD83 of Alaskan Flt: AK389 N944AS, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 ingested a foreign object upon landing Nil Minor damage
5 Jan. 0720L & 0940L Shannon Ireland A330-200 x 2 of Aer Lingus Both flights were grounded at Shannon after lightning strikes on approach Shannon – and passengers were switched to other planes to make their destination of Dublin Nil Flights EI112 (ex JFK Airport New York) and EI132 (ex Boston Logan) both bound for Dublin Ireland
5 Jan. 2243Z Kodiak Alaska PA31 Navajo of Servant Air Regn: N509FN PA31-350 crashed into the water soon after takeoff from runway 36 during an attempted urgent return. Image at & 3yugf2 & 36pw9o 6 dead/10 on board Port side nose luggage door of heavily laden aircraft was seen to open on rotate. Image at
6 Jan. 1630Z Sacramento, California EMB-145 of Jetlink Flight: BTA202 While at the gate, a vehicle struck the wing, no injuries reported. Nil Damage: Minor
6 Jan. 1435L Beijing China 747-400 of United Flight UA897 Chinese inspectors found 8 mice both dead and live, hidden in pillows on board Nil After the possible plague was reported by the UA tech crew upon arrival
6 Jan. evening Podgorica Airport, Montenegro Fokker 100 of Montenegro Airlines MGX mechanics found a 2” diameter bullet hole in the tail-fin fwd of the rudder after landing. Attributed to cheerful crowds firing wildly into the air. Nil Arriving from LjublJan.a (LJU) in the late evening during Orthodox Christian Xmas celebrations
6 Jan. 1645Z Sacramento California EMB145R of Express Jet Regn: N14562 Aircraft wing was struck by a refueling truck while parked at the gate Nil Minor damage
6 Jan. morning Johannesburg South Africa 747-400 of KLM Flight: KL592 747 was forced to return to JNB after an engine failure occurred about 1 hour into the flight. Nil/~410 passengers & 16 crew Johannesburg (O.R. Tambo Intl Airport) to Amsterdam
6 Jan. 1630Z Sacramento California EMB145 of JetLink Flight: BTA202 While parked at the gate a vehicle struck the wing Nil Minor damage
7 Jan. 1728Z Carolina, Puerto Rico Cessna 402 of Air Sunshine Regn: N477RS On landing the aircraft’s nose-gear suddenly collapsed Nil/8 on board Minor damage
7 Jan. 1511L Prague Czechoslovakia A321 of Air France Flight AF1982 Aircraft declared emergency after a failure in an engine shortly before its arrival at Prague’s Ruzyne airport. Nil/106 passengers Roissy, Paris to Prague flight
7 Jan. day Venezuela C47A Skytrain of AECA Regn: YV-211T Returned ASAP following a piston engine failure on the venerable Dakota DC-3 (military version) Nil/34 on board From regional airport Los Roques of Gran Roque to Caracas (Gran Roque was scene of loss of a Let410 three days earlier – see above)
7 Jan. ~0830L Great Falls Montana 757 of United Flight: UAL210 An electrical fire and flames in a lavatory was extinguished by the crew as it carried out an emergency diversion to Great Falls Nil/161 passengers Minor fire damage. En route Seattle to Chicago
7 Jan. day Bangkok Thailand 747-400 of QANTAS Flight QF2 Regn: VH-OJM Flight arriving from UK lost (and was unable to restore) all generated electrical power upon its descent commencement attitude change about 15 minutes from landing – after 1 st class galley waste fluids entered the main electrical center below, shorting all generator and bus controllers. No RAT or inflight APU power is available on 747’s. Nil/344 passengers Known problem with frequently blocking small diameter drains not being cleared properly by maintenance personnel and cracked underfloor avionics bay drip-shields. Boeing is taking advisory action for all 747 operators. Standby battery and associated inverter power is quite limited in duration. Cracks were found in the galley drip trays of 6 QF 747’s.
7 Jan. ~0720L Sacramento California 737-300 of SWA Flight SWA8700 Returned shortly after takeoff with an engine shutdown for an unspecified failure Nil/2 crew on board Positioning flight to Love Field Dallas
7 Jan. ~1555L Toronto Canada 737-800 of AA Flight: AA719 Aircraft landed back at Pearson International with a cargo door ajar Nil/~100 on board Toronto to Miami flight
8 Jan. ~1710L Dayton Ohio CRJ of Delta Flight: DL6032 Returned to Dayton International Airport shortly after takeoff Tuesday afternoon when smoke filled its cabin. Nil Soon after takeoff in flight headed for Atlanta
8 Jan. 2132L Madinah, Saudi Arabia 747 of Saudia Flight: SV5362 Relanded at Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport after <30 minutes due to a smoke alarm cooking off in a rear lower cargo compartment. 1 injured/ 485 passengers Evacuated on the runway 17 via slides. En route to Casablanca Morocco. Flight operated by Phuket Air
8 Jan. morning Algiers Algeria Airbus A321-211 of Aigle Azur Regn: F-GUAA The aircraft suffered a tail strike on landing causing major damage to the tail section. Nil Substantial damage
8 Jan. day NE Colombia Cessna TU206G of Heligolfo HK-2788 Plane-wreck was located on a slope close to the Frontino Moor, which at 4km high is the highest point of the Antioquia Department. Crashed on 3 Jan. while flying between the town of Murindo and Medellin, the provincial capital 6 dead/6 on board Contact was lost when plane was over the town of Urrao, some 500 kilometers (310 miles) northwest of Bogota, shortly after 5:00 p.m. local time
8 Jan. Caldwell New Jersey Pilatus PC-12 Regn: N541PD On takeoff roll, PC-12 came to a full stop due to bird activity and the nose gear collapsed, Nil/3 on board Minor damage. Essex County airport, Caldwell, NJ
8 Jan. 2045L Windhoek Namibia A340-300 of Air Namibia Flight: SW285 First class was forced to vacate after a slide was inadvertently actuated (and then deflated for transit and later repacking) 25 x 1 st class passengers downgraded Headed Frankfurt Germany
9 Jan. ~1550L Bacau Romania BAe146 of Blue Air Nose gear collapsed on landing after a few hundred meters of swerving ground-roll on a snow-covered runway. Nil/89 passengers Arriving from Bucharest, headed for Rome. Operated by Hemus Air with a Bulgarian Crew
9 Jan. 1420L Frankfurt Germany A340-311 of Air Lanka Regn: 4R-ADF Flight: UL554 On pushback from gate B46 a corner of the air bridge came into contact with the forward fuselage. The air bridge left a 20-30 cm gash over a length of 14 meters. Nil/290 passengers …along the belly. Frankfurt to Colombo aircraft suffered substantial damage
9 Jan. afternoon Lincoln Nebraska 737-200 of Ameristar Jet Charter of Dallas University of Texas’ charter jet ran 50 feet off the east edge of the pavement about 100 yards from the terminal gate before stopping in the mud. Nil/31 passengers + 7 crew UT Women’s basketball team was headed to a game against the University of Nebraska-Lincoln when the braking hydraulics failed.
