No real pilots any more

Wed, Oct 17, 2007 — David Evans


A great video offers a spoof on pilots, asserting that they have become little more than computer-minders in sharp uniforms. The video stars John Malkovich as the gift shop salesman at a hotel, showing two uniformed pilots a new aviator watch. One pilot expresses his high regard for the watch, to which Malkovich’s character replies:

“Yes, but do you deserve it? That watch was made for pilots … there are no real pilots any more. Just people in nifty uniforms who operate computers, who have never touched an engine, who have never heard the sound of a Spitfire, who’ve never pulled out of a spin in less than 1,000 fee. Real pilots … deserve a watch like this.”

Graduates of MPL, take note. (For the video, see

Figure A

A freeze frame from the video
Yes, a superb watch, but do modern pilots deserve it?
asks actor John Malkovitch in a new video.

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