9 Jan. 1849L Halifax, Nova Scotia Dash 8 of Air Canada Jazz Landed back at Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport after 10 minutes with a non-specified emergency Nil Halifax to Fredericton
10 Jan. JFK Airport New York EMB145 of Chautauqua Airline E145 became stuck in the grass off of runway 31 on landing Nil Flight CHQ6394 arriving from Buffalo New York
10 Jan. 2230Z Stephenville Western Newfoundland 757 of Omni Air Flight: OAE768 Military jet charter bound for the Middle East with a load of US troops was forced to land by a smoke-filled cockpit while over the Indian Ocean. Nil/101 troops Bangor, Maine, to Shannon, Ireland. Passengers were transferred to an Omni Air DC-10. Image at:
10 Jan. 0830L Calgary, Alberta A319 of Air Canada Flight: ACA190 Pilot apologized to injured passengers for a “computer malfunction” that generated sudden abrupt L/R rolls (65nm SW of Cranbrook). Landed 34 Calgary at 1529Z 8 passengers + 2 crew inj/88 on board Victoria, British Columbia, for Toronto. Aircraft diverted to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Another 30 to 40 people have bumps & bruises. Event duration 15 secs
10 Jan. 1516Z Thompson Manitoba Beech 99 of Perimeter Avn PAG407 requested a return soon after takeoff and ATC noted a port engine cowling missing (detached on rotate) Nil Cowling not secured after being opened by pilot to check the engine oil level
10 Jan. 2110Z Cayman islands A319-144 of Air Canada Flt:ACA785 Shortly after take-off, the flight crew received an avionics smoke warning. The flight crew elected to return to Owen Roberts International Airport. Nil Avionics cooling fan seizure
11 Jan. evening Singapore A380-841 of Singapore Airlines Flight: SQ221 Regn: 9V-SKA 9V-SKA ran onto grass after the tow-truck towing it had an hydraulic failure while departing the terminal at Changi Airport Nil/446 passengers Passengers were switched to a 747 bound for Sydney while the A380 is being checked for damage.
11 Jan. 1610Z Goose Bay, in the province of Newfoundland 767-209 of Air Mexico Flight: AMX006 Aircraft diverted into Goose Bay with smoke in the cabin Nil Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) to Benito Juárez Airport Mexico City. Landed 1651Z
11 Jan. 1010L Atlanta Georgia (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport) 757 of Delta and an ASA Regional Jet Without clearance from ATC, ASA flight 876 to Greensboro, N.C. crossed runway 27-right just as Delta flight 261 roared down that same runway, taking off for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The larger Delta jet was too far into its takeoff to stop Nil/130 + 44 The two aircraft were reportedly 2 to 3 seconds (1250ft) from a collision. Atlantic Southeast Airlines pilot failed to abide by his clearance. ASA is a Delta Connection carrier and is owned by SkyWest Inc.
11 Jan. day Windhoek Namibia Cessna 210 of Atlantic Aviation Regn: V5-GWH Aircraft crashed after takeoff while heading for a lodge in a game park (Namibia’s Etosha Pans game reserve) in northern Namibia. Couldn’t outclimb the terrain off the end of the 1000m long runway 09 at the prevailing temperature 6 dead/6 on board 5 Israeli employees of Lazare Kaplan International (New York gem distributor) were killed. Crashed into a house in Olympia, a southern suburb of Windhoek. High all-up-weight and high temperatures plus an aft CofG.
11 Jan. 0558Z Calgary Alberta 727-2Q6 of Cargojet Airways Flight: CJT572 In U.S. airspace south of Calgary crew advised of a fire indicator light (unspecified location) and requested to divert to CYYC. About 13 minutes later at 0558z the flight crew declared an emergency. Nil En route from Vancouver to Hamilton. The aircraft landed safely on Runway 34 at 0617z. Suspect cargo Smoke Light sensor was faulty
11 Jan. 2159Z CFB Trenton, Ontario, Canada CC130 of Canadian National Defense Declared an emergency when the aircraft was 66NM north of Trenton. The #3 engine had been shut down and the aircraft was flying with the landing gear extended. Nil Flight CFC2313 Thule AB Greenland to CFB Trenton. The aircraft landed without incident at 2231Z.
11 Jan. 1650L JFK Airport New York EMB145 of Chautauqua Airlines flight CHQ6394 Pilots apparently missed their taxiway turn-off and ended up deeply bogged on the grass verge Nil Delta Connection flight arriving from Buffalo New York
12 Jan. 0230L Chicago (O’Hare International AIRPORT) Gulfstream II Regn: N747NB GII left wing hit the right wing of a parked, unoccupied Cessna 208, a single-engine plane. Nil Owned by Long Charter Air LLC, of Georgia. Jet was carrying presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama
12 Jan. 1430L Paris (CDG) France 777-200ER of Air France flight AF526 8 tons of kerosene were dumped above the Jura, between Zürich (Switz) and Montbeliard (France), at 35.000 feet Nil …due to a technical fault thought to be engine-related. Paris (CDG) to Dubai (UAE) flight landed back at 1550L
13 Jan. 0900L Calgary Alberta A320 of Air Canada Aircraft forced into an emergency descent due to depressurization problems. Nil/24 passengers + 6 crew Vancouver to Calgary. Masks were not deployed.
13 Jan. 1415L Chambery France 757-23A of Flystar Regn: G-OJIB Flight: 5W351 Suffered some damage on the ground at Chambery (the boarding steps apparently were driven into the wing). Nil Charter. Astraeus finally got their passengers back on G-STRY (757-28A)
13 Jan. 1745L Madrid Spain A320 of Vueling flight VY6954 Pilot declared an emergency for an overheat light in the port main gear well Nil ….landing uneventfully 30 minutes later
13 Jan. 1815L Halifax NS Havilland DHC8-100 Dash 8, flight QK8874 Pilot turned around and returned 15 minutes after takeoff when he noticed that an engine cowl was missing Nil Halifax to the regional airport of Charlottetown, on the island of Prince Edward (Canada)
13 Jan. 1740L Goiânia (Brazil) Fokker F100/MK28 of OceanAir Flight: O6-6185 Pilot abandoned takeoff when he became aware of a gross hydraulic leak. Passengers were stranded aboard for hrs. Nil Airport Santa GeNov.eva de Goiânia to the international airport of Marechal Rondon de Cuiaba (Brazil)
13 Jan. 1245L Cambodia MD90 of Eva Air Flight: BR266 Turned back to Phnom Penh 15 minutes after departure … Nil/146 on board …with a pressurization failure. Headed Taipei, Taiwan
13 Jan. night San Francisco, California 757-200 of United Regn: N508UA Aircraft was pushed back into a SkyWest CRJ700 (Regn: N705SK) and both were badly damaged in their empennage areas. Nil/56 passengers + 4crew on N705SK Gates 79 & 80. 757 was empty (with no wing-walkers). See imagery at: and
14 Jan. evening Perth, Western Australia 767 of QANTAS Regn: VH-OGD CF-6 engine failure on take-off/initial climb and so the 787 had an air-turnback to Perth on Monday evening. Crew saw 5 units of vibration and idled the engine. Nil Debris from engine damaged the inboard aileron immediately behind. Engine and aileron to be changed. New engine taken to Perth from Sydney on a 747 freighter Tuesday.
14 Jan. ~0500L Lihue Hawaii Beech 1900C of Alpine Air Regn: N410UB Pilot missing after mail-plane crashed in the ocean at 1508Z during the 30 min flight to Lihue from Honolulu. Rescue crews have found a piece of the door, a piece of the nose, a shoe and mailbags. 1 missing/1 on board They also spotted an inflated life raft but it’s unclear if it automatically opened upon impact. Plane was carrying 4200lbs of mail. Much mail has been recovered, but is an undeliverable soggy mass.
14 Jan. day Townsville Queensland PC12 of Police Air Wing Regn: VH-PSQ Engine seized in IMC and pilot glided back to the field from 4500′ in very poor weather. Recovered with Nil damage. Nil ASETPA checklist (for approved single engine turbine powered aircraft) is at:
14 Jan. 1328Z Winnipeg Manitoba CRJ200 of Skywest Flight: SKW5808 Returned to Winnipeg at 1401Z with a flap failure. Nil Winnipeg for Chicago. A new AD has been issued to address the CRJ’s repeated flap failures
14 Jan. day Sept Isles, East Quebec, Canada Beech Super King Air 200 of Air Mécatina Flight: MG300 Because of an electrical breakdown which caused a loss of communication and its ATC transponder, the crew carried out a return to Sept Isles Nil However, it went around due to a tailwind and then departed for better weather at destination. [Sept Isles] (CYZV) bound for La Romaine (CTT5)]
15 Jan. day Northern Egypt Beech C90B of the Egyptian government’s Nuclear Materials Authority SU-ZAA went down suddenly in the Ahrash area during an approach to Port Said airport – for reasons unknown. However, suspected training accident. 2 dead/2 on board Aircraft was configured and used to detect radioactivity and to search for metals, including uranium, in the Gulf of Suez and the Egyptian desert.
15 Jan. 0630Z KENOSHA Wisconsin SD3-30 SHERPA Regn: N330AC Aircraft after landing, went off the runway, Kenosha, WI Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
17 Jan. 1242Z Heathrow UK 777-236ER of British Airways Flight: BA038 Regn: G-YMMM Aircraft touched down > three hundred meters short (and right) of runway 27L threshold, tearing off a main-gear leg and disrupting both wing-roots. Flight was arriving from Beijing. Aircraft may be a write-off (substantial damage to left wing, engines and undercarriage). Images: and 18 minor injuries/136 passengers & 16 crew Reportedly no emergency had been declared. Apparently an unexpected unavailability of extra thrust due to “waxed” fuel in FADEC. fuel pressure reference lines – courtesy of very cold en route trans-polar temps. Pilot ignorance of the eventual unavailability of power may have been due to the prolonged idle descent of ATC’s new CDA (Continuous Descent Approach)
17 Jan. 1453Z BIGFORK Minnesota B300 Super King Air Regn:N964LB Aircraft went off right side of the runway on landing, Bigfork, MN. Nil/3 on board Damage: Unknown
19 Jan. early morn Huambo Angola Beech 200 of Gira Globo Regn: D2-FFK Investigators were at the site outside Huambo, some 450 km (280 miles) southeast of the capital Luanda, a day after a twin-propeller plane plunged into the Mbave mountain. Beechcraft 200 can carry up to 16 people. See crash site map at 12 dead/12 on board (other sources cite 25 bodies recovered) Charter arriving from Luanda Angola. The crash site was located in Bailundo, 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of Huambo. Among the dead were two Portuguese businessmen, Vasco Mendes de Almeida and Nuno Marques, as well as Angolan magnate Valentim Amoes
General Aviation & Helicopter
31 Oct 0000 TURLOCK California Cessna 172 SkyHawk Regn: N64994 Aircraft landed long, went off the end of the runway, and came to rest nose down. Nil Damage: Substantial
30 Nov. 1200Z Madill, Oklahoma Cessna 152 Regn: N6135M Aircraft on landing, went off the runway and went into a ditch. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
1 Dec. 1500Z Northumberland, Virginia Eurocopter EC135 Regn:N138LN Number one engine of Eurocopter EC135P2 rotorcraft caught fire on startup; fire was extinguished. Nil Damage: Minor. No injuries reported, Calliao City, Northumberland County, Virginia
5 Dec. 2300Z Ennis, Montana BELL UH-1B Regn: N46969 Rotorcraft, on lift off, experienced a shudder, and landed hard. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
6 Dec. 0103Z Carlsbad, California PA-28 Cherokee Regn: N44528 Aircraft landed hard at Fallbrook airport, continued to depart and the left main gear fell off, then landed safely at Palomar Airport, Carlsbad, California Nil/2 Damage: Substantial
6 Dec. 1321Z Fort Meyers, Florida PA-23-150/160 Apache Regn: N68SE During the jump-starting of the battery, aircraft, moved forward and went into a ditch Nil/1 Damage: Substantial
6 Dec. 1715Z New Smyrna Beach, Florida SONEX Regn: N130SX Aircraft, on approach to land, crashed short of the runway, New Smyrna Beach, Florida Nil/1 Damage: Substantial
6 Dec. 2030Z Mayville, North Dakota AT3P Regn: N409BR Aircraft experienced engine problems, made a precautionary landing in a field, short of Mayville Airport, Mayville, ND Nil/1 Damage: None
7 Dec. 0000 Whittier, Alaska BK-117 Regn: N141LG Eurocopter BK117c1 rotorcraft, crashed under unknown circumstances while on a medical evacuation operation, 4 dead/4 on board Damage: Destroyed. Air Ambulance aircraft was the subject of an alert notice issued December 4, partial wreckage was found in the passage canal in the vicinity of Whittier, Alaska; search suspended 10 Dec.
8 Dec. 1954Z Pompano Beach, Florida Cessna 152 Regn: N24478 Collided with N766CC, a Piper PA-30 aircraft, midair at 2000feet, the one person on board N24478 and the one person on board N766CC were fatally injured, 2 dead/2 Both aircraft were destroyed, wreckage located 12 1/2 miles from Pompano Beach
8 Dec. 1302Z Lagrange, Georgia Cessna 182 Skylane Regn: N2643C Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances on a hillside, unknown number of persons on board, one person on board was fatally injured. 1 dead Damage: Destroyed near Lagrange, Georgia
9 Dec. 2150Z Warrenton, Virginia Beech 35 Bonanza Regn: N5481D Aircraft on approach, crashed under unknown circumstances, aircraft was the subject of an alert notice. 1 dead/1 on board Damage: Destroyed. The wreckage was located 1/2 mile from the Warrenton Airport
8 Dec. 2016Z Bloomfield, Kentucky Cessna 210 Regn: N5431C Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances in a field, the two persons on board were fatally injured, 2 dead/2 on board near Bloomfield, Kentucky
9 Dec. 1915Z Gladwin, Michigan PA-31 Navajo Regn: 2NS Aircraft on takeoff, slid off the runway. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
9 Dec. 2145Z Whiteville, North Carolina Cessna 172 SkyHawk Regn: N3699S Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, near Whiteville, North Carolina 1 minor injury/ 1 on board Damage: Substantial
7 Dec. 1700Z Battle Mountain, Nevada P-180 Avanti Regn: C-GPIA Aircraft, Canadian registration, ground looped on landing Nil/5 on board Damage: Substantial
7 Dec. 1915Z Palm Beach, Fla. PA32 Cherokee Six Regn:N9288B Aircraft landed nose gear up. Nil/3 Damage: Unknown
8 Dec. 2030Z Wausau, Wisconsin Cessna 172 SkyHawk Regn: N2151J On landing aircraft went off the runway and tipped over. Nil/1 Damage: Substantial
8 Dec. 2340Z Millbrae, California EMB-120 Brasilia Regn: N586SW A Skywest QFA73 flight, Embraer EMB120ER aircraft, while taxiing for departure, passed behind the jet blast of Qantas 737, the jet blast cracked the QFA73 windshield, returned to the gate Nil Damage: Minor
8 Dec. 2232Z Tallahassee, Florida PA-22 Tri-Pacer Regn: N5921D Aircraft on landing, struck power lines and crashed, private airstrip near Tallahassee, Florida 1 minor injury/1 on board Damage: Substantial
8 Dec. 1827Z Spokane, Washington Cessna 182 Skylane Regn:N9048T Aircraft landed off the runway in the grass and ran into the airport fence. Nil Damage: Minor
8 Dec. 1745Z Hastings, Michigan Cessna 172 SkyHawk Regn: N173DA Aircraft veered off the runway, struck a snow bank and flipped over. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
8 Dec. 2253Z Troutdale, Oregon PA-23-150/160 Apache Regn: N99TA Aircraft on departure, part of the cowling fell off, aircraft was conducting a maintenance check, landed without incident. Nil Damage: Unknown
11 Dec. 0053Z Craig, Colorado Hughes 369D Regn: N500LW During an animal roundup, the rotorcraft’s rotor blade struck the net as the net was discharged, rotorcraft landed without incident in a field. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor damage reported to the rotor blade, 13 miles from Craig, Colorado
11 Dec. 0340Z Togiak, Alaska PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn : N8402S Aircraft while taxiing, slid into another aircraft, other circumstances are unknown. Nil/4 on board Damage: Unknown
11 Dec. 1630Z Cedar City, Utah Beech36 Bonanza Regn: N364KW Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the three persons on board were fatally injured, aircraft was the subject of an alert notice, wreckage located 25 miles from Cedar City, Utah 3 fatal/3 on board Damage: Destroyed
12 Dec. 0115Z Boston, Massachusetts SF-340 Regn :N344CJ Colgan Air 4961, a Saab 340B aircraft, on landing struck a bird damaging the right engine Nil Damage: Minor
12 Dec. 1020Z Statesville, North Carolina Aero Canard Exp Regn: 1991W Aircraft crashed near Statesville under unknown circumstances, the one person on board was fatally injured. 1 fatal/1 on board Damage: Substantial
12 Dec. 1742Z Aurora, Illinois PA-28 Cherokee Regn: 3979X Aircraft, during attempt to hand start, went across the ramp and into a ditch Nil/1 Damage: substantial
12 Dec. 0011Z Plant City, Florida Robinson R22 helo Regn: N7188J Robinson R22 rotorcraft, force landed into trees, Plant City, Florida one minor injury/1 on board Damage: substantial
13 Dec. 0000 Marathon, Florida PA-34 Seneca Regn: N36827 Aircraft crashed into ocean and sank after departing Marathon. Nil/1 on board Damage: Destroyed
13 Dec. 2230Z Key West, Florida Maule M7 Regn: N961PH Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances into shallow water off Key West, Florida Nil/4 Damage: Unknown
13 Dec. 1308Z Lancaster, Pennsylvania Beech 55 Baron Regn: N777EV Aircraft landed short of runway threshold, bounced onto the runway and collapsed the landing gear at Lancaster. Nil Damage: Unknown
15 Dec. 2341Z Las Cruces, New Mexico EXP- STOL 701 Regn: N45500 Aircraft crashed into a field under unknown circumstances, the one person on board was fatally injured. 1 dead/1 on board Damage: Substantial
14 Dec. 2210Z El Cajon, California Cessna C172 Skyhawk Regn: N567SP Aircraft on landing, ran off the runway and into a ditch. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
15 Dec. 2118Z Terre Haute, Indiana Cessna C182 Skylane Regn: N869JR Aircraft lost power and landed hard. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
13 Dec. 2012Z Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Cessna C310 Regn: N310RV On landing aircraft went off the runway and into a ditch, Hilton Head Island, SC Nil Damage: Substantial
16 Dec. 0500Z Phillipsburg, Kansas M-10 CADET Regn: N63LH Aircraft reported loss of power, made a force landing in a field short of the runway and caught fire. 2 injured/2 on board Damage: Unknown
14 Dec. 2121Z Kennesaw, Georgia Mooney Mk20 Regn: N9367M Aircraft on landing rollout, gear collapsed. Nil Damage: Minor
15 Dec. 2104Z Galveston, Texas Bell 407 Regn: 407AK Rotorcraft experienced lost of rotor control, shortly after departure from an offshore platform. Floats were deployed and rotorcraft landed in the water, all on board were rescued, rotorcraft presumed to have sank Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
16 Dec. 1948Z Bridger, Montana PA-30/39 Twin Comanche Regn: N7252Y After landing the aircraft’s gear collapsed. Nil Damage: Unknown
17 Dec. 1930Z Millington, Tennessee Lancair 200 Regn: N178DM Aircraft reported prop vibration while on base leg, and made an emergency landing 1.5 miles north of the Millington airport. Nil Damage: Minor
18 Dec. 1300L Capetown South Africa Bell Jetranger Helo crashed 50m offshore after a loss of tail-rotor effectiveness in the hover 4 rescued (one minor injury)/4 Surf Rescue helo was destroyed offshore of the Groot Brakrivier near Mossel Bay
18 Dec. 1756Z Bethel, Alaska C208 Caravan Regn: 5187B Aircraft after departure, lost altitude and crashed, the two persons on board sustained unknown injuries. 2 injured Damage: Unknown
18 Dec. 1715Z Victorville, California Cessna 150 Regn: N8545U Aircraft reported engine failure and force landed on a road, 7 miles from Victorville. Nil Damage: None
18 Dec. 1552Z Talladega, Alabama Cessna 172 SkyHawk Regn: N2108E Aircraft on landing, crashed under unknown circumstances. Nil Damage: Unknown
18 Dec. 2003Z Nashville, Tennessee Cessna 172 SkyHawk Regn: 5197T Aircraft while on ramp, sustained minor damage from the blast of a departing aircraft. Nil Damage: Minor
19 Dec. 0244Z Phoenix, Arizona Cessna 310 Regn: N5499J Aircraft while taxiing, struck dollies and left main gear collapsed. Nil Damage: Substantial
19 Dec. 2015Z Dunnellon, Florida Cessna 310 Regn: N5811M Aircraft on touchdown, right gear collapsed and aircraft veered to the right of the runway. Nil/2 Damage: Substantial
19 Dec. 2045Z Zephyrhills, Florida Mooney Mk 20 Regn: 201KU On landing, aircraft nose gear collapsed. Nil Damage: Minor
19 Dec. 0306Z Hot Springs, South Dakota Lancair 4 Regn: N6503T Aircraft on landing, went off the runway and struck a snow bank. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
20 Dec. 1330Z Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PA-28 Cherokee, Arrow Regn: N4814L Aircraft on landing, veered off the side of the runway, struck a sign, and hit the berm, Wings Field, Philadelphia, PA Nil/1 Damage: Substantial
20 Dec. 1430Z Houston, Texas Cessna 172 Skyhawk Regn: N1458U Aircraft on landing rollout, went off the end of the runway and flipped over, Weiser Airpark, Houston, TX Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
20 Dec. 2117Z Springfield, Illinois Beech35 Bonanza Regn: N17784 Aircraft on approach, crashed in a field, the three persons on board were fatally injured, 9 miles from Springfield, Illinois 3 dead/3 on board Damage: Destroyed
20 Dec. 2020Z Fort Worth, Texas Cessna 152 Regn: N49962 Aircraft reported engine failure and force landed in a field, 2 miles from Fort Worth. Nil Damage: Unknown
20 Dec. 2001Z Naples, Florida HXB CAVALIER Regn: N5EV Aircraft on landing, veered off the runway into the grass. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
20 Dec. 2200Z Grand Bahamas C208 Caravan Regn: N954PA Aircraft lost engine power and ditched into the water, 25 miles South of Grand Bahamas Nil/2 Destroyed
20 Dec. 2030Z Tea, South Dakota 7KCAB AERONCA CHAMP Regn: UNK Aeronca Champ, slid off the runway into a snow bank. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
21 Dec. 1208Z Costa Mesa, California PA-12 Super Cruiser Regn: N2800D On landing, aircraft ground looped and its left main gear collapsed. Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
21 Dec. 0130Z Medford, Oklahoma Cessna 210 Regn: UNK Aircraft landed in a wheat field and flipped over. Nil/3 on board Damage: Substantial
21 Dec. 0015Z Sahuarita, Arizona EXP AIR CAMPER Regn: N7229R Aircraft on landing, veered off the runway and struck a bush. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
22 Dec. 1830Z Horseshoe Bay, Texas Cessna 182 Skylane Regn: N212CG Aircraft on landing, went off the side of the runway. Nil/2 Damage: Substantial
22 Dec. 2130Z Santa Maria, California Rotorway Exec 162F Regn: N66012 N66012, a Rotorway Exec 162F rotorcraft, crashed during hover practice. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
22 Dec. 0000 Black River Falls, Wisconsin PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn: N1919H Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, wreckage located 12/22, near Black River Falls, WI 1 dead/1 on board Damage: Destroyed
23 Dec. 0005Z Carrolton, Georgia Mooney Mk 20 Regn: N9371M Aircraft landed short of the runway and the gear collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
23 Dec. 0000 Skwentna, Alaska Cessna 185 Skywagon Regn: N572E Aircraft on landing, gear collapsed and flipped over. Nil Damage: Substantial
23 Dec. 1855Z Gallup, New Mexico 7GCAAA/ECA CHAMP, CITABRIA Regn: N8305V Aircraft on landing, ground-looped and flipped over. Nil Damage: Substantial
23 Dec. 1800Z Truckee, California PA-18 Super Cub Regn: N9086Y Aircraft experienced engine problems, landed in a field and flipped over, near Truckee. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
23 Dec. 1654Z Denver, Colorado ADAM A700 EXP Regn: N700LJ Aircraft, on takeoff during a test flight, emergency egress dome separated from the aircraft and struck the left wing leading edge. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
23 Dec. Panama Cessna 172 Plane crashed high on the 3,500 feet (1,067-meters) Baru volcano, about 270 miles west of the capital, Panama City, 3 dead/4 on board Killed was Michael Klein (chief executive of Pacificor LLC, a Santa Barbara-based company that manages several hedge funds)
26 Dec. Del Rio Texas Comanche 250 Pilot landed gear up after a series of electrical faults after takeoff. Nil Substantial damage. Total electrics failure
25 Dec. 2100Z Holbrook, Arizona FBA2 Bush Hawk Regn: N418MS On landing, aircraft ground looped, struck prop, sheared off the left main gear, and came to rest off the runway. Nil/4 on board Damage: Substantial
26 Dec. day South Africa Cessna 210 Wreck located 16 Jan. near a farm at Baviaanskloof in the Eastern Cape. Farm is in the vicinity of Uniondale close to the border between the Eastern and Western Cape. The aircraft disappeared in bad weather en route from Pretoria to Jeffrey’s Bay with only the pilot on board. 1 dead/1 on board It was found in dense bushes in a kloof beneath a mountain ; it apparently crashed on Matjiesfontein farm.
26 Dec. 1805Z Sarasota, Florida Mooney Mk20P Regn: N5875Q Aircraft on takeoff, declared an emergency due to engine failure and slid off the runway on landing. Unknown/2 on board Damage: Substantial
26 Dec. 2152Z N orth Hampton, Massachusetts C172 Skyhawk Regn: N 5425K Aircraft on takeoff roll, veered off the runway and stru ck a snow bank. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
26 Dec. 1500Z Pittsdown, New Jersey C182 Skylane Regn: N9412X Aircraft during rejected takeoff, flipped over onto the runway. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
26 Dec. 1757Z Fullerton, California Cessna 172 Skyhawk Regn: N13974 Aircraft while taxiing to park, struck a storage trailer. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
26 Dec. 2028Z San Diego, California Cessna 172 Skyhawk Regn: N734DN On taxi, aircraft’s wing struck another aircraft, N360DA Pilatus, that was holding short on the taxiway, San Diego Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
26 Dec. 1830Z Aspen, Colorado PA-46 Malibu Regn: N47BC Aircraft after departure, experienced an oil problem, during return to airport, crankshaft broke and propeller separated from the aircraft, aircraft glided to a safe landing. Nil/4 on board Damage: Unknown
26 Dec. ~1500L Merchtem Belgium Bell Jetranger Regn: N678LW Crashed into power lines in fog, killing all on board 5 dead/5 on board Low cloud also (ceiling around 200ft AGL). Pilot was owner APM (Aircraft Power Maintenanc e) and Belgian Turbine Services
27 Dec. 1420Z Deland, Florida Cessna 172 Skyhawk Regn: N800JP Aircraft made a hard (as in heavy) landing. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
27 Dec. 0230Z Riverside, California PA-28 Cherokee Regn: N32988 During taxi, the aircraft’s wingtip struck a parked aircraft.. Nil Damage: Minor
28 Dec. 2311Z Saipan PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn: N4254R Aircraft landed and went off the runway into the grassy area and hit a box, Saipan Island, Saipan Nil Damage: Minor
28 Dec. 2100Z Cavalier, North Dakota EXP –Kitfox Regn: N830HM Aircraft on departure, left ski broke and aircraft tipped over, 7 miles from Cavalier, ND Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
28 Dec. 2100Z Murrieta, California EXP-Sonex Regn: N365SX Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances near Murrieta. 1 serious injury Damage: Substantial
28 Dec. 2345Z Traverse City, Michigan Cessna 310 Regn : N37249 Aircraft crashed 2 miles east of airport while executing an ILS RWY 28 approach. 1 fatal/ 1 serious injury/2 on board Damage: Destroyed. The twin-engine Cessna 310 went down in a densely wooded swamp in East Bay Township.
28 Dec. 1700Z A nkeny, Iowa B eech E-90 Regn: N 199TT Aircraft while taxiing from the ramp to the runway, slid into a snow bank and struck its prop, no injuries reported. Nil/5 on board Damage: Minor
28 Dec. 0214Z North Pole, Alaska PA-22 Tripacer Regn: N 7637D Aircraft crashed during take off from touch and go at North Pole Airport (95z), Fairbanks, Alaska. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
28 Dec. 1600Z Sanford, Maine PA-28 CHEROKEE Regn: N 3152K Aircraft on landing, slid off the side of the runway. Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
29 Dec. 2350Z New Orleans, Louisiana BELL 206B Helicopter Regn: N 211EL N211EL, A BELL 206L-1 rotorcraft crashed under unknown circumstances in the Gulf of Mexico, there were four persons on board, one was fatally injured, one sustained serious injuries, and two sustained minor injuries, located 65 miles from New Orleans, LA One fatal. One serious, two minor/4 on board Damage: Destroyed
29 Dec. 1740Z Crowley, Texas RAF2000 GTX Rotorcraft Regn: N136DG N136DG, an experimental rotorcraft, crashed under unknown circumstances, the two persons on board were fatally injured, near Crowley. 2 fatal/2 on board Damage: Destroyed
29 Dec. 2145Z Abingdon, Illinois Mooney A-2 Aircoupe Regn :N94131 Aircraft wing struck the ground while making a low pass over the private airstrip, two miles from Abingdon. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
29 Dec. 1920Z JENKS Oklahoma Cessna 152 Regn: N 69199 Aircraft on landing, veered and hit a taxiway sign, Jenks, OK Nil Damage: Unknown
29 Dec. 1700Z C rystal Falls, M ichigan Cessna 172 Skyhawk Regn: N 8191U Aircraft landed on a frozen reservoir and the front wheel collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
30 Dec. 0850Z TUSCUMBIA Alabama BELL 206B Helicopter Regn:N 109AE N109AE, a BELL 206L rotorcraft, crashed while conducting search and rescue operations in a heavily wooded area, the three persons on board were fatally injured, near Tuscumbia, AL 3 fatal/3 on board Damage: Destroyed
30 Dec. 1945Z S an Luis Obispo, California SR-22 Regn:N 254SR Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the one person on board was fatally injured, one person on the ground sustained serious injuries, near San Luis Obispo One fatal, one serious (on ground) Damage: Destroyed
30 Dec. 1930Z M inden , Nev. Exp Avia Stroitel Ac-5m Glider Regn : N30006 Aircraft landed short of the runway and the landing gear collapsed Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
31 Dec. 2100Z Louisville, Kentucky EXP –VANS RV7 Regn:N 141RM Aircraft on landing, struck prop. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
31 Dec. 2220Z Knoxville, Tennessee Mooney Mk 20 Regn: N 9145X Aircraft landed gear up. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
31 Dec. 2045Z A uburn, Washington Beech 18 Regn: N 75018 Aircraft on landing, struck runway lights. Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
31 Dec. 1915Z S helbyville, Tennessee JABIRU J250-SP SPORT Regn : N619J Aircraft on landing, bounced and went off the side of the runway. Damage: Unknown
1 Jan. 1520Z Norwood, Massachusetts Beech 95 Travel Air Regn: N 146RA Aircraft on landing, nose wheel collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
1 Jan. 0247Z Louisville, Kentucky AC50 Commander 500 Regn: N107DF Aircraft landed gear up, Bowman Airport, Louisville, KY Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
1 Jan. 1531Z Saint Augustine, Florida LIBERTY XL-2 Regn: N 536XL Aircraft landed hard and nose wheel collapsed . Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
1 Jan. 0016Z P ompano Beach, Florida Mooney Mk 20 Regn: N 3275F Aircraft made a gear up landing after experiencing a total electrical failure . Nil/4 on board Damage: Unknown
1 Jan. 0138Z Reno, Nevada Cessna 402 Regn: N 36908 A Cessna 402C Redding Aero Enterprises Flight BXR493, landed gear up . Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
1 Jan. 2215Z Napa, California EXP-GLASTAR Regn: N8037W A Piper PA 28-180 on final approach, struck another aircraft, N15EX, a Glastar, both aircraft landed without incident, no injuries reported, N8037W sustained minor damage, N15EX sustained substantial damage, Sonoma Valley Airport, Napa Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
1 Jan. 2200Z Houston, Texas MAC-145B MICCO Regn: N579RM Aircraft on landing, veered off the edge of the runway. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
1 Jan. 1930Z Frogmore, South Carolina DH-82 Tiger Moth Regn: N 5050C While on g round, a gust of wind flipped the biplane over . Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
1 Jan. South Africa Cessna 210 Found c rashed in Swartberg mountains near Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape 4 dead/4 on board Takeoff point and destination of the aircraft remain a mystery
1 Jan. 0036Z L a Verne, California BELL 206B Helicopter Regn: N 49588 Helicopter experienced a hard landing on the practice pad . Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
2 Jan. 0004Z Milwaukee, Wisconsin Beech 76 Duchess Regn: N6697D Aircraft, on departure roll, slid off the runway into a snowbank, Timmerman Airport, Milwaukee, WI Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
2 Jan. 2140Z Saluda, Virginia Mooney mk20 Regn: N7161V Aircraft landed gear up and went off the end of the runway. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
2 Jan. 0030Z North Las Vegas, Nevada PA-28 Cherokee Regn: N8675W Aircraft on landing, veered off the runway and went into the dirt. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
2 Jan. 2230Z Loveland, Colorado Cessna 152 Regn: N24965 Aircraft on landing, veered off the runway into a snow bank, and nosed over. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
2 Jan. 2049Z Ramona, California EXP-LANCAIR 320 Regn: N33AN Aircraft on landing, nose wheel broke off. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
2 Jan. 2135Z Cheyenne, Wyoming Cessna 152 Regn: N67284 Aircraft reported an emergency with an engine problem and force landed on a road, 25 miles from Cheyenne. Nil/2 on board Damage: None
2 Jan. 1745Z Brunswick, Georgia RAYTHEON (Beech) A36 Regn: N724BB Aircraft on landing, nose gear collapsed. Nil/3 on board Damage: Unknown
3 Jan. 0023Z Traverse City, Michigan Cessna 310 Regn: N71NC North Country Flight 369, a Cessna 310 aircraft, on landing slid off the runway, and hit the runway lights, Traverse City. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
3 Jan. morning Correyville, Ohio Eurocopter EC135 Botched lift-off early Tuesday left an emergency medical helicopter tangled in a cable safety fence and teetering 10 stories above the ground for most of the day at University Hospital. Nil Skid on the EC135 American Eurocopter caught on a cable safety fence on the perimeter of the pad and became tangled. The pilot was forced to put the $6 million aircraft back down.
3 Jan. 0900Z Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Pilatus PC12 Regn:N398J Aircraft while parked, a lineman was struck by the moving prop, Wiley Post Airport, Oklahoma City, OK 1 serious injury (ground) Damage: Unknown
3 Jan. 1927Z US Virgin Islands PA-23-150/160 Apache Regn:N6884A Aircraft on departure, left main tire blew and aircraft went off the runway, Charlotte Amalie Airport, Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands Nil/4 on board Damage: Minor
3 Jan. 2145Z Crookston, Minnesota PA-28 Cherokee Regn: N369ND Aircraft on landing, struck a runway light and veered off the runway. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
3 Jan. 2202Z Louisville, Kentucky Champion 7ECA Regn: N1697G Aircraft went onto its nose at the hold line, Bowman Airport, Louisville, KY Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
3 Jan. 2030 Stevensville Maryland AERONAUTICHE TECNA P2002 SIERRA LSA Regn: N26WR Aircraft landed short of the runway in a field, Stevensville, MD Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
4 Jan. 0010Z Ennis, Texas Beech35 Bonanza Regn: N814R Aircraft engine failed, landed short of the runway, and the nose gear collapsed. 1 minor injury/1 on board Damage: Minor
4 Jan. 2222Z Muncie, Indiana TB-20/21 Trinidad Regn: N115DS Aircraft inadvertently landed gear up. Nil/1 on board Substantial damage
4 Jan. 2205Z Dillingham. Alaska 207 (Turbo) Skywagon Regn: N6426H Aircraft experienced fuel exhaustion and crashed 5 miles from Dillingham. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
4 Jan. 2030Z Canton, Michigan AERONCA 7AC Regn: N85393 Aircraft experienced engine problem and force landed on a grass strip, and flipped over, 15 miles from Canton. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
4 Jan. 2240Z Roanoke, Texas C172 Skyhawk Regn: N1640E Aircraft while taxiing, prop struck the hangar. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
5 Jan. 1902Z Harlingen, Texas Beech 58 Baron Regn: N1246Z Aircraft reported a nose gear problem, on landing the nose gear collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
5 Jan. 2130Z Beltsville, Maryland EXP – GENESIS Regn: N 969PZ Aircraft engine failed and forced landed in a wooded area, near Beltsville. One minor injury/1 on board Damage: Minor
5 Jan. 2044Z Spotsylvania, Virginia C172 Skyhawk Regn: N 758FQ Aircraft engine failed, force landed in a field, and struck several trees, Spotsylvania County. Nil/1 on board Damage: Destroyed
5 Jan. 1400Z Brooksville, Florida PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn: N9896 Aircraft landed and struck a deer, Brooksville. Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
6 Jan. 2216Z Farmville, Virginia UN REG ISTERED ULTRALIGHT Regn: UN REGN Unregistered ultralight crashed under unknown circumstances, in a field near Farmville. 2 Minor injuries/2 Damage: Destroyed
6 Jan. 2240Z Valparaiso, Indiana RAF200 Gyrocopter Regn: N1702A While taxiing, aircraft flipped over on the runway. One minor injury/2 on board Damage: Substantial
6 Jan. afternoon Quebec, Canada Unknown helo Crashed onto a frozen lake near Montreal on Friday afternoon, leaving three people seriously injured. 3 seriously injured The aircraft was flying at low altitudes and one of its skids touched an ice-covered lake near Deux-Montagnes, a bedroom community just northwest of Montreal.
6 Jan. 1845Z Parker, Colorado Piper J-3 Cub Regn : N70446 Aircraft on final for landing, clipped a power line. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
6 Jan. 1500Z Miami, Florida PA-28 Cherokee Regn: N 109ND Aircraft reported engine failure and crashed, 8 miles from Tamiami Airport, Miami, Fla. Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
7 Jan. 0254Z Fort Worth, Texas Beech 58 Baron Regn: N 21YM Aircraft landed gear up. Nil/4 on board Damage: Minor
7 Jan. 1915Z Exeter, California Bellanca 7GCBC Regn: N 30WH Aircraft on landing, lost directional control. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
7 Jan. 1728Z Carolina Puerto Rico Cessna 402 of Air Sunshine Regn: N 477RS On landing, nose gear collapsed. Nil/2 crew + 8 passengers Damage: Minor
7 Jan. 0017Z Miami, Florida Q ueen Air 65-80 Regn: N 6802Q Aircraft landed nose gear up. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
7 Jan. 1450Z Columbus, Georgia Cessna 210 Regn: N 5401Y Aircraft on approach to land, reported low fuel and force landed on a road. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
7 Jan. 1834Z Vero Beach, Florida EXP – SEAREY Regn: N 3365C Aircraft while attempting to land on the river, flipped over. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
7 Jan. 1600Z Corvallis, Oreg on Cessna 182 Skylane Regn: N 702 Aircraft during engine startup, prop struck the tow bar. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
7 Jan. 1940Z Melfa, Virginia Cessna 182 Skylane Regn i : N 1885Q Aircraft landed short of the approach end of the runway, and the nose gear collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
8 Jan. 0014Z Deland, Florida Bell 407 Regn: N 801DS Rotorcraft engine failed and force landed on a highway. Nil/2 on board Damage: Unknown
8 Jan. 2123Z North Palm Beach, Florida Robinson R22 Regn : N179SH R22 rotorcraft, crashed 40ft from shore under unknown circumstances. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial . Aircraft is reg istered to Silverstate Helicopters LLC out of North Las Vegas.
8 Jan. 2100Z Caldwell, New Jersey Pilatus PC-12, Eagle Regn: N 541PD Aircraft on takeoff roll, came to a full stop due to bird activity and the nose gear collapsed, Essex County Airport, Caldwell, NJ Nil/3 on board Damage: Minor
8 Jan. 2027Z Farmingdale, New York C172 S kyhawk Regn: N 9604B Aircraft on landing, nose gear collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
8 Jan. 2235Z Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Beech 76 Duchess Regn: N682RL Aircraft landed nose gear up. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
8 Jan. 2105Z Riverside, California Robinson R22 Regn: N8280J R22 rotorcraft, landed hard, Lake Matthews, near Riverside, CA Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
9 Jan. 0154Z Bowling Green, Kentucky PA-46 Malibu Regn: N295S Aircraft reported an engine problem and force landed short of the runway, Bowling Green, KY Nil/3 on board Damage: Substantial. Plane crash landed 2,500 feet short of the runway with a major engine malfunction.
9 Jan. 1919Z Springdale, Arkansas PA-28 Cherokee Regn: N54412 Aircraft on landing, skidded off the right side of the runway. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
9 Jan. 2240Z Denton, Texas Cessna 414, Chancellor Regn: N999JL Aircraft on landing roll, right main gear collapsed. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
9 Jan. 0005Z Sarasota, Florida Cessna 150, Commuter Regn: N2490J Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances in Myakka River State Park, near Sarasota, Fla. One minor/2 on board Damage: Unknown
10 Jan. St Johns, Newfoundland AS-350 Chopper crashed during training after a power loss. It crash-landed Thursday in a wooded area of St. John ’ s, about 100 meters from one of the busiest roads in the province. 2 injured/2 on board The aircraft, an AS-350, is owned by Universal Helicopters, a Newfoundland and Labrador company with a fleet of 18 choppers and 50 employees. Image at
10 Jan. 1400Z Perris, California EXP-Corsario MK5 Regn: N9639H Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances in Perris, CA One fatal/1 on board Damage: Destroyed
10 Jan. 2040Z Las Vegas, Nevada Mooney Mk 20 Regn: N 48LW Right main landing gear collapsed on landing at North Las Vegas Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
11 Jan. 0130Z Fort Scott, Kansas PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn: N 122DM Aircraft during climb out, reported engine fire, returned and landed without incident, then exting uished the fire. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
11 Jan. 2210Z Wichita, Kansas LONG EZE Regn: N 99BX Aircraft on landing, gear collapsed. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
11 Jan. 1700Z Sikeston, Missouri Beech 33 Debonair Regn: N 976T Aircraft landed gear up. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
11 Jan. 0000 Hillsboro, Oreg on Cessna 152 Regn: N 80CT Aircraft struck several geese on upwind leg to runway 26, damaging windscreen and left wing’s leading edge. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
11 Jan. 1700Z La Belle, Florida Cessna 152 Regn: N 48251 Aircraft on departure, crashed and flipped over. 1 unknown injury Damage: Unknown
12 Jan. 1930Z Garrison, Minnesota VANS RV-8 Regn: N 617MZ Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances near Garrison. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
12 Jan. 1900Z Lapine, Alabama PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn: N 84JC Aircraft on landing, went off the runway and into a creek. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
12 Jan. 2220Z Pine Bluffs, Wyoming C172 S kyhawk Regn : N 12606 Aircraft on landing, crashed. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
12 Jan. 2038Z St. Petersberg, Florida C172 Skyhawk Regn : N7100Q Aircraft while inbound to land, crashed into the water and sank, the three persons on board were fatally injured.. Aircraft was correcting after an approach to the wrong runway. 3 dead/3 on board Damage: Destroyed. Plane crashed into Old Tampa Bay at 3:39 p.m. about 100 yards short of the runway at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport.
12 Jan. 1735Z Port Clinton, Ohio Cessna 340 Regn: N2637Y Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, after calling “downwind for (runway) 27”. The four persons on board were fatally injured, located 6 miles from Port Clinton. 4 dead/4 on board Damage: Destroyed. (Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport). A Federal Aviation Administration inspector witnessed the plane crash sequence.
13 Jan. 1920Z Monroe, Louisiana Mooney Mk 20 Regn: N 7772M Aircraft gear collapsed on landing. Nil/3 on board Damage: Unknown
13 Jan. 2025Z Half Moon Bay, California Beech BE77 Regn: N 6019U Aircraft on landing, went off the runway into a drainage ditch. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
13 Jan. 2334Z Centerville, Washington PA-12 Super Cruiser Regn : N7243V Aircraft lost power, crashed in an open field and flipped over. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
14 Jan. 0150Z Santa Monica, California JABIRU J400 Regn: N 522RJ Aircraft ran off the end of the runway on landing. Nil/3 on board Damage: Substantial
14 Jan. 0520Z Atlanta, Georgia PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn: N 3528W Aircraft on landing, went off the side of the runway, Peachtree-Dekalb Airport, Atlanta. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
14 Jan. 1855Z Carlsbad, California Beech 33 Debonair Regn: N 939L Aircraft landed gear up. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
15 Jan. 2340Z Bethel, Alaska Cessna 208 Caravan Regn: N 454SF Aircraft landed and nose gear collapsed. Nil/5 on board Damage: Unknown
15 Jan. 1709Z Fenner, New York R-44 Astro Regn: N122AA R44 rotorcraft made a precautionary landing on a road under unknown circumstances, near Fenner, NY. Owned by Canastota Windpower, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enel North America. The helicopter crew was doing routine maintenance when the pilot became disoriented in the heavy fog. Nil/4 on board Damage: Unknown after its hard landing near a windmill farm in Fenner in Madison County. The 7-year-old Fenner wind farm consists of 20 wind turbines located about 30 miles east of Syracuse.
16 Jan. 0120Z Calexico, California Cessna 402 Regn: N 412RW Aircraft landed gear up. Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
16 Jan. 1650Z Battle Creek, Michigan SR-20 Regn: N 154WF Aircraft landed short striking a threshold light. Nil/4 on board Damage: Minor
16 Jan. 2125Z Aniak, Alaska Cessna 207 (Turbo)Skywagon Regn : N1701U Aircraft on special VFR clearance into Aniak Airport (ANI), crashed on a frozen river north of the airport. One serious, one unknown injury/2 on board Damage: Substantial
16 Jan. 0022Z Cleveland, Ohio Beech 58 Baron Regn: N 3217L Aircraft crashed into Lake Erie under unknown circumstances immediately after departure from Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland. One fatal/one aboard Damage: Destroyed. Owned by EverAir, LLC of Niagara Falls, New York
16 Jan. 0443Z Tula, Oklahoma Aero Commander 500B Regn : N712AT Pilot reported gyro problems, circled the airport and crashed, Tulsa, OK. Headed for Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City 1 dead/1 on board Damage: Des troyed. Not known if a standby a rtificial horizon was available. Operator is Central Airlines.
16 Jan. 1900Z Auurn, Washington C172 Skyhawk Regn: N 734MJ Aircraft during touch-and-go on RWY 34 at Auburn Municipal Airport (S50), sheered off VASI lighting, no injuries. Nil/1 on board Damage: Unknown
16 Jan. 1645Z White Plains, New York SR-22 Regn:N 878SR Aircraft during taxi, left wing tip struck the right wing tip of N119BJ, DA42 at Westchester County Airport (HPN). No injuries, minor damage. Nil/1 on board Damage: Minor
16 Jan. 2027Z Newark, Ohio Newbolt 2000 Roto r craft Regn: N 90413 During flight training, a gyrocopter experienced a hard landing. Nil/2 on board Damage: Substantial
16 Jan. 1730Z Crtersville, Georgia Cessna 182, Skylane Regn: N 6197Z Aircraft departed runway 1 on landing, striking a ditch approximately 200’ from runway edge. Nil/1 on board Damage: Substantial
16 Jan. ~noon Canterbury, New Zealand Piper Cherokee of Canterbury Aero Club Regn : ZK-LJB Wreck was found about 16km northeast of Lake Coleridge at 1745L after being reported overdue at 1300L. Crash image at 2 dead/2 on board Two Mexican trainee pilots with the International Aviation Academy at Christchurch Airport. En route from Hokitika to Christchurch and was due to land in Christchurch at midday.
17 Jan. 1925Z Anchorage, Alaska Cessna 402 Regn: UN K On landing runway 02R aircraft nose gear collapsed.. 2 unk/2 on board Damage: Unknown
18 Jan. 0000 Taos, New Mexico PA-32 Cherokee Six Regn:N 819C Aircraft struck snow bank attempting to land at Angle Fire, New Mexico, sheared off rear landing gear and landed without incident after diverting to Taos. Nil/4 on board Damage: Substantial
18 Jan. ~noon San Antonio Texas PA-46 Malibu Bexar County-based plane that left Waco Regional Airport for San Antonio crashed 10 miles southeast of its destination. Plane crashed into a barn about a half-mile from the San Antonio area’s East Central High School. 1 dead/1 on board Weather at the time was foggy with light rainfall . Plane is owned by PD Leasing, LLC, of San Antonio. The plane came to Waco from San Antonio International Airport on Tuesday and was on its return flight Friday when it crashed.
21 Jan. 1535L Los Angeles, California Cessna 150 Regn: N4008V Cessna 175N Regn: N737EJ Two planes collided at 3.35pm (1035 AEDT Monday) near the small Corona Municipal airport and a freeway in Riverside County, about 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles 4 dead + 1 in a car hit on the ground The crash left wreckage strewn along a commercial strip near the Riverside Freeway
Military (Including Govt [Public Use] Aircraft, UAV’s , Forestry Service & Warbirds)
30 Nov. 1522Z Kuujjuaq (CYVP) Quebec, Canada Convair 580 of Government Of Canada, National Research Council RSRCH09, a CV580 operated by the National Council of Research, reported a prop oil light for the propeller (Hamilton Standard 54H60-77) on the right engine (Allison 501-F13D) and a light oil leakage was observed behind the hub of the propeller. A diversion to Kuujjuaq (CYVP) was requested. During the descent towards Kuujjuaq, the crew noted that the oil tank for the propeller indicated a decrease and decided to shut down the engine. Nil/11 on board An emergency was declared and the aircraft landed normally. Ex Iqaluit (CYFB) bound for Large River (CYGL)
20 Dec. morning Mt Patterson West Antarctica Douglas Super DC3C of Kenn Borek Air Turboprop aircraft C-FMKB, chartered by National Science Foundation, crashed on takeoff. Nil/6 passengers + 4 crew Mt. Patterson Airfield, ~550 miles from McMurdo Station. Substantial damage. Rescue was by 2 Twin Otters 20hrs later. Imagery at & 2hln2s
24 Dec. 1115L Dabolim India Sea Harrier of Indian Navy Pilot ejected to safety on finals and the plane crashed near the runway. 17 of the 31 Harriers have crashed between 1988 and 2007, even though the Indian Sea Harrier has never been involved in a battle since being inducted in 1983. 1 ejectee The 2 nd Sea Harrier to have crashed this year and the fifth mishap – four involving Sea Harriers — to have hit the Navy at Vasco within two years. Seven pilots, among the most elite flyers in the Indian Navy, have lost their lives in these crashes
26 Dec. afternoon Nazarabad District, Karaj (Tehran Province ) F-33 Bonanza/ Parastoo Trainer of the Iranian Air Force A training plane crashed in the suburbs of Tehran on Wednesday afternoon, leaving two of the crew on board injured. 2 injured/2 on board E n route from Tehran’s Ekbatan District to Nazarabad District in Karaj.
29 Dec. 0206Z Halifax Nova Scotia C17 Globemaster II of USAF En route from Charleston Air Force Base (KCHS) to Ramstein (ETAR) Germany, was approximately 100 miles south of Halifax (CYHZ) when it reported a fire warning in the cargo hold Nil/15 crew on board …and requested to divert to Halifax. Flt RCH5141 landed safely just after 10pm at Halifax’s Stanfield International
30 Dec. 1913Z Van Nuys, California P-51 Mustang Regn: N514DK Aircraft after landing, tipped onto its nose, Van Nuys, CA Nil/2 on board Damage: Minor
31 Dec. ~1130L Aceh, Indonesia Nomad N22 of Indonesian Navy Regn: P833 Surveillance plane carrying seven persons was ditched into Ujung Karang waters, 200m offshore near Sabang Island. Patrol was to terminate at Polonia Airport, Medan, the north Sumatran capital. 4 dead, 3 missing/7 on board Crew was from Subang Naval Airbase. Four occupants were found floating near the site. Crash occurred in bad weather after a report of engine problems.
6 Jan. 0014Z DeLand Florida Bell 407 of Volusia County Sheriff’s Office N801DS Pilot carried out an autorotative landing on Highway 17-92 after the engine failed whilst en route to an auto accident Nil/2 Minor engine fire extinguished and minor damage (only) to the medevac helo resulted.
6 Jan. Amman, Jordan Northrop F-5E/F Tiger II of Jordanian Air Force F ighter jet nose-dived into a farm in the town of Ein al-Basha, 20 kilometers (14 miles) north of Amman 2 dead/2 on board Last Monday, two Jordanian pilots aboard an air force helicopter were killed when it crashed in an unspecified location during routine training .
7 Jan. night Persian Gulf F/A18E/F Super Hornets of the USN A single seat and a two-seat F/A18 crashed in what was assumed to be a formation collision scenario involving the USS Harry Truman’s carrier air wing CVW-3 3 ejectees rescued Strike fighter squadrons VFA-11 and VFA-32 are operating the F/A-18F, VFA-105 with the F/A-18E, and VFA-37 with the earlier F/A-18 Hornet.
13 Jan. day Macedonia MI-17 of Macedonian Army MI-17 military helicopter from the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia crashed in dense fog killing all on board. 11 dead/11 on board The helicopter came down near a village 25 kilometer s south east of the capital Skopje . It was transporting soldiers home from the European Union-led peacekeeping operation in Bosnia
15 Jan. ~noon Johannesburg, South Africa Pilatus PC7 trainer The Air Force (SAAF) has grounded its fleet of Pilatus Astra PC-7 MkII aircraft following the death of a pilot in a plane crash on Tuesday. Pilot was en route to Air Force Base Langebaanweg for routine maintenance . 1 dead/1 on board The aircraft went down outside Bredasdorp shortly after take-off from the Air Force’s Test Flight and Development Centre at noon on Tuesday.
16 Jan. 1930L Key West, Florida F-16 of USAF’s Homestead Air Reserve Base Pilot ejected successfully and was soon rescued by a Navy helicopter 1 ejectee The plane went into waters west of Key West. Pilot is assigned to the 482nd Fighter Wing, based in Homestead
16 Jan. ~2000L Corpus Christi, Texas MH53 Sea Dragon Mine-hunter helo crashed in a field in dense fog about four miles south of Corpus Christi after hitting HT power-lines 3 killed + one critical Helo assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 of Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command.
19 Jan. N’Djamena, Chad MI-24 of the Chadian Army R ebel Alliance for National Resistance (ANR), one of several groups of insurgents operating along the Sudanese border, said in a statement it had destroyed a Russian-made MI-24 helicopter near the village of Beda this week using a SAM-7 short-range, ground-to-air missile. 2 dead Note use of SAM-7 MANPADS missile in a relatively unsophisticated brush war ( Eastern Chad is home to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the four-year-old conflict in neighboring Darfur) .

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